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LigerBeard -> Will It Armour?(A Gallery by Ligerbeard) (6/13/2016 12:11:52)

Hi guys! So you may have seen my DF gallery before, But since I need to let my brain get a rest from DF art, I decided to make a AQW art gallery!

First, my persona!

I'll get to his weapon later!

Feedback appreciated!

Decided to start fresh in this gallery and fool around with a little game I made up based on Vordred and Good Mythical Morning!

Now first of all, if you know about Good Mythical Morning, you know they ask the question "will it?" by adding things to an item that you normally don't associate it with!

So I decided it could be fun to do that with armor and ask, "Will It Armor?"!

Now for this, I need you to name something to make an armor out of, and I will attempt to use that alone to draw an armor(if you don't understand, think Vordred and his armor made solely of skulls)!

Also, keep in mind I'm not the best artist in the world, and am terrible with perspective, so they'll likely be in front facing perspective!

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