=AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (Full Version)

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=AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll

Dark Crystal House
  19% (15)
Black and White M4trix
  10% (8)
Stormy Pirate Base
  52% (41)
Reply with your idea
  17% (14)

Total Votes : 78
(last vote on : 2/8/2017 17:51:03)
(Poll will run till: -- )


Loremaster Maya -> =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/6/2016 15:02:02)

The developers need your help this year with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday house ideas. We have polls on forums and twitter to see what type of house the community wants in this year shops. So please vote on what you want to see. Also, if ya have the time. Post your thoughts on why you want to see the house style you picked made this year. It will help us out greatly.

For those who pick option 4. You are aloud to make suggestions on the house style you want to see in this thread. So post your ideas and if you link anything make sure it follow forum guidelines. Sadly, we can't guarantee your idea will be used but will try to keep them in mind for future releases.

To see how the voting is going on twitter. Following this link below.

So lets decided what house we want to build this year and Battleon on everyone!

Added poll, change thread name to reflect the poll, edit post to reflect changes ask to be made for thread ~Kiyone

Hardcastle McCormick -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 15:08:12)

Dark Cottage or Yokai Isle all the way! [:D]

teravor -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 15:09:38)

We need another giant house, because I've got way too much stuff for just three/four rooms.

Phantasmia -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 15:10:01)

Shadowed Pizza Hutch, Dark Corn Cottage, Black Ice House

Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 15:15:00)

http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/aussie-opera-house Black could be a nice color for this one. It is a rare house though, so I dunno if it would be possible.

Beshin Adin -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 15:47:13)

Black and White Matrix. Sounds trippy!

Banpreiomaster -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 16:05:02)

Swordhaven Mansion, but made by obsidian.

Bailey Hudson -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 17:46:52)

Lol, what? That Ice house should be re-colored to Black color? imo will it be possible? omg

SonicTbear -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 17:55:09)

Black, Pink, and Cyber Gingerbread Houses. But to be honest, a Cyber Gingerbread House sounds delicious. [:D]

Phantasmia -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 18:02:24)

@Bailey Hudson

Mainly suggested it becuase Black Ice is a thing lol and it might be possible idk.

Iron Volvametal -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 18:34:19)

I vote another cyber-variant of the M4tr1x houses; those look awesome(though, it'd probably cost ACs, & I don't really care too much about houses).

...Now that I think about it, there's seriously a lack of houses in the game, especially since there's quite a lot of rares(8-Years, 81 houses/37 rare houses).

It'd be cool if they released a house based on a release every week or so(just reuse the room's background & add a few things here & there; I mean, it shouldn't be hard, they used the M4tr1x houses in the /whitehole map).

Keeper of the Owls -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 18:38:09)

My vote goes to Stormy Pirate Base. [:)]

Doxus the OverLord -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/6/2016 20:25:18)

Suggested a Bright Fortress black variant.
This would be cool to see some darkness in it.

teravor -> RE: =AQW= Placeholder Poll (11/7/2016 0:03:59)

I maintain we need a Dark Safiria's Castle. Because there a lot of houses, but none quite as big.

Rastaban -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/7/2016 0:39:40)

Dark Safiria's Castle would be excellent. Vacation Castle would also be cool, but it doesn't have so many rooms.

EmbraceTheDarkness -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/7/2016 1:34:25)

I mentioned it to her this morning and she liked the tweet in regards to Safiria's Castle so Fingers Crossed

Lo9851 -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/7/2016 5:35:44)

Vacation Castle of Nulgath. You can't be wrong with something like THAT.

Veya -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/7/2016 6:17:21)


Only if you buy that from Nully himself, who is dressed for the occasion wearing a Hawaiian shirt, 3 pairs of sunglasses stacked on each other, a straw hat for shade and a big toothy grin on his face.

Dracojan -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/7/2016 10:48:30)

candy corn cottage

ShadowMoon -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/7/2016 14:38:17)

i vote for more house spaces & house bank for the ac tagged house items, rather have more house spaces then a new house since i have no space for it to begin with

Jams Loyal Subject -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/7/2016 16:34:47)

I voted for "reply with your idea", and I'll just copy paste the one I suggested on twitter [:D]

Cyberized O-Dokuro Skull. With an owner only vendor that sells cyberized versions of the items in the original Chaotic O-Dokuro Skull shop.

Original House

Original Shop

Reasoning: It would bring attention to one of the older storylines in the game in Yokai, as well as provide a variety of exclusive Cyber items to the owner (thus boosting the House's value). Additionally, it may give people a reason to go back to Yokai and rank up Yokai reputation, given that the items in the shop do require some level of Yokai rep.


Death -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/9/2016 0:41:56)

Went for the Pirate Base... but I would never spend 2k for a house. 8|

Ninjaty -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/9/2016 4:42:22)

I haven't voted, simply because I likely wouldn't be willing in investing in a new house, and I feel the votes should be left with whoever does want one of them.

Talisa -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/9/2016 16:56:16)

What is it with you all and Pirates?! Lol.

I went for the Dark Crystal House despite having no idea how I'd decorate it if it's like the regular Crystal House. There are a few of them that there's really not much you can do with them but look nice or fit an overall character motif.

Rastaban -> RE: =AQW= Black Friday and Cyber Monday House Poll (11/9/2016 17:13:52)

The pirate house would have more rooms than the other two combined.

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