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# Fixed a bug with Disease, and expanded to to allow for MP and SP Diseases.
# Battles should save faster if you're logged in for a long time.
# Included a "No LS damage multiplier" for stuff like efficient spells.
# Completely re-wrote the way that elements are handled, so that (a) Freeze and friends went down by like 16 lines of code each, which I'm super proud of :D and (b) element-seeking items can now include the Freeze bonus in their seeking AI. (Well, future element-seeking items.)
# Damage cap increased to 32,767
# You can now switch inventory outside of battle, (a) just in case some bulky equipment is blocking a cutscene or (b) if you encounter one of those old-style traps that deals elemental damage.

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v39.31 (to be rolled live ~soon)
# Cleaned up some messy code that was causing variable name collision.

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