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yus29 -> Warpforce In-game Items (1/11/2016 14:52:24)


I am just wondering something, i rediscover warp force, grown fond of playing it to the point the I already a warp-guardian from a long time ago bought today 6,000 z-token package with the scared chicken pet but I only received the z-token and not the in-game pet after all I did select the warp-force account character not adventurequest one and it showed me the same packages as adventurequest. So why did I not get my scared chicken, I want it, I paid for it after all. No offence but the pets on warp-force are not good at all, leading me to buy with z-token and you still fail to provide to it to me.

Concerned Player

Akanatsu13 -> RE: Warpforce In-game Items (1/11/2016 16:42:49)

Fairly certain the pack items only go with AQ, and that was something addressed AGES ago. Also, it's marketed as being you buy the z-tokens, the item is just a nice gift, so you can't do anything about that one, either.

yus29 -> RE: Warpforce In-game Items (1/11/2016 23:59:23)


Oh, I see Ok Thanks for that. What thought was I wanted to originally buy the package gift more than the z-token itself. I have lots of z-token from from buying the warp-guardian anyway. But thanks for the information. It is a real shame thought, no wonder warp-force is dead game. I understand now.

Many Thanks for responding

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