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Inspiration - Discipline - Creativity - Integrity

Clan Description

The Beacons of Hope is a DragonFable clan that shows all the players what hope really is.
We express the importance of having hope and that without it, we would end in failure.
Never lose hope in anything, and it will turn out to be in your benefit.
Give hope and accept hope in return.
Show the world what hope is, and prove to them that it is important.
We have elite members that have joined during the Popsprocket War and others who have just proven their elite-membership approval.
We have members who have wished to join and who we have seen to be a big help in our clan.
The clan is led by the Clan Council.
We have so much to live for and we hope the best for every player.


We were fighting long and hard in the Popsprocket war.
But the fighters were beginning to fail, stumble, and had to respawn.
Some mustered up their strength, and banded together.
They guided the warriors, mages, rogues, and the unsure technomancers.
Their guidance was so strong they were a Beacon.
The Beacon of Hope.

~ Drake Amatsu ~

About halfway through the war, their strength mounted so high.
It became physical, a trinket, a Beacon of Hope.
And the four Pillars of Hope, Light, Water, Skill, and Balance, were formed.
It protected the members and gave them the strength to fight on.
The Beacon of Hope.

~ Sasuke Uchiha ~

Now at the end of a long time, a dark messenger stands up and dies.
His blood is formed into a Retribution cross.
On the side it says "Remember me, I was the Beacon that started, and left the BoH."
Now a flame holds you up, he holds you higher than I could have ever done.

~ Mareth ~

Clan Motto

Through master's wrath and water's flow,
We stand together through the lowest of low.
Balance we bring with order so fine.
Our light grows brightly with mighty shine.
Bringing faith and pride to the world and all.
Beacons of Hope, we will not fall!


Beacons of Hope Forums


1,046,861,603 Gold (As of April 2015)

War Achievements

Note: War records have not been recorded prior to the 2011 Lucky Day War. Records between the aforementioned Lucky Day War and the War of the Dragon Rose may be higher than estimated due to poor organization with record keeping prior to the Dragon Rose War. War waves are the total amount of BoH members at the time of that exact war.

Lucky Day War 2011: 27,766 waves
Hiding the Blade of Awe: 13,748 waves
The Final 13th War: 86,895 waves
Zardbie War 2011: 27,174 waves
Rift War: 34,851 waves
Lucky War 2012: 10,513 waves
Rising Fire War: 12,521 waves
Wrath of Wargoth War: 45,948 waves
AE 10th Anniversary War: 10,039 waves
Rise of the Turducken War: 12,704 waves
Winged Darkness War: 9,066 waves
War of the Dragon Rose: 33,692 waves
13th 13th War: 21,732 waves
Frostval the 13th War: 12,897 waves
Full Moon War: 25,920 waves
War at the Core: 26,024 waves
TLaPD Booty Challenge:
  • Rhubarb: 6,745 booty
  • Mazurek: 6,557 booty
    Pirates vs Ninjas:
  • Pirates: 3,690
  • Ninjas: 6,211
    DragonRider War: 23,913 waves
    Friday the 13th (Hero's Heart Day 2015): 6,913 waves
    Serenity Before the Storm: 16,745 waves
    The Dark Night: 38,627 waves
    Friday XIII: Weal War 25,948 waves
    CURRENT RECORD Black Winter: 91,182 waves

    Total: 638,021 waves

    Goals for Wars

  • 1,001 waves on a single character every war.
  • Keep all Dragon Defender items fully upgraded.
  • Have 1,000 DMs left in your inventory by the war's end.

    Clan Council

    SilverAngel (Light)
    deathlord45 (Mastery)
    Death snake1 (Water)
    Starflame13 (Balance)

    Constitution of the Clan Council

    By the powers invested in those who have been chosen, in full knowledge of the dedication and attention their stations entail, to lead the Beacons of Hope during its time of reconstruction and eventual reformation, the members of the Clan Council now stand as utmost authorities and equals within the clan. The shift from following the will of a single ruler to that of the aforementioned Council has been undertaken due to necessity and the newfound understanding that Fate lies ever beyond the grasp of mortals, and that it may naturally lead one astray during their tenure as a leader. It is this belief that the council holds dearly to their hearts as they carry out their duty to the clan and to the world of which it has and always will have belonged: the world of Lore.

    In this spirit, such are the laws that forever bind the council, its members, and those who have consented to elect them:

  • I. Members of the Clan Council are to be the Captains of each Pillar (Light, Mastery, Water, and Balance, respectively) and the Captain of the Disciplinary Squad if the Disciplinary Squad should be active.
    II. Voting power in the matter of executive decisions lies with those who attend Clan Council meetings. Those who fail to attend such meetings without prior notice lose their power to vote.
    III. Members of the Clan Council may send a representative from the leadership of their respective Pillar to vote on their behalf. In the case of the Captain of the Disciplinary Squad, a fellow member may be chosen.
    IV. In order for a decision to be made, three fourths (or four fifths if the Disciplinary Squad is active) of all attending council members must agree on the matter in question. The majority rules.
    V. The representative of the council, chosen by the council's own members, controls the clan page on the Battleon Forums and is under obligation to update and maintain it. The representative also must commune the council's decisions to the entirety of the clan. The representative of the council holds no higher power above any other member of the council.
    VI. All members of the Beacons of Hope are ensured the authority to invoke a clan vote for the repeal of any Clan Council decision.
    VII. The Clan Council reserves the power to reinstate the Disciplinary Squad in the event that they feel it is necessary.
    VIII. All Pillar Officials, including those of the Clan Council, are to be elected strictly with the consent of the said Pillar's members.
    IX. All members of the Beacons of Hope reserve the right to initiate a vote on the impeachment any leader they feel is failing in their duties.

    SilverAngel (Captain)
    Miran Tideturner (Master Sergeant)
    San Robin (Member)
    Gingkage (Member)
    DestinyEvingar (Member)
    Roseleaf (Member)
    Alpha Centipede (Member)
    8/11 Member Slots Filled

    deathlord45 (Captain)
    Apocalypse (Master Sergeant)
    Draketh99 (Member)
    Rukaji (Member)
    Break Eventide (Member)
    Chewy905 (Member)
    Oddball (Member)
    7/11 Member Slots Filled

    Death snake1 (Captain)
    SilverStrings (Master Sergeant)
    Chisagen (Member)
    Sgt. Chuckles (Member)
    MarchingToApril (Member)
    6/11 Member Slots Filled

    Starflame13 (Captain)
    Elryn (Master Sergeant)
    Caststarter (Member)
    afb728 (Member)
    KalannaDae (Member)
    Fionnes (Member)
    Mareth (Member)
    Kooroo (Member)
    8/11 Member Slots Filled

    29/44 Slots Filled

    Most Wanted
    Stephen Nix (Evil Penguin)

    Honorary Members
    Gianna Glow
    Drake Amatsu
    Shadow Ravena

    Porfalo (Fallen Hero)

    In Memorium - Porfalo

    Through war and peace, a helping hand to aid in all you'd need,
    A warrior and a counselor whose wisdom all did heed.
    The knowledge gained by many years he gave without delay,
    And fought with all his might and skill to help us save the day.
    His calming voice did smooth away the anger and the pain,
    In battles he was always there to encourage us once again.
    And now his story is ended and he walks the farther shore,
    And one day we'll meet again when time shall be no more.

    ~ Dornalca ~


    1) All Universal Forum Rules relating to posting behavior apply!
    2) These should be the first thing you read when you join the Battleon Forums. They apply everywhere; this means that any behavior prohibited by the Universal Rules is prohibited in this Forum.

    Beacons of Hope Chat Rules

    1) Courtesy and respect must always be shown when you are speaking with your fellow chat participants. Any and all criticism should be given in a polite and constructive manner.
    2) No swearing. Allowed words are ass, crap, damn, and hell. Bastard is allowed in the limited context of describing a sword or a person's familial status, but is not allowed to be used in a derogatory sense.
    3) No excessive use of swear words- even those that are allowed. Present leaders in chat may decide when swearing has become excessive.
    4) No ranting. A rant is defined here as an angry and one-sided conversation about a person, place, or thing.
    5) No inappropriate content. Our chat room maintains a PG-13 rating, so this includes sexually explicit content, excessively violent or gory imagery, and content promoting the practice of unhealthy behaviors (such as the abuse of drugs or alcohol). It also includes racist, sexist, or derogatory comments. This rule extends to any links posted in chat. If you're unsure if a link or topic is appropriate, PM leadership to ask.
    6) Conversation must be dropped if a chat participant feels uncomfortable with the subject matter. No exceptions.
    7) No spam in chat. This includes but is not limited to posting over five links in chat without sufficient context. It also includes (but is not limited to) five or more uninterrupted chat messages created in succession within the span of a few minutes.
    8) Respect the privacy of your fellow clan-mates. No screenshots or logs of the chat, or happenings therein are to be shared outside of the chat, posted on social media, or shared in any non-Beacon associated platform without the expressed consent of all of those that appear in, or are referenced in the shared content.
    9) Harassment is not tolerated. Harassment is defined here as aggressive or disrespectful behavior with the purpose of manipulating or otherwise harming other members of chat. No means no. End of discussion.
    10) As we are a Gaming Clan, we do expect all our members to participate in some form of gaming. While you are not required to join in on every game that members play, please do not discourage others from playing or emphasize that you do not participate in their chosen game.

    Punishment may vary depending on the severity of the situation at hand. This includes but is not limited to:

    Warning: 1-2 Weeks
    Severe Warning: 3-4 Weeks
    Kicking (Temporary removal from chat)
    Banning (Permanent removal from chat)

    Both kicks and bans will be handled on a case by case basis. Punishments are also not always distributed in order of severity. For example, a bad enough first offence can be met with a kick or severe warning, rather than a normal warning.

    Punishments may be appealed with leadership in certain circumstances.


    The Beacons of Hope are currently recruiting new members! However, we host an invite-only recruitment system, in which based on a player's forum activity and general personality, we will approach forumites with a candidacy. This system was created to help us manage candidates and ensure each candidate gets a fair amount of attention, ensuring that, if a candidate wishes to join the Beacons, they will not slip through the cracks. Additionally, the Beacons of Hope Forums are for our members and members of allied guilds exclusively. You can register there, but unless you get approved, you won't really be able to see much at all.

    If you are a candidate for the Beacons of Hope, here are the basics of what we look for before inducting you as a member:

    1) Constructive and polite forum activity
    2) Consistent and friendly chat activity

    Good luck to all who wish to become members!

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