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Carandor -> Defence Loss (2/2/2016 16:21:17)

Defence Loss

Defence Loss, «» round(s)
Takes -«» to all defences from attacks with the following element(s): «Element».

Defence Loss, «» round(s)
Takes -«» to all defences from all attacks.

As described. The decreased defences are not displayed in the target's stats, but they will still take effect.


Carandor -> RE: Defence Loss (2/2/2016 16:21:31)

Things that inflict Defence Loss on Monsters:

  • Aquardiche
  • Akriloth's Carnage Bow
  • [url=]Akriloth's Carnage Spear[/url]
  • Akriloth's Carnage Staff
  • Akriloth's Carnage Sword
  • Hornswaggle
  • Magic Flaming Sword
  • Melee Flaming Sword
  • Quester's Shimmering Axe
  • Throwing Halo

  • Pixel Hero
  • Pixel Hero Z

  • Cozy Fire Bat Swarm
  • Ebil Pencil

  • Axiomatic Chipmunk
  • Baby Salamancer ( «Normal», G)
  • Fujin Dragons ( Oreads' Ado Z, Oreads' Ado, Vinddverger's Pest, Lokapala's Nuisance, Bacabs' Bother Z, Bacabs' Bother, Ventus' Aggravation, Anemos' Frustration, Vayu's Pique, Fujin's Curse)
  • Nerfbats ( Nerfbat Pup, Micro Nerfbat, Flappy Nerfbat, Hyper Nerfbat, Mega Nerfbat, Vampire Nerfbat, Ironfoam Nerfbat, The Dark Nerfbat, Nerfbatlord)
  • Squirrel of Order

  • Shadow Wolf
  • Werewolf

    Monsters that inflict Defence Loss on Players:

  • Fujin Dragon

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