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Summon Cuckoo Loco

«Summon Energy spell.»

Other versions of this item:Location: April Fool's 2014
Level	130
PowLvl	130
MPLvl	130

Price	2729352
Sell	1364676
Element: Energy
Cost: 0 MP
Effect: Summons Loco (130) as a guest. Cast again to dismiss. This does not cost a turn.

The new binding on the god of chaos and trickery allows you to summon him to Lore to fight for you! Most of his power is sealed away by necessity, of course, even if he WANTED to help you...


Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Write up thanks to Bu Kek Siansu. Correction thanks to Brasca123.


April 1, 2014: The guest was released.
April 17, 2014: The guest became rare.

This is a seasonal rare. After becoming rare, it has returned on:
  • 4/1/15 [April Fools '15]
  • 4/1/16 [April Fools '16]

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