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Carandor -> Chaos Axe (6/27/2016 15:37:40)

Chaos Axe

«0% proc Melee Axe. Randomly picks an element at the beginning of the battle. Mastercraft; +4 BTH.»

Location: Void Takeover: Part 2
Type			G
Level	110	130	150
PowLvl	110 MC	130 MC	153 MC

Price	372410	3002287	24205166
Sell	186205	1501143	12102583
Type: Melee
Element: Neutral
Damage	17-35	19-39	21-43
BTH	14	16	19

  • All normal player attacks take -3 BTH and deal *85/82 damage.
  • All normal player attacks gain *1.09 damage for not having a special.
  • At the beginning of the battle, the weapon randomly picks an element* (from the 8 standard elements) and uses that element for the rest of the battle. The element chosen is shared with the Chaos Armour, i.e if the Chaos Armour protects against Water, then this weapon will deal Water damage. The weapon deals *1.1 damage as compensation for this effect.

    *The powers of the Chaos Armaments are aligned to «Element» for this battle!

    The very axe wielded by the Chaos Knight! This powerful weapon is unpredictable, but both it and the Chaos Armour will align to a different element every battle!


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res.


    July 17, 2014: The weapon was released.
    August 20, 2014: The weapon was updated with compensation for the shifting elements.
    November 6, 2014: The weapon became rare.

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