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=AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll

Phoenix or other mythological creature type
  33% (49)
Drake or other reptile/dragon type
  37% (54)
Wolf or other 4 legged beast type
  20% (29)
Hawk or other bird type
  8% (13)

Total Votes : 145
(last vote on : 11/7/2017 2:09:10)
(Poll will run till: -- )


orc orc orc -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/23/2017 22:05:44)

Why not a frogzard a wyrm or a Wyvern? Better yet, a loyal Draconian minion.

It would be cool to call - similarly to the fighter and knight classes in AQC - an NPC ally as the 'battle pet', though that's a bit unfitting for a Monster Hunter class.

I'm not sure if this will ever be possible, a class that calls a mercenary 'battle pet' that uses gold to buff itself. It'd be a fun little way to spend gold nonetheless.

zanathos -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/23/2017 22:29:48)

Picked Wolf because I forgot i still owned Darkside class, but I think a dragon would be incredibly cool for a battlepet, though i was hoping they'd revamp dragonlord into a battle pet class like that

Psych -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/23/2017 22:33:35)

There's this armour I'm trying to farm at the moment called Tundrawyrm Hunter, I think a Wyrm type battle pet class would be awesome. The armour could replicate that to the style of Tundrawyrm Hunter. Would be cool. Anything flying would be cool. (:

Promotheus -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 1:21:24)

I find having a battle-pet for Monster Hunter pretty interesting, since I would assume a Monster Hunter would want to get rid of most monsters, regardless if they have a pet lol. BUT, if I had to choose a pet, I'd go with some form of Dog, as I could see them being a loyal companion to someone trying to hunt beasts. Also I feel like since we already have a class that has a wolf (Darkside) and a flying pet (Beast Master w/ a Griffon I think?), we should choose something that isn't in the same vein. Also i feel as though any mythological pets would just seem like an odd choice for a regular Monster Hunter like a phoenix or Hydra or something. Something simple would be nice.

Instantstrike -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 4:45:01)

i dunno if this is a good place to suggest it but..i have noticed that there hasn't been a tier 2 class ever since...since it uses a battlepet and few non member classes has it....we can make the class a tier 2!.....we can use the horc evader class to merge it or the horc reputation. do you like the idea?

Dr Disrespect -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 5:36:06)

There are two ways to take the words "Monster Hunter". The correct and more apt one would be, as you said, a person that hunts monsters. It could also mean a monstrous hunter. This is the same with Chaos Slayer. When it was going to be released many players thought that it would a class made to slay Chaos monsters like Paladin was made to kill the Undead. However the class turned out to be a Chaorrupted Slayer than a Chaos Slayer. It uses Chaos to slay things.

XeNON_54 -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 8:59:07)

How about a Frogzard?
The pet could even change whenever we summon it since there are so many different kinds/breeds of frogzards nowadays.

Sharkslayer -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 9:04:00)


dragon type


Beshin Adin -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 10:48:22)

I'd like an owl............or maybe some fiendish owl-monster
Like this

Tyroniter -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 11:39:50)

Why not have something that calls a monster to appear behind you, kind of like how capes like Atlas Stone, Warp Necromancer, Spirit of Heroism etc work ?

polar -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 20:49:53)

I went for "Hawk or other bird type" I'd like the class to focus more on giving orders to flying companions,plus would make sense to make it range as they can swoop down and attack

flyingmongoose -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 21:44:11)

Does a mongoose fall under a four legged beast type?
But a flying mongoose would fall under mythological.

DarkLore -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/24/2017 21:57:29)

People loved my idea on DracoWereWolf Hunter since Drakes and Wolves were so close on the Twitter poll.

Doxus the OverLord -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/25/2017 1:23:54)

I prefer something draconic-related and pure with this kind. No miscs.

thulsa doom -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/25/2017 8:50:28)

I think it would be cool if the battle pet was summoned from a tattoo, or maybe have a snake belt/bracelet/necklace that comes alive and attacks.

ChaosRipjaw -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/25/2017 9:24:18)


How about a doppelganger that will have same looks as yourself as battle pet?

Let the lagfest commence xD

Anyway, I picked dragon because, well, phoenix seemed kinda meh, especially if this is a chaos rep class (if I'm not mistaken).

skull1218 -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/25/2017 19:42:29)

how about stalagbite lol

ShatteredReality -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/25/2017 19:58:08)

Stalagbite is dead, remember? I think Drakath killed him in the Chaos finale... though I'm not 100% sure about that.

Shadowhunt -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/25/2017 20:10:07)

Then we'll have to use his brother, Stalagchomp!

A class that summons a random one of the Chaos Beasts would be kind of cool though, I'd be able to get behind that.

brotherinlaw -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/25/2017 20:42:14)

Honestly, I'd like to say a giant Necropolis Fiend pet (the numbered beast from AQ), but I feel like that would be more like a second tier necromancer. I just hope the pet's big, because that could stretch the teams abilities and allow for more diverse pets in the future.

And yes, I know I've suggested it as an armor. It's just that a huge armor with an irregular structure would do what I said above, but with armor. Basically, I feel any suggestion/request should not only show what you want but push the team to new limits, meaning other players and releases will benefit from it.

madman 13 -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/27/2017 6:58:04)

my first instinct was to go for something spidery looking and eldritch. I blame the queen's throne for that. A person who slays monsters would traditionally have either a bird of some kind or a wolf of some kind, I think, but having something creepy is still a possibility
Dragonic things seem cool but are a theme of their own and might not necessarily fit with the style of the hunter. Likewise, mythical creatures work better with a mystical kind of hunter than a simple veteran fighter.
my personal taste would be to have something deceptively cute looking, but that really doesn't work unless the monster hunter themselves can sort of look cute, which doesn't seem likely at all. Felinx would be pretty good though.

So all in all, it really feels like we need to know what the overall theme of the class is and what faction it's associated with before we can give a good opinion.

Liftos -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/27/2017 7:41:19)

Just looked into Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide and I think Brownies might be a better fit for a monster hunter. Brownies are generally known as happy household spirits that helped around chores for its hosts but are extremely hard to please. Seeing them help our hero in the battlefield should be interesting.

Removed link as it contained content that does not adhere to forum rules. ~Shadowhunt

Tyroniter -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/27/2017 8:23:17)

Well since we're allianced with Chaos now, how about having the class summon Drakath to help us out :P

Syldiva -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/27/2017 23:58:15)

There's already an available battle-pet class with a hawk, as well as one with a wolf (though rare), so I went with a dragon-type companion. We have dragon-slayers, so I think it would be really interesting to see individuals who would instead steal eggs and train the youth for combat, perhaps even against their own kin. I suppose in that case, they would be dragon dragon-slayers. :^D

Silver Sky Magician -> RE: =AQW= Monster Hunter Class Battlepet Poll (3/28/2017 0:10:40)

Had Frogcherion not died I would have wanted him as our battlepet. Alas, we'll have to settle for sentient-pile-of-dust Wolfwing. I even have a class skill for him: Relentless Sneezing - Wolfwing gets into your opponent's nose and causes him to sneeze uncontrollably. Blinds and Weakens for 8 sec, 50% chance of a 2 sec stun.

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