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Legend -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (8/10/2017 12:51:03)

A way to transfer gold/AC's from Between Your Registered Accounts would be very nice since i dont even rarely use my other accounts and they have AC's i could use on an account i need them the most..

ari462 -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (8/13/2017 0:00:02)

House Update

Basically a list of updates to make houses have more function and increase incentive of making it look nice.

I.Fubctional House Items

Updated Beds/Sofas - Sleep before you leave for an extended amount of time (such as overnight) and receive a small temporary boost when you return

Gardening Plots - Grow your own food items or alchemy reagents! Houses come with different amounts of plots. Seeds are purchasable(food items) or mergesble(alchemy reagents) from the new gardening shop in the house menu. After planting the will grow after a few days!

Cooking - Use grown produce or that bought from a merchant to make your own food! Similar to alchemy, but food has out of combat effects such as faster movement speed, faster regen while resting, instant health+mana regen whike out of combat, and more!

II. Socail Update

House Parties - Spend AC to host a party at your house. At parties, you can give other players cooked food (no other items) (an incentive for people to come) and get a chance to chill with new people! A good way to show off your home!

Neighbors - If someone is on your friend list they can easily go to your house through a neighbors tab.

Commonly suggested but worth mentioning here: Mailboxes and Set Spawn Location at Home - if this came in the future, this house update could be a time to implement one/both of these.


Not all my ideas but just compiled ideas and added some of my own. Enjoy!

Dracowing -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (8/19/2017 13:55:14)

I thought that since free players are limited to 3 house, why not have it,so that when you decorate one of them to your liking and save it. Then equipping a different house,would open up the free house item spaces again? What i try to say,is that when you save a house with the items in it,then they would stay in that house,opening space for new house items for your other houses. Members would benefit from this as well,seeing as they can own more than one house,and if you would want to sell a furnished home,you would get a message that you cant do it,as there are items in it.

Tzoni -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (8/20/2017 18:55:24)


If an account is 5 years or older the name of that account should be able to be changed free of cost.

Legendary Ash -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (8/23/2017 20:19:58)

On the Testing server it has been observed that after a while fighting as a group with frequent large animations, the animations from the player side stop to assume the battle stance of an Auto attack cooldown, players continue to deal damage an apply effects as the numbers appear above the target's head and monster's animations are unaffected.

With some coding this can become a welcoming feature in the next phase of the Rewrite to address the lag that is created by detailed, transform tool and larger area class animations in the past few years. A turn off attack animation feature should affect the monster and randomly occurring item animations as well during combat when made a checkbox feature under gameplay options.

The recent adjustments to some class animations to make it less of a graphical burden missed a few classes.
Pirate class' Cannon Fire reuses the item specific Meteor Shower animation of the past, displaying over a very wide area almost the entire screen with clones of one projectile for much longer period of time than standard animations, multi-target classes don't even cause that much lag with duplications of hits per target. It needs a replacement animation, for minimum time stealing from weekly releases, I recommend reusing the art and animations of one of various Cannon pets in the game. The projectile art will be replaced with an actual gray cannonball and the cannon itself can be recolored if necessary to fit the Pirate color theme.
Scarlet Sorceress's Crimson Ritual suffers from excessive detail and a size problem due to cumulative special effects on its many small blobs of blood expanding in size while swirling. I suggest making it appear like a wavy line of blood with minimum special effects.
Mirroring Arcane should simplify the blood splash along the side of the blade, it is has the width and height of two human sized monsters at a medium viewing distance environment, when the player is not large or small compared to the rest of the screen, area of the animation should be shrunken by 40%.

ShatteredReality -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (8/31/2017 23:52:17)

Okay, this is probably the worst suggestion ever, but here's my idea for a mini-game:


It's like QWOP, the game where you control a runner with the Q, W, O, and P keys, except with your AQW character.

That's all there is to my suggestion. I really only thought of this after missing the "A" in "AQW" for the fourth or so time.

Aioma -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/1/2017 17:06:55)

AQW Adventurer / Guild Raid

RAID - A group of players exploring the dungeon, defeating monsters and bosses to achieve items / recorded name / or just for fun.

AQW has always been fun to play. However, it lacks difficulty and dungeons (Ex. Zoshi’s TowerOfDoom or Grimskull Dungeon). As an AE player for many years, I wanted a challenging game and something that’s seems impossible to beat. I want an AQW Raid that are extremely difficult and challenging so that the players can talk to each other how they can complete the Raid. Raid Bosses should be very challenging and very difficult to beat. When completing the whole Raid, Players will be rewarded with lots of gold and special items ( <<< THIS SHOULD BE VERY DIFFICULT TO ACHIEVE)

AQW Raid Rules
- 6 people per group can enter the raid.
- Some Raids have level requirements.
- Not all Raids allows all classes. (Ex. (blank) Raid does not allow Warrior, DoomKnight, etc.)
- Once entering the Raid, you cannot switch the class.
- Rest (healing HP & MP) does not work in the Raid, thus Healing class / Supporting class is a MUST HAVE in the group.
- Mana Regeneration works the same as usual (hitting monsters to regenerate mana).
- Potions are allowed. Also is a MUST HAVE.
- If there are AFK players in the Raid, the Raid Leader can boot them out and invite other players to the Raid group. However, if the Raid Leader is AFK, he/she is given 90 seconds to respond. Otherwise, new Raid Leader will be randomly selected within the group.
- There are no quest in the raid. Just defeat all monsters in the room to proceed into the next room (all monsters should be aggressive).
- At the end of the raid, there will be a boss zone. There can be multiple bosses in a raid. It can be many bosses per room, or multiple bosses in one room.
- When defeating the boss, it marks their checkpoint.
- Players can change their classes ONLY on checkpoint. < (if the raid group cannot defeat the bosses with the current classes, they can use the checkpoint to make strategies and change class)
- When a player dies during the Raid, they remain dead until they clear out the room and must be revived by Healing / Supporting class.
- If the Raid group loses the Raid, they will be spawned at the checkpoint. Unless no checkpoint has been marked, they will be spawned at the very beginning of the Raid.
- The first Raid Group that completes the whole Raid will have their name recorded somewhere on the Raid, to show everyone that they achieved the “impossible”.
- Once completing the Raid, you cannot take the same Raid again until the next day (to prevent possible gold exploits).

Raid Monsters
- All monsters in the Raid are aggressive.
- All Raid Bosses are challenging and much difficult than Raid Monsters. They have certain types of skills. Examples VVVV
- AoE attacks
- Stunning the players
- Buffs and Debuffs
- etc.
- There could be multiple bosses. Bosses per room, or multiple bosses in one room.


Possible Example of a Raid:

Greenguard Forest Raid

This Raid takes place in Greenguard Forest.
Classes Allowed: Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Healer (class copies are allowed as well) <<< (this is because Greenguard forest is usually the 1st place where many new players explore at)
Raid Bosses: Basilisk, Gell Oh No, DeathGazer, Greenguard Dragon, Black Knight

Basilisk’s Special Abilities
- Stun Gaze : stunning players for few seconds
- Echoing Roar : AoE attack - chance to debuff some players

Gell Oh No’s Special Abilities
- Splitting Bodies : Upon 50% of total HP, the body splits up into many pieces. Thus, players must deal with many tiny Gell Oh No (they’re weaker than the original).
- Gooey Gel : on contact with the monster, player’s haste is decreased by 20%.

DeathGazer’s Special Abilities
- Medusa Gaze : petrifying players for few seconds - this can be cured with Healer’s heal.
- Death Laser : AoE Laser shot - blinding some players, chance of lowering player’s accuracy.

Greenguard Dragon’s Special Abilities
- Striking Claws : dealing very high damage
- Breath Attack : AoE attack : chance of applying Burning DoT

Black Knight’s Special Abilities
- Weapon Modifier : allowing his weapons to change form. Each form has certain effects.
- Sword : Long Range attack, possible AoE attacks
- Axe : deals extremely high damage, but low accuracy
- Staff : AoE attack - cast black magic, may debuff some players
- Spear : Fast attack - High Haste

This can possible take place after the Server Rewrite.

Adam1a1 -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/3/2017 11:27:20)

Hi, I would like to suggest a Clubhouse redesign (Clubhouse 3.0).

In the past, when I wasnt Legend, Clubhouse was a place I always wanted to visit. I always thought that it was a place full of Legend bonuses and there will be a lot of Legends - in short, that it would be the best special place for Legends to hang out. Then, when I bough after about 4 years of playing AQW a membership, I realised how useless it is. It is cool, I must admit, but its useless. Also, the whole location was changed to "Cysero clubhouse", but the only major think what it has in common with cysero is that there is a random cysero NPC placed on Screen 1. So I started thinking "What would make this location a "Member-Only YulgarsInn?" and I came up with few suggestions:
- A redesign based on original design of clubhouse
I how I imagine it:
- Giving Legend a reason to visit it
It could be a place where legends can collect their Legend Daily Bonus & Free monthly treasure chest keys (instead of battleon). Also, Clubhouse could get some exclusive farming quests for items, gold, xp or rep (something like Membership Dues in /join collection).
- "Better Secret"
Give a Dark Elemental on Screen 9 some exclusive 0AC Legend-Only drops. Because right now its pointless, its just better to farm it on /join nulgath.
- Make it up to date
There is a portal to mobius and after talking to cysero, you can get ported to "Save the princess from the Dragon" location. Both of mentioned locations are really old and for average Legend meaningless because they already probably finished them. Better would be if the portal was changing every major realise (right now it could teleport people to Ashfall camp) and if Cysero was talking about Queen of monsters or about something "new".
- More rooms and more content
Few more rooms, maybe one mroe secter room and one more minigame should do the trick.

Thanks for reading my suggestion and sorry for posting it to this thread, but it was the closest one to my theme.

Kuritowski -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/4/2017 1:07:07)

Hello there, i know that this might never get implemented but here we go....

1- Raid system : Yep you read it right, we have tons of ungodly classes (by the way it must continue that way!) but how about we add a challenge for higher leveled or level caped players? We basically have everything we need for this kind of event, we make groups with up to 4-5 players that could consist of one healler (we gonna need it!) 2-3 damage dealers and a tanker (We have quite a lot of classes with that ability, they could easily use their skills to hold the boss target since it would hit way to hard for any damage and healler class to handle more than 2-3 straight hits, one class example would be the sentinel class, other one is dragonslayer general). To get to the boss we would need to kill some really hard regular mosters to progress trought the rooms (we already have this feature!), once on the said boss it needs to have some special abilities to it, A) The boss cannot miss; B) Dead heroes are DEAD, they cant ressurrect and go back until the fight is over (Either everyone wipes or the boss is killed); C) The boss would have extremely high damage and HP (Thus the need for a tank); D) The boss must be killed within a certain amount of time or the raid wipes (Boss goes berserk, cough cough Tibicenas); E) The boss needs some kinda of mechanic during the fight (We also already have this with the Chaos Lord Ledgermayne and Binky). The reward? a 100% item that everyone gets since it would be WAY to hard to "farm" a raid boss. A suggestion for the rewards: a full set (4 items) dropping for 4 different bosses on the same raid (1 item for boss).

PS: I have been playing this game since 2009 and i saw A LOT of potential you guys could easily explore since its features that already are present in the current game, all it needs is to be applyed better. AQW have the potential to be soo much more than what it is, specially when (If) the mobile version comes along and the browser version becomes a lag free client.

PS²: If you are familiar with MMORPG's you probably knows that i took this idea from WoW, i just adapted it to work with already existant features on aqw.

PS³: I know other players already suggested raids, i just would like to add this suggestion to theirs [&:]

Have a great day and thanks if you took the time to read it.

Titaniatic -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/8/2017 10:04:15)

I really want two things :

1 - More emotions. Yep. More non-mem emotions that are poses. Like : Azoth's pose when you selected in character select screen in Brawlhalla, or like pointing the sword with one hand. Battle poses!

2- You could actually fight as Eternal Time Dragon. You are the ETD after all! It would be super good to add this thing in an event. Think about it : You have 2m of health, your class is now ETD, you can stun your enemy, revert the time, fasten the time to attack faster, time explosion! you and your opponent are VERY big, and your attacks are different! It would be soooo coool!

Jack200 -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/16/2017 21:52:42)

A "Turn-in-all" button. So let's say you've stacked Cubes to 500, and then you go to turn them in for Tainted Gems, you have to turn them all in one by one, which takes a long time. And is not very enjoyable to do.
But with a "Turn-in-all" button you'd simply click that and it turned all of your Cubes in.

holyangeman -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/18/2017 1:44:01)

I suggest having more classes, training maps, level capacity, damage and finally content

Gandiral -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/18/2017 13:04:21)

Four emotes I think that should be in-game:

-Shock/Gasp and Clapping Emotes: (depicted in this video of how I animated the emotes and how I imagined them)

-Dap and Hat Tip Emotes: (depicted in this video of how I animated the emotes and how I imagined them)

Fyrsa -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/24/2017 15:40:28)

A little thing that could help add variety to combat could be Amulets that have a use outside of pvp. E.G. Amulet of Haste - Grants 5% haste when worn, and so on. They have the opportunity to have items that give you unique effects, but as far as I know have only made use of it in PvP. On top of that, a rare potion drops from boss monsters that have unlimited uses could provide an activatable 'trinket' that the player could use once per minute. The effects would have to be small so that potions are just as useful, but it'd be interesting to see.

Also, adding to what's been said previously, having more house items with functionality would be fantastic. 'Npcs' that can sell you potions, scrolls, other items and so on, possibly bank chests and even quest givers. I think it'd really make houses much more useful and appealing, both in a personal sense but also making them good social spaces.

Legend -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/25/2017 19:03:20)

More methods of getting free ac's because its impossible to get if u did the aextras already that already awarded them in the past.....

masamune27311 -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/25/2017 21:08:26)

PVP leaderboards:
PvP really has no reward to it right now so maybe we could spice it up a bit with the leaderboards that was used in Herosmash/Oversoul. Except in AQW people would be rewarded.
Could either go a few different ways, could reward top 100/50 with an armor and the top 10 with a crown/helm/wep that fits the armor and the #1 with a housing item of a trophy that opens a shop for them to buy a weapon version of the trophy.
How long would these last before rewards roll out:
Could either reward people for monthly, yearly, or after 3 months. The rewards would be different for each month or people can fight for the entire year to stay on top for their reward. After the end of each competition the rewards would go rare and a new reward will be given to the next tournament the design for the trophy would be different from the first one in the 2nd competition but only a small change.

Sageroy -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (9/26/2017 5:31:38)

Dealing With AFK Players

There should be an automated system that kicks out players that have been AFK for too long. Now I understand that sometimes we may have to use the restroom or want to help Mom with groceries which causes us to go AFK. That's perfectly fine, but there are people who do it just for sport. One reason this should be implemented is for the sake of guilds, sometimes I log in and I can't access the server where my guild is battling due to players taking up spots because they're AFK and have been for hours. Another small reason involves social rooms. I don't like when I go into a Yulgar and it's full of AFK people, I liked going to Yulgar because it's where players talked about their favorite shows, movies, games. Sometimes they'd form guilds and challenge each other to duels, yet that is impossible these days and the strangers who'd socialize are prevented from entering. Some people don't go AFK by accident, they just log in, go AFK, that's it.

Farming Changes

Some farming quests need to be adjusted. There are easy to in-between farming quests that can be done in about 10 minutes or so, like the Mana Golem quest (pre terrible quest update). It's become irritating to have to constantly switch maps. Farming has become too tedious, 90% of time spent playing this game is farming instead of doing quests, PvP, or socializing with adventurers. Some adventurers do not have time to sit down and play AQW for hours just to get a certain item they want and some have a lot of time on their hands. For the players who don't have the time, they went to botting and the number has increased over the years. Drop rates need to be adjusted as well for certain items too. I can defeat the required enemy and not get the item, but what do I get instead? I get a bunch of junk that floods my screen and makes me lag (sometimes lagging out of the game) majorly. I hate to say it AE, but you're hurting yourself by doing this and you're indirectly promoting botting with your way of arranging items and quests. Many of them have been banned but this also resulted in the amount of players dropping majorly. Not everyone has time to play this game for hours anymore! Making players work for items is fine but try to ease up a tiny bit, because sitting at a keyboard pressing numbers for hours is just boring. Also, if you're going to randomize the quantity of an item (legion token, etc.) try to make the chance that the player will get the higher quantity (e.g. 20 legion Tokens instead of 3) a bit higher.

In short, the farming quests needs to be adjusted to where it won't take weeks to acquire whatever is being farmed for & the asinine drop rates won't frustrate players. It's like you're asking for people to bot the game.


This isn't really much but can Mindbreaker be available to whoever paid $39 for it regardless of their account being upgraded or not? This is one that people have been talking about in-game, I personally don't care about it but I'm just putting it out there.

Game Content

This is a major one. I know that AQW is E10+, but I strongly believe that the game would reach a larger audience if it could have more content that appealed to older players. I'm not talking about M rated things because that's a big no no! I'm saying that it would be nice if the game could further expand its content to appeal to older gamers as well. Let's be honest, most of us have been plaing AQW since elementary school and we've gotten older since then. So y'know, just throwing it out there if you could. Make the game appeal to 13+ without losing its identity. I REALLY think that would attract more players and it wouldn't limit the developers so much on what they could make for the game, you'd have more freedom.

Other than that, I can't think of any other changes. I still support the game by buying AC and such. I've loved AQW and I've played since 2008, but the game has been in a sort of decline recently. I just want our player count to get bigger and for AQW to return to its former glory.

Goliath80 -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (10/6/2017 13:51:16)

1. Rebalanced BrutalCorn. It makes it impossible at the level that it is at to get through The Underground Lab quest series and impossible to get to the Chunin class. A group of healers and a Blood Ancients/Titans can't kill this thing and can instant one hit kill enemies. I am asking for lower health on the boss so it may be easier to complete and nerf the damage so it is more reasonable so he cannot one hit kill people trying to kill it. Or....
2. Set BrutalCorn as a Side Quest and move through the quest series. You wouldn't have to kill the BrutalCorn to pass to the next area. You can move past it to get farther in the line. The quest is optional from Artix and doesn't have to be completed.
3. Bank addon that allows other characters made on the same account to access one another's bank. Like I could have classes on one account in my back but could go on another and access those classed. I can't equip them unless they are down to my same level but it would be nice to have. Even when they are maxed, they can just be used to level up a nooby character. The same can go with all the other items that you can put in your bank.

Thank you for your time.


Silver Sky Magician -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (10/15/2017 9:09:15)

House update 1: allow us to purchase more inventory slots for AC, like bag and bank slots.

House update 2: allow us to bank house items (else what's the point of 0AC house items?)

Dog food -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (10/16/2017 3:39:17)

As a returning player I found a few small things that could be less frustrating and I imagine they would be a real pain for brand new players.

- Keep the Book of Lore open in the background when we open shops from it. I REALLY hate having to open the book and scroll thru the badges over and over to get a different shop, plus it's even worse that the Book of Lore is bugged sometimes so you can't click on a badge, meaning you need to go back and scroll thru once more.

- Same thing with the game menu, it completely closes when we open a shop from it. It'd be nice to leave it where it was, in the background.

- Multi sell

darkhl7 -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (10/16/2017 10:38:20)

i wish we have a war where aranx vs dage that would be awesome

koseta -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (10/24/2017 19:25:21)

I think you should add a wardrobe feature, allowing us to set, change, and update gear we have for cosmetics. This would allow us to to quickly change bewtween, say, a leveling gear set,
a *insert monster type* dmg set or just vanity.

Please do not make your entire post a larger font size. It is considered spam and only clutters up the page. ~Karika

133spider -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (10/25/2017 21:42:35)

Please rework the drops system. It's horrendous with the items stacking on your screen while you try to make space to click "Yes" and sometimes you accidentally press No on a rare drop. I propose drops to be dropped w/ a notification much like how temporary items are right now, and instead of the drops stacking on your screen they will be added into a "list" of drops in a separate & draggable window:

Example Picture

Dropped items would be listed like so (also can be categorized like so "Armors", "Weapons", "Items") and color tagged text if it's non-member, member, ac, or both member & ac
Clicking on a dropped item will show a preview of what the item will look like that just how the Cardboard box is being previewed
And where it has "Add Item": instead, it will have an option to accept/decline the drop

This will make farming much easier with drops being clutter free and people don't have to worry about deleting items in your inventory to check if the item is worth accepting (I have to google to the wiki to see if an item is member, ac, or to see what it looks like before clicking yes)

EDIT: So basically reuse the edit-house interface to be used as the drops system because it's perfect


Also, have the monster type displayed when clicking on a monster:


Where it says monster: change it to *Monster Type* Monster

Example: Undead Monster, Human Monster, Chaos Monster

keepGuessing! -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (10/30/2017 10:59:13)

I'd like to Suggest a Bank Item Display, I can only imagine the amount of coding needed in order to pull this off but it's a REALLY must have right now for Players who has Tens to Hundreds of items in the Bank (mostly ACs), would be nice to have a visual reference of the item selected to see what they look like instead of going through the trouble of withdrawing them from the Bank THEN seeing their Visual Display from the Inventory, is this possible currently in the game? Hopefully this Suggestion will gain some consideration >-<

paskyfer007 -> RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions (10/31/2017 4:49:56)

Can we get "accessory" type of item, where all the bonus is stored.
Because now only certain items have bonus (like NSoD), but it will be boring if you see all people using that.
Or maybe make the bonuses stick into enhancement, but to unlock the enhancement you have to meet the requirement (having NSoD for example, or so).

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