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Seal of Primal Shadows

0% proc Melee/Magic Light/Darkness Sword. Mastercraft; Compresses a temporary armour.

Location: Ultimon's Fortress Part IV
Type						G
Level	105	120	135		|	150
PowLvl	105 MC	120 MC	135 MC		|	153 MC
Price	663059	3172132	15177023	|	72615500
Sell	331529	1586066	7588511		|	36307750	
Type: Melee/Magic (See Effect)
Element: Light/Darkness (See Effect)
Damage	13-38	14-41	15-44		|	16-48
BTH	13	15	17		|	19

  • Weapon randomly does Light or Darkness damage.
  • All normal player attacks deal *1.2*1.09 damage. The *1.2 is considered an element-changing effect, and isn't applied if your armour's attack disables element-changing effects.
  • Click the blade to toggle between Melee* and Magic** modes. In Magic mode, the weapon does *0.75 damage.
  • Click the hilt to equip the Primal Shadow armour. Once the armour is equipped, clicking the hilt has no further effect***.

    ***Your weapon now deals Melee damage!
    ***Your weapon now deals Magic damage!
    ***You are already a Primal Shadow!

    A magical weapon discovered by Rasudido that was once used to bind a powerful shadow. Click the blade to swap between Melee and Magic damage, or on the hilt to summon the shadow's power as your own.


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res.


    January 14, 2014: The weapon was released.
    January 27, 2014: The weapon was updated to glow when in Magic mode.

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