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Tweenie Nightmare

SnuggleFest 2015

Location: Snugglefest Portal Painting » Tweenie Nightmare

«Scene: Battleon School»

Noah: Soooo, Jimmy, who's your crush?
Sarah: Jimmy has a crush! Jimmy has a crush!
Jimmy: No I don't!
Noah: Jimmy has a crush! Who's your crush? Huh?
Jimmy: I do not have a crush!

«A dark shadow looms behind Jimmy...»

Eukara: Class! Attention!
Eukara: As promised, we will go back in time in our studies, back to when Lore learned about the leylines that run through the world and began to harness them.
Eukara: As promised, we will look at the history of magic in our world.
Class: Yay!
Timmy: I've been looking forward to this all year!
Noah: You know what I've been looking forward to? Knowing who Jimmy has a crush on!
Jimmy: Stop it, Noah! I don't have a crush!
Eukara: Class, enough! Stop teasing Jimmy, Noah. This is not a topic for discussion.

«You enter the classroom.»

Eukara: Well... good day, «You». We were just going to talk about leylines and magic history. Care to sit in?
«You»: Well, as much as it sounds like fun, I am here because you wanted to see me about the Weapon you are making to stop Xov.
Eukara: Right. Class, you may have fifteen minutes of recess time while I talk to «You».
Class: Yay!!

«The students swiftly exit the classroom and proceed to the playground behind.»

«You»: So, you've found the next piece?
Eukara: Yes, though it's going to be tricky. You will have to travel-
Jimmy: STOP IT!
Noah: Who's your crush, Jimmy? Who's your crush!
Jimmy: You heard Ms. Vox. She said to stop.
Noah: Won't stop until you tell. I bet it is Sasha!
Jimmy: It's nobody! Leave me alone.
«You»: Perhaps we can talk outside so that Jimmy isn't fending for himself?
Eukara: Very well. I swear, we get close to SnuggleFest and the children go nuts.

«At the playground...»

Noah: Who's your crush? Who's your crush? You can't say nobody, because there is definitely a somebody!

«The shadow behind Jimmy suddenly trembles for a bit before stopping.»

«You»: What the...
Eukara: Oh dear... that can't be good...
Jimmy: I
Jimmy: SAID
Jimmy: NO
Jimmy: OOOONE!

«The shadow behind Jimmy retreats and manifests itself into a Vile Love.»

???: CRUSH!

«The Vile Love hops away from the scene.»

«You»: Well that's just GREAT! See what you did! Now I have to go follow that thing.

«You chase after the Vile Love.»

Eukara: Come here this minute, Noah. Go inside and begin scrubbing the bathroom in the school.

«Noah turns to face Eukara.»

Noah: But! I was just-
Eukara: I don't care what you thought you were doing. What you are doing NOW is beginning to pay for your choice of behavior. Bathroom. NOW.
Noah: Yes, Ms. Vox.

«The scene fades to black. Somewhere in Battleon...»

Filzan: Gorgetta, my previous, I have missed you!
Gorgetta: *Blushes* You brought me flowers. How sweet!

«Filzan raises his bouquet of flowers. The Vile Love suddenly hops in, and his eyes turn heart shape while staring at Filzan. Hearts flutter over Filzan before swiftly breaking in half.»

Filzan: Flowers? Haha! I have something much more appropriate to show how I feel about you!

«The bouquet of flowers transform into a bouquet of snakes!»


«Gorgetta flees from the scene. You finally catch up with the beast!»

«You»: Finally caught up to you foul beast!
    1 BATTLE: Vile Love
    Full Heal
«You»: It got away, I'll finish it off yet!

«Over at some plains, Uncle Sham is proclaiming his love for his pot of gold.»

Sham: Oh my sweetest gold. Your glow like that of an amber field of wheat.
Sham: Always by me side. Always willing to listen and pick me up when I have a bad day.
Sham: Gold oh gold... I.. lov-

«Vile Love enters the scene and shatters the passion inside of Sham.»

Sham: Blah, nasty shiny metal. You sicken me!

«Sham kicks the pot of gold which topples over and spills. He instantly regrets his decision as the pain from the kick leads him to hop on one foot while clenching his now throbbing toes.»

Sham: OOOOWWW! Me toes! Me wee little digits!

«You enter the scene.»

«You»: Looks like I was too late, I'll stop you this time creature!
    1 BATTLE: Vile Love
    Full Heal
«You»: It got away again, but it looks weaker!

«Near a river, Aria is on a date with Hans.»

Aria: Thank you for the lovely walk, Hans.
Hans: Sure Aria, thanks for coming. I'm so happy we were able to spend SnuggleFest together!
Hans: Aria?
Aria: Yes Hans?
Hans: We have been friends for a very long time. There is something I'd like to ask you-

«Vile Love enters once again and does its thing...»

Hans: Could you please do something about your fleas?

«The initially cheerful Aria breaks down in tears!»

Aria: Wha... oh Hans...

«You enter yet again a moment too late.»

«You»: You've caused enough trouble for one SnuggleFest! You aren't getting away this time!
    1 BATTLE: Vile Love
    Full Heal
«With the menace defeated, you return to the Battleon School.»

«You»: That was ridiculous. Who knew tweenies could create such terrible monsters.
Eukara: You obviously haven't spent much time around the Tween Gangs... have you?
«You»: I don't want to know, that is for sure. Is Jimmy okay?
Eukara: Nothing a few days won't cure. That's the thing with Tweens. It only takes a couple of days for drama to blow over. Much like a squirrel that has found a new nut...
«You»: You are nuts.
Eukara: Sometimes, yes I am.
«You»: About the weapon piece?
Eukara: Let me get my sub and we can discuss it in my library.

«The scene fades to black. In the bathroom of the school, Noah's busy scrubbing a basin.»

Noah: Stupid Jimmy. You have a crush. You do...

«The scene fades to black and the Tweenie Nightmare shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Tweenie Nightmare

  • Love Hammer [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 133 | 143 G]
  • Heart Sceptre [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 133 | 143 G]

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