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Muchiha -> Canada Day (150th Celebration!!!) / 4th of July PLANS (7/1/2017 14:31:23)

First of all Happy Canada Day!!! from where I am :D

In my particular city, starting today it's going to be a 2 day celebration in the downtown core, with many exhibitions (art & history based), live musical performances, with a small fireworks show later in the evening. The following day will see a large pancake breakfast followed by a Canada Day themed parade.

One of my cousins from Seattle stopped by to visit, and brought along a beautiful cake. "How wonderful," I thought.

And then I cut into the cake.... >.>

So, with the weekend now upon us, is there anyone here that has plans for Canada Day? the 4th of July for my American friends? and for everyone else, any particular plans you are gonna be up to this weekend?


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