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Alina -> =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/12/2017 17:42:22)

Hello all,

I have a very important question for you -- what is the most epic / memorable / your favorite battle in OverSoul history? It can be from any storyline, any encounter... but it must be mind-blowingly cool!
Please reply here with your answers, and I will check back over the course of the week.

Thank you, and Battle On!

The Jop -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/12/2017 18:27:32)

Ooh, activity from the outside! I'd have to say Darkon Drago (that monster literally slows down my computer anytime it appears), Dragonrider Male/Female, Archlich, and Minotaur.

Metakirby -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/12/2017 18:31:26)

I would have to say it's that one time I beat a Black Dragon with a regular Frostzard, pretty sure I was underleveled too.

I would like to put my lvl 7 Frost Elf victory vs a lvl 20 Founder Champion (or whatever the Legendary founder character is called) on the list, but that elf was way too overpowered for a little bit on release.[&:]

Sambud -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/12/2017 22:17:11)

any of the boss fights, an example would be minotaur. Though I also enjoyed the quest with big ben in it.

Dr Disrespect -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/13/2017 7:15:45)

My level 10 Taro vs a level 11 Grimlord.

megakyle777 -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/14/2017 0:56:42)

I would have to say, off the top of my head, the fight with either Darkon Drago (For coolness factor) or the fight with the PVE version of Lich (Because back in the day the Lich was Op and wrecked like all but the best)

Tonemaro -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/14/2017 2:01:53)

It's been forever since I've used the forums, I'm surprised I actually remembered my login.

I've had a number of good games lately, but when I think of some of the most memorable, it would have to be the first time I saw certain monsters.

I remember first farming to get the Skexis fiend in Alpha--my house was completely dark, and the background on the mountain was also nighttime with lightning. Great ambiance. Took me a few tries to capture it. I would, hands down, consider that battle to be my most memorable and favorite of all time.

I remember going up against the Vampire Knight and being so upset because I was convinced it was cheating. Back then I would card/resource count the AI's plays, and it didn't make sense that it was attacking for 5 when it didn't have enough resources. Then I noticed how its health would go down or up on certain attacks. When I captured it, I found out why.

Darkon Drago certainly has a cool factor, and I'm currently trying to find and capture him, but I honestly remember being more impacted by the Soul Wyvern. I had no expectation of seeing it, then this incredibly powerful and LARGE monster showed up. I chased that Wyvern for years and only recently got it (I play more now than I ever used to, and have started actually having characters hit level 20)

DarkLore -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/14/2017 20:31:29)

Capturing Skexis Fiend and Alpha Pirate on first try without soulgems was very memorable! Fighting the Lich in the Undead Dungeon was also very fun! Yes, The Minotaur's Labyrinth was very fun too! Fighting Nulgath in that Tournament as a sneak peek was fun even though I got wrecked![:D] Fighting the Tyrant Moose was tedious due to his scarcity and power, but dang worth enduring. I just wish the Grand Quest with us trying to get our bodies back and collecting artifacts to face Nulgath himself could have happened...[:(] The seasonals were very fun too! Facing Vampire Beasts and Night Stalkers was cool since they transformed before battle. All the Lycans did this too.

the warden -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/15/2017 23:11:37)

capturing Shexis fiend for sure, I think using founder knight and void knight and seeing their 5 hit combos was great as well

NDB -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/17/2017 13:33:39)

Basically all of the hard to get characters were pretty fun and epic. . . makes you jump when you finally encounter them. I especially remember Cosoma, Alpha Frostzard, and Kruger when they first came out and also Poison Drake.

liljojo7777 -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (7/20/2017 13:10:00)

I remember back in alpha how great it felt capturing Skexis Fiend, it was by far the coolest character in the game then and was also not easy to catch. Having it made one feel such a great sense of accomplishment.

A close second would have to be when they released the Overfiend Blade and all those other monsters too. There were just some many awesome looking characters to collect from that one release.

RKC -> RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in OverSoul? (8/12/2017 5:46:07)

The hunted pixel event

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