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Gingkage -> =CT= Step Three: Combat (8/1/2017 15:57:22)

Welcome to the third and final step: the combats themselves! You've made your characters, you've found a partner or three, and now it's finally time to see who the best fighter is.

This thread can be used as a general OOC for all current duels. Each duel will have its own IC thread for the competitors to fight in. Threads will be locked at the either the completion of the duel or after a full month of inactivity.

Congratulations to the following winners of their fights:

Starflame13 -> RE: =CT= Step Three: Combat (10/16/2017 13:28:27)

Phantasmia and Caststarter!

You have just under a week before your duel thread (found here) is locked for inactivity. If you are having trouble getting started, feel free to use this thread as an OOC to discuss ideas, or else use the AEF PM system.

Phantasmia -> RE: =CT= Step Three: Combat (10/17/2017 16:54:25)

Sorry! I really haven't been able to find time for this.

Starflame13 -> RE: =CT= Step Three: Combat (2/7/2018 11:30:04)

Heya Caststarter!

Quick question while I'm wrapping up my post (though it shouldn't effect much of Myrr's actions).

Your bio states that:

Michelís vision is unhampered by smoke, darkness, blinding light and other such obstacles to vision.

Does this include magical darkness, or just natural causes? Myrr's shroud is such that


Once formed, only those gifted with the ability to see through magical darkness can see through it, though otherwise it has no negative effect on those caught inside.

Edit: Just a heads up that school has been a bit crazy the past few weeks. Luckily, spring break starts just before the timer ends so I should have a post up by the end of this week!

Starflame13 -> RE: =CT= Step Three: Combat (6/24/2018 14:59:17)

Any CT duels where the competitors are participating in the EC's are on hold until the Championships are completed - while you may continue your duel if you choose to do so, you will not run out of time.

For any who would like to look into entering, the sign ups thread is found here!

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