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Location: Return to Lymcrest

Quests given

Shops owned

???: Are you two having fun?

Lyra: It's a pleasure!

Lyra: Oh, stop~

Lyra: My husband was the foreman of an ambitious project at the time.
Lyra: He was in charge of widening a tunnel between the Dwarven Kingdoms and the surface.
Lyra: Had it been successful, it would've opened up a new world of commerce...literally!

Lyra: Soon, it was deemed too dangerous to continue the project.

Lyra: I remember, she had the chubbiest cheeks...!

Lyra: So eventually...we took her in for ourselves!

Lyra: Oh, she was running around all over the place back then.
Lyra: We couldn't get her to stay still.

Lyra: Take Falwynn with you.

Lyra: Lymcrest...and the underground in general...
Lyra: It's not right for her. Not enough.
Lyra: She needs to go out and see the world.

Lyra: It is. We've had a lot of time to think it over.

Lyra: No one else comes to mind.

Lyra: So please...will you consider it?

Lyra: Thank you.

Lyra: Honey? Listen to your father.

Lyra: It's just...we think tható

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She is Falwynn's adoptive mother as revealed in Return to Lymcrest.

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