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Carandor -> The Cold (2/13/2017 18:13:59)

The Cold

The Cold, - BTH, - Blocking
Target has been emotionally manipulated, resulting in lower accuracy and defences for their entire side of the field. Effect persists until succeeding on a CHA save.

When inflicted on the monster, it works as described. When inflicted on the player, then it affects the whole field (pets, guests, spells, weapon specials, and player attacks). All attacks get the same penalty (spells don't get /2 BTH penalty etc.).

Note that the target makes the save BEFORE they act. So even if they fail a save, then they can succeed on the save at the beginning of their turn anyway.


Potence of The Cold

Potence of The Cold -
Opponent takes a penalty to any saves against The Cold.


Carandor -> RE: The Cold (2/13/2017 18:14:09)

Things that make Monsters feel The Cold:

  • Prismatic Paintbrush

    Monsters that manipulate the Player with The Cold:

  • Xov Arakue

    Things that grant you Potence of The Cold:

  • Taladosian Pendant

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