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Divine Yasakani Jewel

«Mastercraft misc that makes healing more effective, provides protection from Wind and boosts your Dexterity and Charisma.»

Related items:Location: Bridge to the Sky - Quest for the Fujin Set
Element: Wind
Type	G
Lvl	150
PowLvl	153 MC
MPLvl	152

Price	6051293
Sell	3025646
Activation: 0 turns.

  • Improves your Dexterity and Charisma, and damage you take from Wind element is multiplied by the listed amount.
  • Lowers Heal Resistance by the listed amount. (Remember that the player (usually) has -100% Heal Resistance, so this increases the amount of healing done).
    Heal	-10
    Wind	0.50
    DEX	+50
    CHA	+50
    SPCost  79
  • If you have the sword, shield and misc of this set equipped, you gain +3 to all combat defences and heal HP equal to 5% of a Melee attack per turn.

    One of the three regalia from the Sky City, this curved jewel is enhanced with the power of benevolence. It provides Wind resistance and increases the power of your healing effects! (Guardian Only)


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Additional thanks to afterlifex.


    July 11, 2014: The misc was released.

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