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Nerve42 -> < Righteous > Now recruiting! (4/28/2016 19:25:24)

guild is not active, sorry

morbidkid -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (4/15/2017 11:38:39)

Hey there I would like to join :)

lvl 56
Class: ShadowStalkerOfTime
since 2008
I would like to join,because I have no one to to play with and it's hard to chat with others....who are boring,ahha.

Synerg -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (4/27/2017 10:56:24)

I'm also interested in joining.

Lvl 31
Arch Paladin
Just started this month, lots of mmrpg experience though
I'm looking for a group of people to chat with and group up to make the game a better experience. And since I'm a new player I'm looking for a friendly group that can help with any questions or give me tips. I don't beg for assistance with every quest or expect anyone to drop what their doing to help me. I'm an adult with 2 kids also if your looking for matured players.


skuycraft -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (4/28/2017 22:05:42)

Character name: skyr2d2
Character Level: 44
How long have you played AQW for: Since beta, I played Dragonfable, AdventureQuest, MechQuest
Why you would like to join: I haven't touched AQW in a little while and I want to socialize more, so i am using this as a platform to reach out to other players of this awesome game. My last girlfriend actually played this game believe it or not, but we also played wiz101 and diablo 3 together so...

Pboss -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (5/11/2017 23:58:54)

john lava
5 years
nobody to play with[:D]

Noahfoa -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (5/17/2017 15:19:41)

Character name: Noahfoa (I named him 9 years ago!)
Character Level: 33
How long have you played AQW for: 9years very off and on though. (I have Chronomancer for example and first upholder)
Why you would like to join: I haven't ever joined an AQW Guild. I want to have some good friends in the game who can help me, and who I can help. I have most of the OP classes and I'm leveling up pretty fast. Thanks for you consideration!

Corigan -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (5/29/2017 8:39:52)

Hello. I'd like to join!

Character name: Corigan (formerly BriarXRose)
Character Level: 35
How long have you played AQW for: Created account in Feb. of 2009
Why you would like to join: I started playing this game eight years ago and really enjoyed it! But life happened and I abandoned it for a long time (level cap was 20 when I left, I've a lot of catching up to do!). I've recently gotten back into it and all my former buddies on here are long gone, so I'd like to make some new in-game friends. Questing is no fun by yourself :(

Kill Kl -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (9/29/2017 13:05:00)

Character name: Kill Kl (I don't really know what I was thinking when I was creating this nickname xD)
Character Level: 67
How long have you played AQW for: Sunday, June 6, 2010
Why you would like to join: I didn't think about it earlier but playing with other players in mmo rpg is more interesting C:

Blue49127 -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (9/30/2017 22:32:28)

Character name: Blue49127
Character Level: 73
How long have you played AQW for: 6 years
Why you would like to join: I think it would be pretty cool to be connected to other people and helping others in need.

el pollo loco -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (10/1/2017 21:06:47)

el pollo loco
almost 2 years
I really is hard to find friends in aqw that just want them to help you with a boss and then just go away for ever

Ace323 -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (11/9/2017 11:41:42)

Character name: Ace323
Character Level: 67
How long have you played AQW for: Oldest account is 4 years
Why you would like to join: Never really tried joining a guild, But i think it'll make the game even more interesting.

ThatGuyDave -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (7/11/2018 12:27:14)

Character name: meteomage
Character Level: 34
How long have you played AQW for: since 2014 but stopped playing for a few years, recently took up the sword once more
Why you would like to join: to make new friends and hopefully become stronger also I make witty jokes...don't know if that helps just thought i'd put it in anyway

slyvester07 -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (7/14/2018 4:43:43)

Character name: slyvester hawk
Character Level: 74
How long have you played AQW for: Since March 2010 (8-9 years)
Why you would like to join: Just came back last month and need some active friends :D

Tameria -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (7/20/2018 12:23:12)

Character name: Tameria
Character Level: 11
How long have you played AQW for: Just returned after a few years hiatus, rage quit after former account was hacked.
Why you would like to join: Last time I played I played solo without a guild, thought this time I'd check out the guild system.

Runix -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (8/3/2018 10:39:55)

level 35
Blaze Binder
since 2015 on another acc
I would like to join because I need friends ;-; and I am really active so I can help anyone that's needs a hand.

please consider me, and battle on!

AwesomeAdi23 -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (8/4/2018 23:36:37)

Character name: AwesomeAdi23

Character Level: 48

How long have you played AQW for: Around 11 months

Why you would like to join: I would like to help Righteous grow into an Amazing clan for which people would fight for. As a righteous person, I would like to say that I'm here to help each clanmate achieve their goals.

Kr0nan -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (8/24/2018 4:53:30)

Heyo i want to join your guild cause it looks amazing!

Character name:Death_Shadow3312 (im sorry i created this when i was just a small boy. please dont cringe)
Character Level:38
How long have you played AQW for: about 3/4 years now
Why would you like to join:cause it looks amazing of course!

robinafan444 -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (9/14/2018 17:27:25)

Character name: Vanja Zvijezda
Character Level: 28
Character class and rank: Oracle/7
How long have you played AQW for: Started last month
Why you would like to join: Just looking for a guild to join.

Nixtonbot -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (9/19/2018 22:56:06)

I'm interested in joining

I've played roughly 4 or 5 years
I would like to join since I've never been part of a guild before and would like to experience it.[:)]

gklmao -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (10/26/2018 15:34:07)

Character name: Dgkhanh
Character Level: 82
How long I have played AQW for: about 5 years
Why I would like to join: I'm looking for a fun and friendly environment, I've been in guilds in other MMORPGs and generally I just love to be in a community. I also specifically like to help out lower-level players with combat or anything I can help with and doing stuff together.

Ptch303 -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (11/7/2018 23:35:10)

Character name: Ptch303
Character Level: 84
How long have you played AQW for: Since beta, but had a pretty decent sized break.
Why you would like to join: I would like an active player base to do bosses and what-not together, also don't mind helping others if they're in need.

Achusoh -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (1/1/2019 9:18:53)

Character name: Achusoh
Character Level: 65
How long have you played AQW for: Ever since the 3rd birthday event, on several accounts
Why you would like to join: I restarted playing AQW after a 2 year break. Right now I'm looking for friendly people to play with. Dunno what AQW has become over the last 4 years, but it's always fun to be a part of a community, is it not? x)

kiwi3751 -> RE: < Righteous > Now recruiting! (1/28/2019 17:00:53)

Character name: Kill marster
Character Level: 53
How long have you played AQW for: I played in 2013-2014 and then started two days ago again
Why you would like to join: none of my real life friends play the game and the games is not as fun playing alone all the time.

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