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Jorath -> Toppings (1/8/2016 3:26:48)

What a thoughtful gift from Twig! Part fish, part sprinkle, all ice cweam! (Contains 5% cherry).
(No DA Required)

Location: 2015 Present Merges
Price: N/A
Required Items: 5 Fish head & 1 Wafflecone Toasti
Sellback: 0 Gold

Level: 50
Damage: 13-19
Element: Ice
Bonuses: Crit +5, Bonus +4
Resists: None

Rarity: 6

Attack Type 1 - Toppings walks up and smashes one target with a snowball for one hit of Melee Ice damage
Attack Type 2 - Toppings walks up and strikes one target with both arms for one hit of Melee Ice damage

Alternative Image

Also See: Icefish Sprinkleguy, Icemaster Tasti, Fishmaster Icy, Frosty Fishguy, Icemaster Yummi, Wafflecone Toasti, Icecreammaster Fishi, Sweetfishy Coldface, Frank

Thanks to Skyflakes for entry info and attack images.

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