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Location: The Nest, Nest Robber, The Price, Reinforcements, Leaving the Nest

Quests given

Shops owned

The Nest

???: I finally found it... and soon it will be in my possession!

???: Ah ha a a a ah ha a a a!!!

Nest Robber

???: Where is it? I KNOW it must be here!

Siofra: SILENCE, WOMAN! I, the GREAT Siofra, am not here for you!

Siofra: Fool! You dare challenge me?

Siofra: I shall not be made a mockery! I shall beat you and get what I came here for!

Siofra: Not so tough now, are you?

Siofra: You'll regret saying that!


The Price

Siofra: Which one of you has it?

Siofra: You! You must know where it is! Else you wouldn't be here!

Siofra: You can't fool me, you arrogant little human!

Siofra: Give me my PRICE!

Siofra: RAH! You'll pay for your insolence!


Siofra: I'm BACK! And this time, I brought company!

Siofra: What?!

Siofra: Ah a a a a ah a a a a, you thought that stupid child was my prize? You're even more of a fool then I guessed at first.
Siofra: My prize is right here!

Siofra: Not JUST a keepsake, it's made out of the most refined dragonbane I have ever seen, I simply must have it for my collection!

Siofra: Oh, I would hardly call it stupid... With this in my collection, I will be able to...

Siofra: I...!
Siofra: Soon you will see and feel it for yourself! To repay you for all the trouble you gave me!

Siofra: Ah a a a, farewell!!

Siofra: Ugh. Come on.
Siofra: Hngh! Almost!
Siofra: These arms are so inconvenient...
Siofra: Aaaaaaghfghfaagh!
Siofra: There we go, ha!

Leaving the Nest

Siofra: Ah a a a a! Fool! Do you really think you can beat me? You and your tiny lizard?!

Siofra: But... HOW?! I'm all powerful!

Siofra: Easy there, oh mighty dragon...
Siofra: I won't do a THING!

Siofra: Now that that pest is out of the way, let's get rid of you!

Siofra: Still got some fight in you, huh? Let's see how you like this mix!
Siofra: Essence of a titan elemental! Combined with the purest of dragon bane!

Siofra: That's... unexpected, but you're still mis-matched!

Other information
  • Siofra's name translates to 'Changeling' in English from Irish.

    Stone Golem Form Appearance
    Fire Golem Form Appearance
    Crystalline Form Appearance
    Final Form Appearance

    Defeated Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for Crystalline Form and spoiler appearance images.
  • TFS for Final Form appearance image.
  • raylas for other information.

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