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Carandor -> April Fools '16: The Frogzard Hunter (5/18/2017 18:35:21)

The Frogzard Hunter

Location: April Fools' Portal Painting

Frogzard Hunter 1 "new" quest dialogue.

Translation: (Through rough guessing and the original dialogue)

Frogzard Hunter: Frogzard Hunter here! We're in the wilds of Athzes... On the trail of fierce and elusive Frogzard!
Frogzard Hunter: And with me today is our hero, one of the adventurers of Battleon.
Frogzard Hunter: Stick with me mate and you will learn a lot about Frogzard lore.

«You enter the scene with the Frogzard Hunter by you.»

Frogzard Hunter: Hold on! I think I see one now! You must approach the Frogzard with extreme caution...
Frogzard Hunter: And when you make a grab at it, do not grab the teeth!

«The Frogzard Hunter runs off screen.»

Frogzard Hunter: Gotcha little bugger!
Frogzard Hunter: CRIKEY!!

«The Frogzard Hunter runs back with a frogzard stuck on his head.»

Frogzard Hunter: Watch out mate! Here comes another...
    1 BATTLE: FrogZard
Frogzard Hunter: Crikey, look at the size of these teeth! Say, would you mind helping a feller out?
Frogzard Hunter: Now, just knock the little bugger off me head. Careful not to hit me though!

«An arrow appears and clicking it will will have a fireball fly and hit the Frogzard, blowing away the Frogzard Hunter as well. The Frogzard Hunter is now lying on the ground with the Frogzard holding onto to him.»

«You»: That thing has a nasty grip, she will not let go!
Frogzard Hunter: No worry, mate! She will tire out before she can drag me back to her den and have her cubs feed on me!
Frogzard Hunter: Then we can get some measurements of this beautiful specimen.

«The Frogzard drags the Frogzard Hunter off screen.»

Frogzard Hunter: Oh I can feel it, mate! Her teeth is slowly unpiercing me torso. Agh! Just a bit more...
Frogzard Hunter: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

«The Frogzard Hunter runs back facing you.»

Frogzard Hunter: Thanks mate! I owe ya one. If you had not wore her down, I'd have been zard-chow for sure.
«You»: You are welcome?

«The Frogzard Hunter turns around and looks up.»

Frogzard Hunter: Did you hear that? Sounded like thunder. Must be a storm moving in.
Frogzard Hunter: Or perhaps a rare Zappitus Frogenzarditous... better known around here as ENERGYZARD!

«The Frogzard Hunter takes some distance by a tree.»

Frogzard Hunter: Crikey, here he comes! Put a beat down on that bloke... I am going to study this magnificent specimen here!
    1 BATTLE: EnergyZard
Frogzard Hunter: Good job! Fortunately a good wildlife management professional always carry a healing potion.

«The potion flies to you and you are fully healed.»

Frogzard Hunter: Now, most people think the only good Frogzard is a dead one... but not me. Wait? Do you smell something burning?

«There are fires flying around the Frogzard Hunter.»

Frogzard Hunter: AHHHHHHH!

«The Frogzard Hunter runs off screen past you.»
    1 BATTLE: FireZard
«The Frogzard Hunter appears once again.»

Frogzard Hunter: Nice fighting! That fella tried to barby me like a shrimp.

«It starts snowing and the ground changes to snow.»

Frogzard Hunter: Brrrr.... weather changes rapidly in this part of the continent. Perphaps we will get a chance to spot the rare ICEZARD!
    1 BATTLE: IceZard
Frogzard Hunter: I guess you gave that fella a cold shoulder...

«The Frogzard Hunter turns around.»

Frogzard Hunter: 'Ello! Wait a minute. He dropped something!

«The Frogzard Hunter runs off screen and returns with a green sword handle shaped after the frogzard.»

Frogzard Hunter: Crikey! What a rare find.. some sort of weapon! It is very unusual to find something like this in the wild.
Frogzard Hunter: G'job for now mates, and be sure to join us next time when we set off to find wild and wiley Mother zard and her treasure!

Frogzard Hunter 1

  • Frogzard Rider Armor [L. 1, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Call DarkZard (Adventurer) [L. 5, 20, 35, 50, 65, 80, 95, 110, 125, 135]
  • Call DarkZard (Guardian) [L. 10 G, 25 G, 40 G, 55 G, 70 G, 85 G, 100 G, 115 G, 130 G, 140 G, 150 G]
  • Call EnergyZard (Adventurer) [L. 5, 20, 35, 50, 65, 80, 95, 110, 125, 135]
  • Call EnergyZard (Guardian) [L. 10 G, 25 G, 40 G, 55 G, 70 G, 85 G, 100 G, 115 G, 130 G, 140 G, 150 G]
  • Call FireZard (Adventurer) [L. 5, 20, 35, 50, 65, 80, 95, 110, 125, 135]
  • Call FireZard (Guardian) [L. 10 G, 25 G, 40 G, 55 G, 70 G, 85 G, 100 G, 115 G, 130 G, 140 G, 150 G]
  • Call FrogZard (Adventurer) [L. 5, 20, 35, 50, 65, 80, 95, 110, 125, 135]
  • Call FrogZard (Guardian) [L. 10 G, 25 G, 40 G, 55 G, 70 G, 85 G, 100 G, 115 G, 130 G, 140 G, 150 G]
  • Call IceZard (Adventurer) [L. 5, 20, 35, 50, 65, 80, 95, 110, 125, 135]
  • Call IceZard (Guardian) [L. 10 G, 25 G, 40 G, 55 G, 70 G, 85 G, 100 G, 115 G, 130 G, 140 G, 150 G]

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    Write up thanks to Tep Itaki.

  • Carandor -> RE: April Fools '16: The Frogzard Hunter (5/18/2017 18:35:31)

    The Frogzard Hunter
    Part II: Electric Boogaloo

    Location: Beat Frogzard Hunter 1

    Frogzard Hunter 2 "new" quest dialogue.

    Translation: (Through rough guessing and the original dialogue)

    Frogzard Hunter: Well, 'ello there mate! We are back for another helping of Frogzard fun!
    Frogzard Hunter: ...and with us today is *THE* leading authority on Frogzard lore! This hero has fought more Zards than most people realize exist!

    «You enter the scene.»

    Frogzard Hunter: What was that? Did you just feel a breeze?

    «The Frogzard Hunter is blown away by a gust of wind.»

    Frogzard Hunter: I can see my house from up here........ weeeeeeeeee!
      ! BATTLE: WindZard
    Frogzard Hunter: Now that bloke was just full of hot air. You know what they say... Zards of a feather... um... how's that go again?
    Frogzard Hunter: They actually receive their power directly from the the sun and can redirect it into a powerful attack that has potential to blind an opponent!
    Frogzard Hunter: Hey, there is one... look, he is gearing up to launch a blast at me!

    «A blast of concentrated light hits the Frogzard Hunter and there is now a white swirl on his face.»

    Frogzard Hunter: Crikey!!! Bugger blinded me!
      1 BATTLE: RayZard
    Frogzard Hunter: Today our true objective is to find the legendary Frogzard Blade! It is an ancient weapon of untold power.

    «The scene changes before a pool of water.»

    Frogzard Hunter: ...and to get it, we need to jump in the drink and get to the other side. Hope you brought your swimming trunks mate!
    «You»: Excuse me... Frogzard Hunter. I would like to make a comment. An observation really.
    Frogzard Hunter: Sure thing! What is on your mind?
    «You»: Well, not to be nosey or anything... but what is the deal with the long, heavy giant sized ball?
    Frogzard Hunter: It was a gift from a lovely, sweet woman name Gram. Taught me everything I know she did!
    Frogzard Hunter: Every time I crush something with it I think of her kind face!

    «The Frogzard Hunter jumps in the air above the pool of water.»

    Frogzard Hunter: Cannonball!!!!

    «The Frogzard Hunter enters the waters with a splash.»

    «You»: Hope that water is not as cold as it looks...
      1 BATTLE: TadZard
      Full Heal
    «Screen goes past the pool of water and reveals a cave.»

    Frogzard Hunter: Whew! Now that was refreshing! It always surprises me how long average adventurer can hold their breath.
    Frogzard Hunter: *Hears a growl* Crikey!... I would know that sound anywhere! Mighty Frogzard Mother. Not a friendly beast by any measure.
    Frogzard Hunter: Now, Mother Zard herself is not so bad... it is her babies you need to look out for. Those little buggers will swarm you and...

    «Small baby zards come and knocks the Frogzard Hunter down.»

    Frogzard Hunter: No worry mate! I can flip these off me in one quick move!

    «The Frogzard Hunter gets up and all the baby zards go flying.»

    Frogzard Hunter: Woooohoooo! Did you see that mate? Zards rule?... bah! I rule!!!
    Frogzard Hunter: Now, let us go get that...

    «A swarm of baby zards knock down the Frogzard Hunter again.»

    Frogzard Hunter: Maybe you should take this one.
      1 BATTLE: MotherZard
      Full Heal
    Frogzard Hunter: Good job mate! While you were distracting the Mother Zard I found it! The Legendary Frogzard Sword!
    Frogzard Hunter: I think you should hang on to this for awhile. You earned it!

    «The Frogzard Sword flies to you and is now equipped.»

    Frogzard Hunter: It is now in your inventory, but be careful, it will disappear when you log off or go to the shop.
    Frogzard Hunter: Hmmm, something just occurred to me.
    Frogzard Hunter: If the Mother Zard Created all Frogzards... who created the Mother Zard?

    «The Frogzard Hunter goes off screen.»

    Frogzard Hunter: Just a thought.
    Frogzard Hunter: CRIKEY!!!!
      1 BATTLE: Emodjinn
      Full Heal
    Frogzard Hunter: Who knew Zard lineage went back so far? I do NOT wanna see a GreatGrandmotherZard!
    Frogzard Hunter: Well mate, I got some zards to go round up. 'ave a good one!


  • Emodjinn [L. 1, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

    House Items
  • April Fools' Portal Painting [L. 0 Z]

    Write up thanks to Tep Itaki.

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