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Location: Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> Down -> Left, Cysero's Superstore of Savings! (Book 3) -> Up -> 2 Left

Quests given

Shops owned
HeroMart Items
HeroMart Classes
Time Classes

Fire Claw Scythe
Magitech Scythe
Shadowscythe Reaper and Bane
Amulet Scythes
Vath (Shop)

On Wings of Bacon (Shop)
Shadowscythe Reaper and Bane
Drakath Wings
Chaos Sentry Cape
Vath (Shop)

Shadow Armor Token
Shadow Class Merge

Stryche: Hey!

Stryche: I ain't never seen your face before. I'm Stryche, a traveling merchant.

  • HeroMart!
    • What is HeroMart?
      Stryche: HeroMart is Artix Entertainment's one and only real world loot store!
      Stryche: I've been collecting gear for a long time and some of it you can equip offline - t-shirts, calendars, action figures, and more!
      Stryche: Plus all the in-game rewards you can get with HeroPoints!

    • HeroPoints?
      Stryche: HeroPoints are HeroMart's new in-game currency -- anytime you buy merchandise from HeroMart, you'll get HeroPoints.
      Stryche: These points you can then use to buy additional in-game gear... that YOU pick and choose from the items inside my shop!

      Stryche: HeroPoints are HeroMart's in-game currency -- Certain purchases from HeroMart will earn you HeroPoints.
      Stryche: Not all of them though, so if you want somethign from my shop, double check what you're buying from HeroMart.
      Stryche: HeroPoints are non-refundable! That means, once you buy an item with them, you cannot get them back!

    • Online Store! - opens a link to the official Artix Entertainment HeroMart Online Store in a new window.
  • Talk
    Stryche: Lay it on me.
    • Your past
      Stryche: From the dawn of time I came, lived many lives, fought in many wars... but that's a story for another time.

    • The Moon
      Stryche: Why does the moon come up at night? Maybe just to tease us with its power, or to simply guide the weary travelers throught the curtain of the night .
      Stryche: There I go rambling on again. Forgive me, what was the question?

    • Strange Weapon
      Stryche: Her name is Vajra. A long time ago she blazed like a meteoric fireball across the sky, in a maelstrom of thunder, fire and lightning but that was long ago.
      Stryche: If there's ever a need for Vajra's power, I shall wield it once more, but those would be grim times indeed.
      Stryche: The beast that she awakens does not always bring tranquility, but at times destruction that follows it.
    Other information
  • Stryche's artwork was updated on July 30th, 2021.

    Old Appearance

    Also See: Stryche (forum user)

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image.
  • Jay for old appearance image and corrections.

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