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Occavatra -> Nest Robber (8/19/2017 11:05:25)

Nest Robber

Other name: The Nest Robber

Location: Greenguard Region -> The Nest -> The Nest Robber
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Nest
Release Date: August 18th, 2017

Objective: The Nest is an interesting place, but it can use some help.
Objective completed: It looks like you'll be here for a while longer.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Barrat
(3) Giant Spider
(4) Honey GuardiAnt
(1) Siofra - Boss


Oversized Knight's Fork (I-VIII)
Oversized Knight's Knife (I-VIII)
Oversized Knight's Spoon (I-VIII)

Access to Robber Loot for DCs


*Sunset has arrived at the Nest. While the children sit amongst each other in the living area, two girls talking to Timothy become stern and uninviting.*

???: What do you mean "I want to be a mage"?!
???: Don't you know mages are scum?!
???: Yeah! Magic is the reason we lost our parents.
Timothy: Not all mages are like that! My parents were mages and if it weren't for their protective spells, I wouldn't be here!
???: Ew! You have magic cooties!
???: I'm gonna tell on you!
Grace: Children, please, why all the ruckus?
???: Timmy has magic cooties!
Timothy: Do not!
???: Yuh huh!

*You and a firm Messimy arrive at the scene not long after the argument started.*

Messimy: What's going on here?
???: Ooooh, you're in trouble!
Messimy: Nobody is in trouble yet, just tell me what's going on here.
???: Timmy said he wanted to become a mage!
???: We should stop him! Before he gives us cooties!
Messimy: A mage? Is that true, Timothy?
Timothy: Yes, Messimy...
Timothy: But only to help the people around me, just like you are doing!
Messimy: Hmmm... I see.
Messimy: Does anyone else here feel the same?

*Four children in the living area raise their hands.*

Messimy: Don't be shy, if you feel the same, do raise your hand. I promise I won't be mad.

*Eight more children gain the courage to raise their hands, having faith that Messimy will keep her promise.*

Messimy: That looks like enough of them... Very well!
Messimy: I'll report this to Lady Jaania.
Everyone: *Gasp*
Messimy: To ask her if she can spare a Magus every once in a while to teach you about magic and how to properly use it!
Timothy: W-what?
Messimy: I'd rather have you safely learn how to use it than to experiment with it and hurt yourselves!
Timothy: So... you're not mad at us?
Messimy: I told you I wouldn't, you have a good heart, Timothy. And I know that with the right skills, you'll be able to do a lot of good.
Timothy: Thank you, Messimy!
Messimy: So now that that's out of the way, let's eat!

The next day

*You emerge from a guest room arranged for you after a good night's rest when Messimy greeted you in the hall.*

Messimy: Good morning, <Character>! I trust you slept well?
<Character>: I... actually did, it's nice and peaceful here.
Messimy: That's good to hear, we try our best to keep it that way.
<Character>: I noticed, you gave me a bit of a fright when those kids were bickering about magic.
Messimy: Did you think I would report them to Lady Jaania with ill intent?
<Character>: It sounds terrible when you put it that way, but in my defense, I hardly know you.
Messimy: I understand that way of thinking and I thank you for not reacting too fast.
<Character>: May I be so bold as to ask you why you joined the Rose?
Messimy: Well, you know most of the story, I joined the Rose when Lady Jaania decided to build the orphanage.
<Character>: I see... but what is your personal stance on magic?
Messimy: It's... complicated. I've seen entire towns burnt down to the ground, lives ruined by powerful curses...
Messimy: But on the other hand I've seen healers who took care of the wounded, mages who protected their cities with all they had, I can't just ignore that.
Messimy: So if the kids here want to learn magic, I won't stop them.
Messimy: I know they're all good kids deep down, but some have seen things many won't in a lifetime, I feel the need to guide them.
<Character>: That's... very noble of you.
Messimy: Thank you, <Character>.
???: Hmph!

*A gruff-looking older man wearing a Manahunter's armor and carries a broom with him approaches Messimy. She turns around to see him.*

Messimy: Oh, there you are, Cole.
Messimy: <Character>, this is Cole. He's working as a janitor here.

*Cole says nothing to you. He glares at you with a displeasing look on his face instead.*

<Character>: It's a pleasure...?- to meet you, Cole.
Cole: I dun have time for pleasantries.
<Character>: That's fair, I guess.
Messimy: No need to be so grumpy, Cole. <Character> is our guest.
Cole: *Mutters* Not mine...
Messimy: What was that?
Cole: Oh nothing, ya called me for something?
Messimy: Ah that's right, I was hoping if you could take <Character>, to the basement for our little pest problem.
Cole: *Mutters* Right where he/she belongs, if ye ask me.
Messimy: Cole.
Cole: Yes, Ma'am. Follow me, <Character>.
Messimy: I'm sorry I had to cut our conversation short, <Character>. It's a busy time.
<Character>: I understand.
Messimy: I'll see you at lunch?
<Character>: Definitely!
Cole: *Mutters* If we're lucky, you'll be lunch for those pests.
Messimy: I'll just pretend I didn't hear that.

*Cole rolls his eyes and escorts you to the basement where you help him get rid of the vermin lurking inside. After the task is done, you meet up with Messimy in her office.*

<Character>: Those critters won't be bothering you for a while.
Messimy: That's great to hear! I have to apologize about Cole, though.
Messimy: He's... lost a lot to magic and resents it now.
Messimy: He's an absolute sweetheart to the children, though.
<Character>: He is?
Messimy: He makes all their toys and fixes the small things in the orphanage, without him this place would be in a whole different shape.
<Character>: I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover, huh?
Messimy: You have no idea.
Messimy: So, how about we have some lu-

*Suddenly, the two of you hear a huge noise that sounded like something was smashed close by. Both you and Messimy are startled.*

Messimy: What was that?!
<Character>: Sounds like trouble!
Messimy: Let's go!

*You rush into the living area with her to discover that a devilish man in ragged clothing had busted through the wall, leaving a huge hole in it.*

???: Where is it? I KNOW it must be here!
Messimy: Who are you? And how DARE you attack this place!
Siofra: SILENCE, WOMAN! I, the GREAT Siofra, am not here for you!
<Character>: That's no way to talk to a lady!
<Character>: Especially one who can crush you with her bare hands.
Siofra: Fool! You dare challenge me?
<Character>: You don't look like much, so "dare" is a strong word.
Siofra: I shall not be made a mockery! I shall beat you and get what I came here for!

*Siofra crushes a pebble and transforms into a stone golem right before your own eyes. Messimy is again startled once she witnessed the transformation herself.*

Messimy: Did he just... turn into a rock?
Siofra: Not so tough now, are you?
<Character>: Please, I've seen pebbles more intimidating than you.
Siofra: You'll regret saying that!
Messimy: <Character>, can you handle this? I'll protect the kids.
<Character>: You got it! I'll rock this guy's world!
Messimy: I think you made him even angrier with that.
<Character>: Good, let him lose focus!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You confidentially confront Siofra head-on and knock him out. Strangely, though, he liquefies into a puddle and disappears, leaving you puzzled. Messimy comes back to check on you shortly afterwards.*

    <Character>: I think I... defeated him?
    Messimy: You can never be sure with something like this, he turned into a rock before, who says he can't turn into water.
    <Character>: That's a good point...
    <Character>: What could he be after?
    Messimy: I don't know... We don't have anything of value here...
    <Character>: I guess I'll stay here a bit longer in case he returns.
    Messimy: Much appreciated.
    Cole: Messimy, ma'am, is everything ok?

    *Cole arrives in the living area and gazes at the huge gap in the wall. As expected, he is disgruntled by the mess.*

    Cole: ...
    Cole: Did you do that?!
    <Character>: What? No!
    Cole: Riiiight... *sigh* I guess I'll get my toolbox...
    Cole: Stupid heroes... ... magic... ... willy-nilly...
    Messimy: I swear he's a nice person.
    <Character>: If you say so...

    *Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - Opens Robber Loot for DCs

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Siofra speeds up.
  • Siofra is blindingly fast!
  • Siofra smash!

  • Other information:
  • The quest is bugged and some issues, unfortunately, cannot be fixed. Visual cues were set up to let you know if you must reload the game such as one shown in the beginning cutscene. Teleporting to hometown and reentering the quest temporarily solves the problem.

    Next Up: The Price

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