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Meloette Wells -> (DF/AQW) Tales of Wells (6/22/2016 13:49:06)

I'm making this Thread to showcase my current musings by my character on AQW, Meloette Wells. After quite some time of head-cannoning EVERYTHING about my ol' girl, I feel I should be buffing my writing skills while also recording the extensive story that makes Meloette who she is as a person. I would like to thank you all in advance for taking the time and reading my stories.

List of Preface Information (For future updates where I don't include it in the story unless actually needed)

  1. The protagonist isn’t meant to be a major player/hero to the events of Lore, as a whole
  2. The Hero of Lore, as a mix of the player’s actions and choices, cannot and will not be represented by one character for EVERY plot line in the game. this meaning:
    • The actual hero will focus purely on fighting against the forces of chaos, the threats that follow it
    • Other heroes, listed or not, will handle individual sagas. (a Legionnaire handling the Foita saga, or a experienced mage handling Xan's saga)

Story Discussion thread

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Prologue

Change log:
6/27/15- Original post (w/ preface and prologue) was posted
1/18/16- Restructuring backstory.
6/22/16- Moving from AQW's gallery forum to the Fanfiction forum.
- New edition of the prologue finished.

Meloette Wells -> RE: (DF/AQW) Tales of Wells (6/22/2016 13:50:17)


Yeah. Yeah, this is just another fan’s of AQW story about how their character became a B0$$. If ya just expecting this to be a fan-fest of “my hero went n single handed defeated Akriloth with the Blade of Awe,” then I’m just gonna have to cut you off. Cause this story may/will reference big events/characters on the face of Lore but, that’s not the focus of this story. Another thing to keep in mind is that “The Hero” (us players) will generally be referenced as various different characters for different events they interact with because personally, I don’t think a single being (even the legendary hero) can be in that many places in their life time. So, I’ll try not to have it so one character/hero/warrior do everything.

The main plots for separate heroes would be things involving the Chaos Saga (or whatever is the current game’s main arc), the multiple representatives of factions (major ones like the Legion, Seraphs, and The Paladin Order), n people that handled the minor threats towards Lore. It depends on the case though… Yes, there can be only one hero facing the Lords of Chaos, with the big destiny business however, with the Legion multiple people can be doing multiple things so there isn’t as big a need for a singular person to do all the Legion quest lines and whatnot.

Apologizes for the somewhat extended preface but, I felt it was necessary because the story I wish to share with you guys, fellow forumites, will end up crossing into current developing plot lines at one point or another. There’s no point in trying to deny that outcome (to myself anyhow)

So a TL;DR version of what was just said.

A) The protagonist isn’t meant to be a major player/hero to the events of Lore, as a whole
B) The Hero of Lore, as a mix of the player’s actions and choices, cannot and will not be represented by one character for EVERY plot line in the game. (The chosen one is the game arc hero, various different people for stuff like Foita or Seraph)

Meloette Wells -> RE: (DF/AQW) Tales of Wells (6/22/2016 13:52:17)


A soulweaver, Meloette Wells, sat on the deck of a ship leaving Basani Island. She watched the stars that freckle the sky. Meloette used this moment of silence to contemplate her actions. She recalled her departure Edelia on a whim. How she severed her connection with her previous soulally. Meloette did these things as she took upon herself to discover the real whereabouts of her supposedly dead brother, Joseph Wells.

Meloette remembered the day as if it was just yesterday. One day, she had received a letter from their parents. The letter told her how he had went missing after engaging against a battalion of undead in doomwood. Their parents assumed him to be dead, but Meloette refused to accept it. The information made her restless the following days. Here she was in Edelia, and Joseph had apparently died. Her brother, Joseph Wells, as skilled rogue enlisted to aid the people of Doomwood. She couldn’t believed he would die so easily. She wouldn’t believe Joseph to had died so easily.

Meloette began her plans to investigate the matter herself. Meloette began to pour over maps as she prepared to leave Edelia. Her grades began to drop off, and her weaving taking a more sinister feel to it. As professors at Edelia took notice to her growing obsession over her brother’s death, they advised her not to continue indulging herself with these dark thoughts. She simply ignored them while, her previous Soulally began to feel her grow more and more “tainted” for lack of a better word.

Meloette simply sighed at her actions but, still began to meditate. The young soulweaver returned to her search to find a spirit willing to fuel her desire to find her brother. She dove to a place many soulweavers wouldn’t dare to venture, as normal elemental spirits was deterred by the darkness she have festered in her soul. Eventually, she found a willing spirit to weave with as the young soulweaver had finally began her descent into one of the darker arts of soulweaving.

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