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Fujin's no Kiyousa

«Fully Defensive Wind armour. Mastercraft; has a skill that can grant Defence Boost.»

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Location: Bridge to the Sky - Quest for the Fujin Set
Element: Wind
Level	150
PowLvl	153 MC
MPLvl	152

Price	72615500
Sell	36307750
Melee	55
Ranged	55
Magic	55
Fire	88
Water	75
Ice	75
Wind	39
Earth	95
Energy	75
Light	75
Dark	88
Hits: 3
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
BR%	175.98
Stat%	349.38
BTH	24
Rate: 100%

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: «As Weapon»
BR%	0
Stat%	992.98
BTH	29
Rate: Occurs when you drink a potion.

Skill - Wall of Wind*
Cast this skill to gain 3 turns of Wind Wall (renamed Defence Boost), granting +24 to all combat defences**. This costs 392 SP*** and doesn't take a turn to use.

  • You receive Armour Lean x0.80 (phase 1).

    ***Call forth the winds to protect you for the next three turns! Costs 392 SP. Disappears if you switch armours.
    ***A wall of wind surrounds you, deflecting your opponent's attacks!
    ***You lack the SP needed to use that skill.

    The ultimate armor of wind, taken from the cloud city at the end of the Bridge to the Sky! (Guardian Only)


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Image thanks to Overdrive.


    Normal attack starts out as a fully defensive armour attack;
    BR%	559
    Stat%	1109.8
    BTH	19
  • It gains +5 BTH and deals *85/90 damage. With three equally powerful hits, each hit does *1/3 damage.
  • The potion attack gains +10 BTH and deals *85/95 damage.


    July 11, 2014: The armour was released.

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