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Location: The Nest, Nest Robber, The Price

Quests given

Shops owned

The Nest

???: I'm so so so sorry for running into you, we were just playing over there and-

???: Wait... you're <Character>, aren't you?!

???: Wow, we've heard a lot about you, some of us were saved by your deeds!

Timothy: I'm over here, Miss Grace!

Timothy: That's right! <Character> 's really here!

Timothy: But you can call me Timmy, if you'd like!

Nest Robber

Timothy: Not all mages are like that! My parents were mages and if it weren't for their protective spells, I wouldn't be here!

Timothy: Do not!

Timothy: Yes, Messimy...
Timothy: But only to help the people around me, just like you are doing!

Timothy: W-what?

Timothy: Thank you, Messimy!

The Price

Timmy: T-that monster... It... it...

Timmy: N-no, I... I know that monster!
Timmy: I... hid the second I saw it.

Timmy: It's the reason I'm here...

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Appearance in The Price

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