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Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/4/2016 0:26:10)

Teams need rooms for get-togethers with everybody joining in on the action. Afks frequent places normally though. Is AQ3D getting AQW's system of /join battleon-9012 or familiar?

V3nd3tta -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/4/2016 23:17:23)

Hi all
Was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as me and if so how did they go about fixing it.
Problem occured about 2 days ago when i loged into the game the character wont load instead it shows a floating blue glyph...
Anyone able to shead some light on this ??
Thanks in advance

kreem -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/4/2016 23:32:05)


That is bug caused by the War Torn Cloak. Just unequip it and if needed relog. No need to clear cache as far as i know.

BTW the "blue glyph" or "lag flame" is what shows when there is an item loading issue of any kind. Usually something preventable or temporary like lag/slow connection/slow PC/servers having a rough time or rarely it can happen due to item bugs like the War Torn Cloak.

Have a nice day.

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/5/2016 1:02:08)

"Frostval will be coming around the 16th of dec, Are you excited?" ~Comments section of latest AQ3D news

It's coming to AQ3D? Clue as to how they write it during the latest news of "Top 10 Ten List of Top 10 Lists!"?

Trigardon -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/5/2016 22:57:58)

I don't think it was from the offical side. (;
But now we have some further details from Artix...still not date for the update, but atleast they don't forget us. [:D]

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/6/2016 19:16:36)

Yep latest news got me thinking. Lava and snow to come right at us.. so in a role-player's mindset, they want to warm up comfortably for Frostvale and wear lightly for Ashfall. Will we get to gear up in more ways that lets us relax role-player-wise? As in, it sounds amazing to me that Frostvale ice weapons will keep us chill in Ashfall. only pretend role-playing!. As for the dragonslayer armor, that's complex, it'd be tricky to wear heavy metal armor in the hot volcanos of Ashfall, you'd be burning up inside, skin needs to breathe, need scant-light pyro-style clothes. heavy metal dragonslayer armor, though metal on the outside, I would assume a person doesn't wear metal armor without some soft layers inside.imagine how uncomfortable it'd be wearing nothing underneath armor, how cold metal can get.Nope. so it'd be a good fit for Frostvale.Roleplayer-wise.still gotta get those dragons in a volcano with lava that'll be like being a turkey in an oven with metal armor, but after that... other examples: full varied inn sets for stays in yulgar's, jumpsuits and get-up that tells a big part of your lifestyle and who you work with, gadgets on your person to show other ways how you get out of difficult problems... Also will expressions come soon for roleplaying's sake? Evil smiles for pyros?(literally, not the class that's not planned for release yet. stonecrusher-type expressions)

And about the elemental resist %s on our character stats, will this be taking effect soon? Kinda drives out the idea of pretend roleplaying if you actually need to change gear to find weaknesses/protect weaknesses. next question; Mogloween was a dungeon for farming gear and taking in the sights of battleon and haunted house dungeons and bosses of each room, thinking back I liked it, how does Frostvale hope to change the way we play events? More story-driven like Dragonfable or more dungeon farming for gear? Or I mean why not both? or something new entirely?

edit; more questions, less answers. so much to write but at this point it means editing it into already long posts. where is everybody lol

Saberkatten -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/8/2016 4:30:54)

is apha pirate rare now? or can i still pedge to get it?

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/8/2016 5:00:28)

^^ If kickstarter items and CP rewards came back, I'd buy them in a heartbeat. Posts have told of some being ultra rare however...

Saberkatten -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/8/2016 12:58:16)

how do i know which items will go rare??

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/8/2016 15:50:24)

If you search aq3d character page badges and read the descriptions of the kickstarter items they read kickstarter exclusively, which ended almost a year ago. Why i wrote "some" is that some kickstarter reward descriptions from the upper class founders read comes with preorder and early access to classes available to everyone

priest_hidan -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/9/2016 23:23:43)

will i get the guardian class if i pre order dragon guardian? or only the guardian includes the package?

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/10/2016 5:25:48)

^^ "Collector's Package
Dragon Guardian
*Exclusive Guardian Dragon Wings
*Exclusive Guardian Dragon Armor Set
*Includes Entire Guardian Package
*Elite Guardian Rider (Transformation)"

Dragon Guardian includes the entire guardian package before it

TheFarReach -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/15/2016 18:57:45)

Can you get the Chronomancer items yet, and if you can where? Because I entered my preorder code and didn't get a screen to choose which character got it for AQ3D like DF or AQW, and it's not in my inventory.

Nvm, had to enter code in account section of

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/16/2016 15:26:33)

what is the drop rate of the three Frostval weapons? everyone's clueless and guessing, 20%? 5%? 1%? 0%? (jk) and knowing the percentages changes everything about our expectations, don't want to farm blind

how much coal is good for us to stock up on for frostval's end, when we get stupefied by it becoming an amazing surprise gift? I'm tempted to stock up on more than one!

Alvarno -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/16/2016 18:32:03)

Just a quick question, do they have a general idea of when part 1 of Ashfall is coming out?

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/16/2016 19:46:34)

"CONTENT PLAN! Top Game Priority "TO DO" List"

Dragons of Ashfall Saga - December"

AE has predicted it to come between Christmastime and New Years Eve, the best present

FlashSmart -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/19/2016 10:42:07)

Hi, I started the game yesterday and I'm lv 7 but I do not know how to proceed in the game and to the quests for my level. Please if anyone knows, tell me.

ernitis -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/19/2016 16:06:03)

Hey pal! If you haven't noticed already, there are various areas you can go to. When you are in the home town (BattleOn), go outside the gates and follow the roads. You'll see story characters with ! marks over their heads. If you have done the quests of certain story characters, just follow the road again and try to find more. Eventually you will find areas where you haven't been before with more characters with quests.

In conclusion, follow the road and take whatever quests you can do and complete them. Remember to return to the quest givers for more quests, as they have many! When they run out of quests, go to other areas.

By the end of all the quest lines, you will be aproximatly level 11. After that, go to the last area of the game and slay skeletons with other people on the bridge!

If you open the menu (three lines in the bottom-right of the screen), inside there will be a travel menu where you can see all the areas in the game! (Except dungeons... Which are good for XP too if you have a group of friends/strangers/players.)

Sorry if this text is unorganised, I didn't have much time to think and write this...

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/20/2016 23:50:50)

Are the extra bank vaults for guardians-during-the-bank-release or are all future guardians included?

I almost have enough for guardian (4,000 artix points) can I upgrade to Collector for 6,000 points more later? Or start over at 10,000? I ask because i know kickstarters can upgrade their support on their aq3d account management

Neilandio -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/21/2016 12:57:09)

Is the quest In The Mud broken? I don't know how many times I've tried to kill the Mud Lord but he just doesn't drop the item needed.
Ok, nevermind, I just finished it. I guess it was kinda broken though because I completed it only after having abandoned it and then accepting it again.

teravor -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/25/2016 10:47:50)

So, quick question: Is there a way to change gender without deleting my character yet? I know there's hair options now, but I haven't found that yet.

And if I do delete my character, will I keep all the kickstarter/backer/whatever stuff?

Vexx -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/25/2016 23:28:28)


So, quick question: Is there a way to change gender without deleting my character yet? I know there's hair options now, but I haven't found that yet.

And if I do delete my character, will I keep all the kickstarter/backer/whatever stuff?


Unfortunately not yet, gender changes might be implemented into the barbershop in the future.

As for deleting your character, you should keep all your badges but I'd take a screenshot of your character page just in-case something goes missing afterwards. You'll need to re-apply any promo codes you used for non-badge/shop related items, such as the promo copes/warbrand items, the chronomancer set from the calendar and the cape from the AQ3D t-shirt. (Once you've redeemed a code you can redeem it an infinite number of times on your account in the event you accidentally delete an item or something, so make sure to keep your codes)

teravor -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/26/2016 15:04:25)

Will I be able to keep/reclaim my character name, as well?

Amethystlock -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/27/2016 18:05:35)

I searched up and down the news posts(not sure if deleting chars will count into this), and I have read that when you change your name, there is a 24 hour cool-down period before you can change it again. I don't know if deleting chars creates this wait and anticipation, but if you try to use the name from before and it tells you the name cannot be used and no other character page has the name, chances are it's the 24 hour cool-down. again not sure if deleting chars does this, it'd be good to know.

Sparhawk -> RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread (12/31/2016 16:57:13)

Yeah, there is a cooldown when deleting as well, I am just not certain what it was. At least 24 hours.

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