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Location: Blarney Portal Painting » 2016: LepreZards!

«You can skip this cutscene at any time to proceed straight to the war.»

«A zooming shot of the EbilCorp building and the scene switches to the inside.»

Uncle Sham: Mehehe! We've done it, Lucky! We extracted pure Essence o' Luck!
LepraKhan: Congrats, boss!
Uncle Sham: Wi' this, we can build th' ultimate leprechaun soldiers an' use 'em to take over Battleon fer good!
Uncle Sham: Let's get ta work!

«Uncle Sham and LepraKhan leaves and the scene fades to another room.»

Zardmaster: Mwahaha! We've done it, Lars! We extracted pure Primordial Zardium!
Lars: Ribarg!
Zardmaster: With this, we can create the ultimate zard soldiers and use them to take over Battleon for good!
Zardmaster: Let's get to work!

«The Zardmaster leaves and the scene switches. Zardmaster and Uncle Sham runs into each other causing their extracts to fly and collide. A Leprezard appear in the middle.»

Leprezard: Ribarg?
Uncle Sham: Oy! Ya got yer Zardium in me Essence o' Luck!
Zardmaster: Hey! YOU got YOUR Luck in MY Primordial Zardium!
Uncle Sham: How'm I gonna take ov'r Battleon now?!
Zardmaster: How am I gonna take over Battleon now?!
Uncle Sham: ....
Zardmaster: ....
Uncle Sham: Hmmmmm....
Zardmaster: Hmmmmm....

Exactly 17 hours later...


Blarney War

Uncle Sham has teamed up with Dilwod Sackelberry to produce a truly terrifying creation: the LepreZard. A crafty and adaptable creature empowered by pure Luck! And now they're assaulting Battleon with their combined zard and leprechaun forces in hopes of taking over the town (and taxing it into oblivion)! Can you defend the town from this two-pronged assault?

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five
      «If you select any other than ENDLESS: You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
      «If you select ENDLESS: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»
  • Past Blarney Rewards! - Opens the Blarney shop.
  • Leprechaun Power Armor! - You have equipped a special Leprechaun Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

  • Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Robina - Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
  • Robina's bow - Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
  • Warlic - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Warlic's crystal ball - Warlic will help you in battle!
  • Zardhunter - Click on the Zardhunter's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Zardhunter's hat - The Zardhunter joins you in battle!
  • Chest - You now wield Zardbane! It will disappear when you log out. - *If you're not a guardian - If you become a Guardian, then you can wield Zardbane into battle!
  • 4-Leaf Clover - This magical 4-leaf clover just healed you!
  • Leprezards - +0.1 Ranged BTH per Leprezard shot. Maximum of +20.0 BTH, or 200 Leprezards.

    «After defeating 50% of the Leprezard army, new cutscene button was unlocked in the war camp.»
      «A panning view of a meadow with 3 guardians lying on the ground with 2 leprechauns and a leprezard over them. The scene fades to the front of Yulgar's Inn.»

      Robina: The western units aren't holdin gup well. They've been pushed back almost to the city centre!
      Nimrod: The Guardian Tower's running out - we need reinforcements!
      Robina: The south's doing even worse - they've almost completely collapsed!
      «You»: What about the eastern blockade?

      «An orange-red light flashes from the right side of the screen.»

      Nimrod: What eastern blockade?
      «You»: This isn't going well. We won't be able to get by with some kind of miracle....

      «The scene fades to the meadow and 6 blue slashes happen. Afterwards, the 2 leprechauns and leprezard falls. The scene switches to Sham and Zardmaster standing over a cauldron.»

      Sham: Oy! What in me gold's name just happen'd there?!
      ???: Mr O'Slayhee. Me. Sackleberry.

      «Zorbak appears with a green hue and swirling green vortex around him. The scene will switch between the two over the cauldron and Zorbak when they talk.»

      Zorbak: I have been informed that you two losers are in breach of the contracts you signed.

      Zardmaster: Contracts? I never signed any contracts! Especially with you!
      Sham: I bet me lucky penny that yer talkin' a load of guff!

      Zorbak: Oh, you definitely signed waivers when you rented out labspace at EbilCorp Labs.
      Zorbak: And part of what you signed is very clear: any discoveries, inventions, or breakthroughs you make are to be property of EbilCorp.
      Zorbak: *I* own your Essence of Luck, your Primodial Zardium, and your LepreZards. You using them here - without MY permission - is a serious breach of contract.
      Zorbak: I demand that you stop this circus and hand over your findings. NOW.

      Zardmaster: Pfft! Yea, like we're gonna stop when we're so close to taking over Battleon!
      Sham: Whaddaya gonna do? Take 'em from us? Wi' what army?

      Zorbak: Yeah, I'm gonna take 'em back. Me, and my army of NINJA LAWYER ASSASSINS.

      «Two well dressed ninjas appear behind Zorbak.»

      Zorbak: Sic 'em, guys!
      Ninja Lawyer: You've been served notice...OF YOUR IMPENDING DEMISE!

      «Scene: In front of Yulgar's Inn.»

      Nimrod: ...What just happened?
      «You»: Zorbak Happened. Don't ask too many questions! Just keep fighting! We got a chance now!

    «Once Blarney War LepreZards war meter hit 100%...»
      4 BATTLES
      Twilly Heal every second battle
    «You appear in the room with Sham and the Zardmaster.»

    «You»: It's over, you two! Surrender and hand over the Zardium and the Luck, and we'll go easy on you.

    «Sham backs away from you.»

    Zardmaster: Not a chance! There's no way that you can take down the two of us!
    Uncle Sham: If ya can take 'im on by yerself, I'll up yer share to 90% o' the fortune we get from this!
    Zardmaster: !!!! Deal!

    «Sham flees the scene.»

    «You»: Right. Time to show you and Goldilocks there that your luck's run out!
      1 BATTLES: LepreZard Master
      Full Heal
    «Zorbak comes up to the fallen bottle.»

    Zorbak: I'll be taking this!
    «You»: Not too thrilled about that, but what about Sham?
    Zorbak: He's being... taken care of.

    «The scene switches to the front of the Portal to Leprechaunia as Sham runs to it but is stopped by 3 ninja laywer assassins.»

    Uncle Sham: *Gulp*

    «In front of Yulgar's Inn.»

    «You»: Repairs are underway! Looks like everything's going to be alright.
    Nimrod: Not quite, «You». Zorbak now has both Primodial Zardium and Essence of Luck, and can create his own army of leprezards to take over Battleon!
    Zorbak: Mer? Ew, no. That's stupid - you're really living up to your name, Nimrod.
    Zorbak: There's no way that I'd lower myself to the level of using ZARDS and LEPRECHAUNS to attack Battleon! I'd sooner fight with flowers and the power of ~love~. BLEH!
    Zorbak: I'm handing these vials over to EbilCorp R&D. They'll probably turn it into some medicine or a fruit drink that I can sell for a ton of cash.
    «You»: Oh good! I guess that means you'll be supplying the war rewards!

    Blarney War '16: LepreZards!

  • Gilded Warbow [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]
  • Blarney '16 Commemorative Spoon [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Ninja Lawyer Assassin Contract [L. 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Lepre-Chan [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • ZardAde [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

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