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Location: Icy Beginnings, Cold Truth, Alliance

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Icy Beginnings

Laguzoki: Welcome, <Character>. I have consulted the bones, and knew you were coming.
Laguzoki: Please, come inside. I have much to tell you, and you MUST accept the hospitality of my home.

Cold Truth

Laguzoki: You must forgive me, but I must observe the rules of Hospitality. As a guest, you may expect safety, a hot meal, and a cold drink.
Laguzoki: Slake your hunger and thirst and listen for a moment. I have much to tell you.
Laguzoki: Many generations ago, we Ice Giants lived on the shores of the sea. We grew limited crops, we hunted for game, and we warred.
Laguzoki: As we have a love of storms, when the winter season grew strong and the seas grew rough...
Laguzoki: We would sail in our ships and would raid all along the coastlines. This had ever been our way, and thus was natural to us.
Laguzoki: Eventually, those coastal cities united against us.
Laguzoki: They came at us in hundreds and thousands, and we were driven north. Northward we went, harried a great deal of the way.
Laguzoki: We were led by the Bright One. One we called Frostfyre.
Laguzoki: He had the making of that lovely fire you see over there. It too is known as Frostfyre. It feeds off snow and ice rather than wood.
Laguzoki: ... It can cook without apparent heat, and can make a room comfortable without making it over warm.
Laguzoki: Only one of his line could create this fire. Only one of his line was blessed with the elemental gift.
Laguzoki: We Ice Giants could all do rudimentary magic back then, but only his line could achieve greatness.

Laguzoki: One must know the past to understand the future.
Laguzoki: When I first met young Nivalis, he was but twelve. His gift was incredible, his mind as sharp as the Bright One's.
Laguzoki: As Stone Thrower, I was his tutor in all things magical.
Laguzoki: He applied himself to the ancient tomes of his predecessors with great acuity.
Laguzoki: He read voraciously; anything that would help him build power.
Laguzoki: Indeed, he was richly blessed and he quickly became adept at whatever magic he tried.
Laguzoki: It must be admitted though, that he was particularly gifted with the Ice Magic of our people.
Laguzoki: It was my duty to educate him in the hopes that he would be the one to lead us home.
Laguzoki: We have been waiting many generations for the coming of the one who would be able to lead us to our homeland and help us keep it.
Laguzoki: He was raised to that ideal, and he took it to heart... but soon I learned something that filled me with dread.
Laguzoki: He sought not just to lead us home, but to take the world by storm and ice.
Laguzoki: He was in his late thirties when he learned of this Isathaara and the Brotherhood.
Laguzoki: By then, I had begun to hope his plan was for naught, but alas!
Laguzoki: How wrong I was! I knew this could not be what we sought, so I consulted the bones.
Laguzoki: They proved me right. The bones showed me that the course Nivalis of the Frostfyre clan intended to follow would lead us all into disaster.
Laguzoki: With a frozen world, all life would die out. The freezing of the world would lead to the death of plant life, and wildlife.
Laguzoki: With nothing to sustain our bodies, we would slowly starve to death.
Laguzoki: I argued with him and he cast me out. It seemed he would tolerate no opinion but his own.
Laguzoki: He is convinced that this is his destiny and I cannot change his mind. Now I live here, on the edge of the land that was once our home.
Laguzoki: I have been waiting here for many years for you.

Laguzoki: Aye. And I knew it would be you, I knew your name many years ago, when I learned where I must go and what I must do.
Laguzoki: Now I have warned you. It is time for myself and Burr, my furry son, to build a ship and set sail when the stormy seas of winter lay siege to the coastline.

Laguzoki: That is a difficult question to answer... The short of it is that when I was there, little was known of his plan.
Laguzoki: I managed to warn a few before I was cast out, but I know not the political mood now.
Laguzoki: I can say safely that there are some who would not follow him, but what shall or has become of them is obscured to me.

Laguzoki: Hie you farther north, <Character>, Hie you farther north to the mountains and seek the village at the foot of the largest one, in the lee of the wind.
Laguzoki: There, you may find answers... if the heavens are good.


Laguzoki: Welcome, <Character>. I have followed your adventure from the time you first left me.
Laguzoki: I also know why you are here. Tell me, <Character>, why should we aid you?
Laguzoki: What did we become when we were driven from our homes? We were not even a tale told to frighten children.
Laguzoki: We were cast off and forgotten. The truth was, once we were driven out, your people never bothered to think upon us again.

Laguzoki: And yet, Lord Nivalis IS our sworn leader. We set great store by our oaths. Our word, among ourselves IS our bond.
Laguzoki: He is our ruler, and we must obey when we are ordered to do so.

Laguzoki: Admitting that you are right about that, I ask again, why should we aid you?
Laguzoki: When your people came to drive us away, did they first send someone to speak with us?
Laguzoki: To negotiate with us?
Laguzoki: No, they came with ships of war and desire for our extermination in their hearts.

Laguzoki: Very well, then.
Laguzoki: We will join you. It is time for us to return to Lore and reclaim our homelands on the coast.
Laguzoki: Go now.

Laguzoki: We will join you shortly at the place where the Warden stands.


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