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Ghost 'n' Moglins

Mogloween 2015

Location: Mogloween Portal Painting OR Mogloween - Main Town

Determined to find out why so many moglin spirits have been stealing candy, you follow a trail of candy leading outside of the tow...

«You»: I seem to be on the right path, the candy leads off in that direction. I have to find out what has unrested the moglin spirits...
    Full Heal after every second battle
«You arrive at a graveyard with Zorbak sitting on a pile of candy that's being gathered by Moglin Phantoms . Zorbak swings out his staff as a line extends into the graveyard and it goes into the ground like water.»

«You»: Zorbak!
Zorbak: What? Fine evening for a little fishing, wouldn't you say? Mehehehe!
«You»: Leave it to you to try and ruin another holiday. Wait... what are you doing?
Zorbak: Well obviously I found a moglin graveyard and now I'm fishing spirits out of the ground so they can steal candy! With a few adjustments to my staff.
«You»: Disturbing their slumber just to satisfy your sweettooth is pretty low, even for you.
Zorbak: What are you babbling about? They were just laying beneath the dirth doing nothing! I'm putting moglins to work.
«You»: You are in-
Zorbak: Shh! Shh! I've got a fiesty one on the line!

«Zorbak tugs a couple of time and pulls out a Moglin Ghost from the grave..»

Zorbak: You there, drop that axe and follow the others! You have candy to collect!

«The Moglin Ghost inches closer to Zorbak brandishing its axe.»

Moglord Ghost: ...

«The Moglord Ghost floats over Zorbak ready to swing its axe.»

Zorbak: Hey! What are you doing?!

«The ghost swings down its axe and Zorbak is sent flying off screen.»

Zorbak: Ahhhhhhhhhh!
«You»: Hey there little fella...

«The ghost turns and immediately heads towards you brandishing its axe.»
    1 BATTLE: Moglord Ghost
«After the ghost is defeated, the Ghost 'n Moglins shop opens up.»

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    Ghosts 'n Moglins

  • Moglord Ghost [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

    Write up thanks to Tep Itaki.

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