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Banshee By the Well

Location: Swordhaven (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Quest Board
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 14th, 2017

Objective: A banshee near a well, huh? Better investigate.
Objective completed: Well Well Well.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) SeaMonkey
(6) Vampiric Ghoul
(5) Zombie
(1) Banshee - Boss


Layla's Ring (All Versions)

Access to Banshee Loot for DCs


The following note on the Quest Board reads, "Please to whoever is reading this, a banshee has been terrorizing a nearby well.
Save our village by getting rid of the creature, that well is our only source of water.
Her, cunning is apparent as she hides as soon as Rose soldiers are near.
Hero of Lore, if you somehow read this, then please hear our plea and come help us.

  • Quest!
  • Back!

    *Fades in as you arrive at the entrance of the well located on top of a stone path that rests on a surrounding hill.*

    <Character>: This is the place the notice mentioned. Strange, there's no village nearby.
    <Character>: Maybe it's just out of sight.

    *The farther up the hill you go, the more suspicious you get with a side of awkward nostalgia.*

    <Character>: No sign of the banshee either, maybe... it's inside the well? *sigh* Here we go again.

    *You go into the well again to search for the banshee while encountering undead and aquatic creatures along the way, but if you keep your eyes open, you may find pages of a diary written by one of the villagers.*

    To open the doors, you must pick the lock:

    First wooden door: Wiggle -> Wiggle -> Wiggle -> Nick -> Jab -> Tap

    Second wooden door: Tap -> Wiggle -> Nick -> Jab -> Wiggle -> Nick -> Nick -> Tap -> Wiggle -> Jab

    Last wooden door: Tap -> Jab -> Tap -> Jab

    Behind the first locked door is a piece of parchment, which is one of the pages in the villager's diary.

    Dear Diary,
    The attack is still going strong.
    The villagers and I have been hiding inside the well.
    My little sister is still nowhere to be found.
    I'm afraid she went looking for her ring.
    I hope she'll be back soon...

    Right next to the potions chest is a second piece of parchment, which is one of the pages in the villager's diary.

    Dear Diary,
    I still can't find Layla.
    I hope I can get some help exploring this place soon though... villagers have been disappearing without a trace.
    The adults told me they could only find wet footprints near the place they were last seen.
    I can only hope that who or whatever took the other villagers didn't take Layla as well.

    Behind the second locked door in front of a sitting skeleton is the last piece of parchment, which is one of the pages in the villager's diary.

    Dear Diary,
    It has been months now, the attack hasn't slowed down.
    Our food supply has been depleted for weeks now.
    I gave up on finding Layla, I... just don't have the energy for it anymore.
    Diary, I tried to be strong, but... I can't do it anymore.
    My stomach feels like a thousand knives are sticking into it.
    All I can do now, is hope that Layla maybe found a way to safety and is out there, looking for help.
    I'm going to take a nap now. I'm so sleepy...

    Behind the last locked door awaits a group consisting of a SeaMonkey, a Zombie, and a Vampiric Ghoul you must fight. . Approaching the sparkle will compel you to look down on the ground at it, which reveals before you that the sparkle came from a valuable object.

    <Character>: A ring? It looks quite old, I wonder whose it is?

    *A wraith colored in pure white manifests from thin air and calmly floats directly behind you. You turn around at once to see that the wraith is actually the banshee itself.*

    <Character>: *sigh*
    <Character>: It's yours, isn't it?

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You end up fighting the banshee in combat, much to your annoyance, but thankfully, you survive the encounter and is able to put the banshee out of her misery.*

    <Character>: She's... gone. I hope I helped her move on...

    *Suddenly, a chilling voice rushes past your general direction, seemingly saying, "Thank You," but all you believe you've heard was an ominous gust of wind, giving you the creeps in seconds.*

    <Character>: I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that and get out of here as soon as possible.

    *Cuts to black while the last of the wind blows.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - Opens Banshee Loot for DCs

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Dank potions from a dank sewer!

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