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Blood Contract

«Mastercraft Neutral misc. Increases player damage but also increases monster damage.»

Location: Given automatically to players who purchase the 7,500 Z-Token package. The version of the misc is based on the level of the character. Buying the package also gives access to the Blood Contract shop.
Element: Neutral
Player	0-59	60-79	80-99	100-119	120-139	140+
Misc	50	70	90	110	130	150
PowLvl	54 MC	73 MC	93 MC	113 MC	133 MC	153 MC

Price	92	720	5777	46552	375286	3025647
Sell	46	360	2888	23276	187643	1512823
Activation: 0 turns

When this misc is equipped, the player will deal an additional *1.2 damage (1+0.2), but monster attacks deal *1.6/1.4 damage to you. Magic attacks deal *4/3 of the damage boost (1+0.2*4/3=1.267) and spells deal *1/2 of the damage boost (1+0.2/2=1.1). Once you're > 20 levels than the item's level, it'll be reduced to 1/2 the damage boost, five more levels brings it down to 1/4 of the boost, and another five levels will give you no boost at all.

An arcane contract promising to grant great power. Just sign your name, and it will greatly increase the damage of all your attacks and spells. Just know that all power comes with a price...


Numbers thanks to Kamui. Write up thanks to Bu Kek Siansu. Additional thanks to Dreiko Shadrack. Correction thanks to Syth and In Media Res.


April 24, 2014: The misc was released.
July 3, 2014: The misc became rare.
February 26, 2015: The misc returned.

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