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TitanDraugen -> Drakel 4 Life! (1/30/2017 22:54:41)

Been playing for years, figured it was time to at least make something for all the fun I've had.
Here is a fan art of Pax, The Drakel Warlord, my favorite Throne of Dakness "villain" with my character.

I love how Drakels are portrayed in this game!
A little disappointed how rushed Pax's story was though.

Hope there will be more of them in the future~

MQ dude -> RE: Drakel 4 Life! (1/31/2017 22:04:20)

Looks great! Pax looks super beefy here. It's certainly nice to have a more draconic subspecies of Drakel. I'd love to see a hub town of sorts for them and learn more of their lore. I feel it would be very interesting! [:)]

Anyway, great sense of anatomy. My only nitpick so far is that the skulls' highlights are lighter than the armor's and still have that cyan, legion hue from Pax's sprite in-game. I thought they might be bubbles for a moment since the facial features were obscured, but at least it draws a lot of attention to fistbump.
Good work on shading nonetheless. :D Keep up the good work!

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