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Currently owned by: ShatteredReality

Previously owned by: Beowolve and Icy (the creators of the guide), RugbyBeast, Prince Tommy, and GojetaDragon08

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead. This guide tries its best not to spoil anything related to the J6 storyline, but due to the nature of the guide, spoilers do exist.

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction - [I]
  • Part 1: Obtaining Items - [II]
  • Part 2: The Saloon - [III]
  • Part 3: Hyperium - [IV]
  • Part 4: Zephyrus - [V]
  • Part 5: Moon Yard - [VI]
  • Part 6: Banzai - [VII]
  • Part 7: Evil Medieval - [VIII]
  • Part 8: Alley - [IX]
  • Credits - [X]
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This guide is designed to take you through the J6 Saga. If you have already played MechQuest, you may recognize some characters and locations from that game. If you like science fiction media, then you will definitely have a enjoyable experience playing through this saga. Now, let's get ready and have a wild adventure in outer space aboard the Hyperium!

Part 1: Obtaining Items

First, obtain the weapon J6's Secret Hideout Map by defeating the Sketchy Dragon at Pencil Puddle (/join j6) until it drops. From there, proceed to the Crash Site (/join crashsite). From the starting screen, go up two screens to get inside the watermill. Then, click on the red button on top of the boiler. You will obtain the Dwakel Decoder. Note that button is only red if you have not already obtained the Dwakel Decoder. It will turn back into a normal, brown button once you click on it. As long as you have the decoder in your bag, you will be able to decode the map. To access the map, simply equip the weapon and click on it. The decoder will show up in the top left corner of the map. When you find something on the map, the decoder will change from red to green.

J6's Secret Hideout Map and the Dwakel Decoder are both permanent items, so you'll need some open inventory slots for this saga.

Part 2: The Saloon

The Saloon is where you will first meet J6. You can /join Saloon directly, find it on your map in the Sandsea area, or find it at the coordinates (342, 199) on J6's Secret Hideout Map.

There are multiple NPCs in the Saloon, and completing their quests will lead to them answering your questions about J6 and may net you some cool gear. However, completing their quests is not required to continue on in the J6 saga.

Black Boles
Practice makes Perfect Bottle

Items Required:
  • Pristine Smoothie Bottle x1 (Dropped by Trash Can or trade in 100 Broken Smoothie Bottles (Dropped by Trash Can) with William Pickett)
Charlie Morning
Tap that Cactus

Items Required:
  • Cactus Water (10 Litre) x1 (Collected from clicking on cacti)
  • Old Water Filter x1 (Dropped by Trash Can)
Henry Bonney
You can play a fairly easy game of Rock Paper Scissors against this NPC. You will have three seconds to decide whether you will choose rock, papers, or scissors, and you will be able to see your opponent's choice, too. If you win, you'll be able get Henry Bonney's answers to your questions about J6.

William Pickett
Get me that Recipe!

Items Required:
  • 1st Half of Yulgar's Recipe x1 (Click the scroll next to the coat hanger behind the Saloon)
  • 2nd Half of Yulgar's Recipe x1 (Dropped by Trash Can)
Annie Star
Tip Out

Items Required:
  • Annie's Tip x50 (Collected from clicking coins)
  • Coin Sanitizer x1 (Dropped by Trash Can)
Robert Parker
Juice on the Loose

Items Required:
  • Pint of Moglinberry Juice (Dropped by Cyclops Warlord in /mobius)
  • Pint of Moglinberry Juice (Dropped by Warden Elfis in /dwarfprison)
  • Pint of Moglinberry Juice (Dropped by Big Jack Sprat in /graveyard)

J6 can be found in the room labeled 3 on the second floor of the Saloon. In order to gain his trust, you must answer a series of questions. However, clicking I'm a Spy! or Can I be your foe? will cause J6 to shoot you. Answering J6's questions correctly will cause him to give you the coordinates to his ship, the Hyperium.

1. Where J6 was spotted last?
  • 4. Westion
2. Who saw J6 last?
  • 2. Joe Jingle
3. What did J6 steal?
  • 1. Crystallized dragon breath
4. What is J6's weapon of choice?
  • 4. Dual Revolvers
5. What is J6's eye color?
  • 5. Green
6. What is J6's class?
  • 6. Thief
Click on the Crystallized Dragon Breath in the furnace to obtain it. Note that this item is a permanent item that will take up an inventory slot.

Part 3: Hyperium

In order to get to J6's ship, the Hyperium, open up the map and click on the location at the coordinates (525, 275). The Hyperium is a locked zone that cannot be accessed with the /join and /goto commands. You should have the screen size to normal and graphics on high to find the correct coordinates more easily. If you're having trouble, you can view this image. Once you join the Hyperium for the first time, you will be able to access it from your world map in the Sandsea area. You will no longer need J6's Secret Hideout Map and the Dwakel Decoder after this point, so you may discard those items.

The Hyperium's first line of defense is the Defense Turrets which can kill you if you try to walk past them. You cannot get past the turrets by using the /goto feature or inviting people to a party and then using the summon feature. In the side room of the ship, you'll see two red buttons which can deactivate the turrets for a short period. Note that you'll need to have the Crystallized Dragon Breath in your inventory in order to click the button on the right.

You can either have someone stand in the side room and press the two buttons while you run across, or you can try to evade the turrets. To evade the turrets, you will need a rogue-based class (Rogue/Renegade/Vampire/Barber/Leprechaun Class/Pirate) Rank 5 or higher. A good thief build will increase the chance of success, as will a Potion of Evasion. You can find a Potion of Evasion in Reens' Potion Shop in /arcangrove. Reens can be found by walking to the bottom-right teleporter in the big tower. Equip the class and use the last skill, increasing your haste and dodge chance, and run across. You may not be able to get past the turrets on the first try, but keep trying!

To access the Bounty Hunter Shop, enter the first room in the Hyperium's hallway after you get past the turrets. There will be a wall with various gauges on them. Pretend that the gauges are analog clocks, with gauge needles being the hour hands. Click on the gauges in the order of ascending prime numbers from 2 to 11: 2-3-5-7-11. Here is a visual guide.

J6 will be on the far right of the Hyperium. Click on his pocket to pickpocket him and get the VR room Access Card (a permanent item), which will allow you to proceed to the VR room. Note: You will not be able to steal the VR room Access Card if you don't have enough dexterity. You can view how much dexterity you have by clicking on the "Character" button in the button right of the screen, the button that looks like a set of armor. Then, click on "Stats & Class" to see your character overview. Your dexterity will be displayed in that menu.

Enter the room labelled Vertical Transport Unit to start with the missions. This unit functions as an elevator. Inside of it will be a control panel with three red buttons. The first, uppermost one will take you back to the main floor. The middle one will take you to the VR room, where you can start your missions. The third, bottom button will take you to the Command Center. Click on the middle button to go to the VR room.

Once in the VR room, click on the screen mounted on the wall next to the door. You will see that there are seven missions in total, but only the last one, Grand Theft Locomotive, is available. Click on it to start the simulation of the mission. This will take you to the next map in the storyline, the Zephyrus.

Part 4: Zephyrus

The Zephryus is a locked zone, so you will not be able to access this map with /join and /goto commands.

Note: There are quests in various train cars with random passengers asking for help to reclaim their stolen belongings from the Vulture Men, who hijacked the moving train. However, these quests are not necessary to continue on with the storyline and can be skipped. All quest items are dropped by the Vulture Men except for Requesting a Request, which requires clicking the blonde haired boy's belt and killing one Vulture Man.

In the very first train car you enter, head right and you will see an old man, the conductor of the train, sitting next to a female Star Captain. Then, click the old man's pocket (the brown patch at his waist) and you will receive the Engine Room Key, which allows you to access the engine room. Head all the way to the right until you reach that room.

In the engine room, you will find an NPC wearing the Zeus Armor. To access his shop simply click on the white button at the middle of his chest.

Still in the engine room, click on the furnace door. You will see that the furnace door has a combination lock on it. There is no correct combination for the furnace lock. Instead, the solution is to pull out the pin of the furnace door's hinge, on the right. Click the floating crystal inside the furnace and you will get the Virtual Crystallized Dragon Breath (a temporary item). Now, click on the hatch on the right side of the room (it will be outlined in yellow when you hover your cursor over it). Turn the wheel of the hatch clockwise until it opens. You will be on the roof of the Zephyrus.

Continue all the way left until you see J6's ship. Hop aboard it! You need the Virtual Crystallized Dragon Breath in order to continue to the next area.

Part 5: Moon Yard

Now that you've returned to the VR room, you must head to the Command Center and speak with H.A.L. to begin his missions. The command room can be reached by pressing the bottom-most button in the elevator.

Mission 1
Items Required:
  • Mission 1 Item x1 (Dropped by Zardman Grunt in /forest)
Mission 2
Items Required:
  • Mission 2 Item x1 (Dropped by Sneeviltron in /boxes)
Now, head over to Fotia (/join fotia) or Frozen Fotia (/join frozenfotia) and kill a Femme Cult Worshiper until Datadisk 5 drops. Return to the Hyperium, go to the VR room and click on the screen. Then, click on Chapter 5: Junk in the Trunk to begin your next mission.

You will arrive in the Moon Yard, a locked zone. Talk to the Deactivated Bot and accept the first quest he gives.

Deactivated Bot
A Gate and Terrible Monster
Items Required:
  • Gate Unlocked x1 (Dropped by Junkyard Wall)
I'm on the Hunt, I'm after 58-Sr3
Items Required:
  • 58-Sr3 x1 (Click on the piles of junk around the map)
Once you find all the equipment in the junk piles, the quest will automatically turn in and trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene ends, you will have to fight your way back to J6's spaceship to complete the Deactivated Bot's final quest.

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!
Items Required:
  • Drone Head x1 (Dropped by Robo Dog and Robo Guard)
Board J6's space ship to teleport back to the VR room.

Part 6: Banzai

Before you can start your next mission in the VR room, you will need to see H.A.L. in the Command Center to start two more missions. Talk to him and accept Mission 3.

Mission 3
Items Required:
  • Serpent Serpent Scales x1 (Dropped by Lesser Shadow Serpent in /marsh2)
Mission 4:
Items Required:
  • Omega Horn x1 (Dropped by Lesser Groglurk in /marsh2)
After completing Mission 4, you will need to obtain Datadisk 4 before you can start the next mission in the J6 saga. Head to the Sewer (/join sewer), go all the way to the right, and kill the Frogdrake. You will find Datadisk 4 (it looks like a CD) underneath it. Click on the CD and obtain Datadisk 4. Then, head back to the Hyperium, go to the VR room and click on Chapter 4: L is for L.O.S.E.R. to begin the next VR mission.

You will be taken to Banzai, a locked zone. Choose the Main Mission option to continue (the Side Mission is optional).

Note: The NPC Jirago can be found in this location by clicking on the shop emblem one screen right of the Hyperium.

Going to the right will put you in the J6 & L.O.S.E.R.S. mini-game.

J6 & L.O.S.E.Rs Mini-game
In this mini-game, J6 will have to fight against the L.O.S.E.R.S. The L.O.S.E.R.S. will all fire orange blasts of energy at him, which you must dodge by pressing the up arrow or the down arrow. Jump to avoid blasts aimed low, and duck to avoid blasts aimed high. All of the L.O.S.E.R.S. have a weak point. J6's eyes will change from green to orange when you hover your cursor over the weak point.

How to defeat all of the enemies:
  • To defeat the Blue Ranger, click on his chest.
  • To defeat the Pink Ranger, click on his waist.
  • To defeat the Yellow Ranger, click on his head.
  • To defeat the Black Ranger, click on his right knee (the one closer to you).
  • To defeat the Red Ranger, click on the middle of his belt.
  • To defeat the giant green foot, click on the lowest nail.
Then, defeat the six Rocket Drones and disarm the bomb by cutting the blue wire on the top right (the one with the shadow on the wrong side). You will then be put into the J6 in Space mini-game. Move the cursor around until J6's eyes turn a darker shade of green, and then click. Head back to the Hyperium.

Part 7: Evil Medieval

Go to the Command Center to speak to H.A.L. and complete the last two missions he has for you.

Mission 5:
Items Required:
  • Fanciful Feather x1 (Dropped by Harpy in /djinn)
Mission 6:
Items Required:
  • Flare Artifact x1 (Dropped by any monster in /xantown and /volcano)
After completing Mission 6, head over to the Time Void (/join timevoid) and walk up the length of the giant snake. Retrieve Datadisk 3 by clicking on the giant snake's eye. Go back to the VR room in the Hyperium and click on Chapter 3: Evil Medieval. After you finish watching the cutscene, talk to J6 to complete his quests.

Fuel For Flight
Items required:
  • Cactus Creeper Oil x3 (Dropped by Cactus Creeper in /sandsea)
  • Acornet Oil x3 (Dropped by Acornent in /cloister)
  • Robo Dog Oil x3 (Dropped by Robo Dog in the Moon Yard)
  • Scarecrow Canola Oil x3 (Dropped by Scarecrow in /farm)
Food For Flight
Items required:
  • Bag of Peanuts x4 (Dropped by Gorillaphant in /arcangrove)
  • Stick of Rock Candy x3 (Dropped by Amethite in /earthstorm)
  • Tune-A-Fish Tuna Can x2 (Dropped by Tune-a-Fish in /mythsong or /palooza)
  • Bag of Pretzels x4 (Dropped by Red Ant in /giant)
Vomit Comet
Items Required:
  • Umeboshi Plum x4 (Dropped by SoulTaker and Tanuki in /bamboo)
  • Ginger x1 (Dropped by Neko Matta in /yokaigrave)
  • Peppermint Leaf x3 (Dropped by Leatherwing, Trobble, and Wisteria in /guru)
  • Mop x1 (Can be purchased from the Free Player Shop in /yulgar)
Sweet Dreams for a Safe Flight
Items Required:
  • Comfy Pillow x1 (Can be bought from the Span Rep Shop in /thespan)
Now that you're prepared, J6 will ask you if you want to back out or go with him. Click Let's go and J6 will ask you one more time. Once again, click Let's go. You and J6 will travel to Hyperspace (/join hyperspace). Hyperspace is not a locked zone, so you will be able to /join this map. Once you get there, go to the VR room and click on the screen.

After the cutscene finishes, go speak to H.A.L. in the Command Center and play the Memory Challenge mini-game. You will need 1000 points in the mini-game in order to defeat H.A.L. The mini-game consists of looking at a series of pictures and then picking out the one that wasn't shown. You have as much time as you want to remember the images, but you must reach 1000 points before the timer runs out. If you are having trouble getting through this mini-game, try writing down what the items are, or taking a picture or screenshot of the items.

After you complete the mini-game, go back to where J6 is. You will enter a cutscene where you will have to make an important choice. IMPORTANT: Choosing the evil option will result in all of your progress in the J6 Saga being reset once you complete the next part. Once you have made your decision, the cutscene will play out according to the choice you made. You will then be teleported to the Alley, which is also not a locked zone (/join alley).

Part 8: Alley

Anita Siztance
Reduce, Respawn, Recycle
Items Required:
  • Recyclable Products x6 (Dropped by Trash Can)
Mind your Manners
Items Required:
  • A Lesson in Manners x4 (Dropped by Thug Bully)
Items Required:
  • Stolen Donation x5 (Dropped by Thug Bully)
Bully the Thug
Items Required:
  • Thug Defeated x1 (Dropped by Thug Boss)
Security Breach
Items Required:
  • Security Cam Destroyed x5 (Dropped by Security Cam)
  • Destroyed Robo Guard x7 (Dropped by Guard Robot)
No Sniffin' Around
Items Required:
  • Destroyed Robo Dog x5 (Dropped by Guard Dog Robot)
Key To Winning
Items Required:
  • Mystery Key x1 (Dropped by any monster in the map)
You can choose to accept the Hyperium Spaceship Key or decline it. However, the key is not used for anything else.

Once you click on Chapter 1: A New Beginning in the VR room's screen, a cutscene will trigger. Once it ends, click on J6's NPC bubble in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You must choose to help the person being attacked. Defeat the Thug Minion. After the quest auto-completes, click on J6's NPC bubble, and then click on Finish to return to the VR room in Hyperspace.

Clicking on Prologue: J6 Online on the VR room's screen will trigger a cutscene. Once it finishes, a quest will auto-complete itself and you will enter the final cutscene in the J6 saga. Once the final cutscene ends, you can either keep the peanut that J6 gave you or not. It serves no purpose, so you can get rid of it, or you can keep it as a proud reminder that you completed the J6 Saga.


Thanks to:
  • Beowolve and Icy for making the original J6 guide back in 2010...
  • RugbyBeast for his previous guide...
  • moneybags and tokijin for the coordinates...
  • THEtrader for Saloon information, wiki links, and the Saloon NPCs...
  • Trogdor V20X6 for item information...
  • Jonzee Boy for the FAQ and part of Hyperium...
  • Hay for the gauge map...
  • Mecha Mario for the VR dexterity info...
  • THEtrader for the Zephyrus part...
  • Leumas Dragonsword for spelling...
  • mturf for noting links needed updating...
  • Ashluv for redoing ALL the NPC conversations (thanks a bunch!)...
  • alvin720 for updating the Hyperium info...
  • THEtrader for noting that the Zephyrus bug had been fixed...
  • Jonzee Boy for the update to the FAQ...
  • The Legendary d4 for a correction about the Z.E.U.S Helm...
  • ObliviousEffect for how to do Missions 1 and 2 in Hyperium...
  • Ana for the Youtube video on how to open the armory in the original guide...
  • the AQWWiki Team for the quest info...
  • and GojetaDragon08 for making the fourth iteration of the J6 Guide!

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