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Lotestone -> Making an Animated AQWMV [Progress pics inside] (7/14/2016 7:33:37)

So, since I don't want to buy membership to use my Chroma Theatre house, and I already started this project about 4-5 years ago, I thought I would make an animated AQWMV.
I will be submitting the end result to the AE Music Video contest!

Sneak peak of what is to come
The guitar took me 2 days to complete. It's a lot better than the Guitar I have in-game. I didn't want to use the in-game one because it isn't accurate to actual guitars, the headstock is backwards on it!

I'm not disclosing the name of the song I'm using because I don't want some poor sap to make a video using the same song as me.

I'll be posting progress pics and such here for your entertainment!

High res of the guitar:
Progress pic 1: (It's a start)

Programs I'm using: Adobe Flash CS6, PaintNet (can't afford photoshop yet), Sony Vegas Pro 12.0, and OBS Studio (for recording gameplay & streaming progress on my Twitch!)

Someone8 -> RE: Making an Animated AQWMV [Progress pics inside] (7/15/2016 7:32:56)

Awesome! Looking forward to see it! [:)] [;)]

But you could easily be more kind and not name people "poor saps"...

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