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The Burning Village

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> Six Heroes -> The Burning Village
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Return to Lymcrest
Release Date: September 30th, 2017

Objective: Investigate the strange activity in the town of Entwhistle.
Objective completed: A dark heart tells no tales.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Hooded Knight - Boss
(2) Burning Zombie
(4) Fire Elemental
(4) Smoke Elemental
(1) Gareth, (1) Wendall, (1) Ursula - Boss




*You play as Faust at the beginning of the quest.*

???: That's the last of the guards.
???: Surround the village.
???: No one gets in or out of here alive.
???: At once.

*Inside the inn of the village.*

Innkeeper: ...another bombing? How many times has that been this month?
Traveller: This'll be the fourth.
Traveller: But of course, you won't be hearing a word out of the Rose.
Innkeeper: I'm sure they'll find another way to blame those rebels for it. The..."Shanks" or whatever.
Traveller: Well, it'll be hard to sweep this one under the rug. I heard it happened right outside of Swordhaven.
Innkeeper: Ah, speak of the Infernals.

*A soldier covered in a hood enters the inn.*

Innkeeper: What brings you here, soldier? More tidings from Swordhaven?
Soldier: No.
Soldier: Just a package to deliver.

*The soldier places the package on the table.*

Innkeeper: Ah, must be part of our monthly supplies. Thanks.

*While the soldier exits the inn, a villager who is on her way to deliver a crate of supplies to the innkeeper accidentally bumps into him, feeling embarrassed by the mishap.*

???: Oh-pardon me!
Soldier: It's quite all right.
Innkeeper: Lydia? Don't you have the rest of the night off?
Lydia: Yes, but I found this at the parcel office on the way home-so I thought I'd might as well deliver it.
Lydia: It looks like they're this month's supplies!
Innkeeper: O...kay? Well...thank you.
Lydia: Of course!
Lydia: I'll be taking my leave now.
Innkeeper: You have a good night. Take care.
Traveller: Huh. Haven't seen a royal soldier in ages.
Traveller: Was she an acquaintance of yours?
Innkeeper: Our baker. And the best one in the village.
Innkeeper: The inn couldn't run without her.
Innkeeper: What could be in here...?

*Lydia and her child are standing outside the inn.*

Lydia: Okay, that should do it. Let's go home, Declan.
Declan: Mom, what's with all the soldiers around here? Aren't they working for the Rose now?
Lydia: I'm not sure, honey.
Lydia: They said they were helping with our town's irrigation problem, but...
Lydia: ...
Lydia: Well, we should start heading out.

*Lydia takes Declan for a stroll, heading towards their house.*

Declan: I wish we didn't live so far away from town...
Lydia: I know, sweetie.
Lydia: But it's the house your father built for us, and I wouldn't part with it for the world.
Declan: Mom?
Lydia: Hmm?
Declan: Do you ever...miss...Dad?
Lydia: All the time.
Lydia: But...
Lydia: It's thanks to him...that I still have you today.
Lydia: Now come on, let's...

*A group of hooded soldiers stand awaiting.*

Lydia: ...get...going?
Lydia: Decl-

*Lydia is knocked unconscious from the back. After a period of time...*

Declan: ...go!...
Lydia: ...nnn...
Declan: Let...me...go!
Lydia: ...Declan?

*Lydia opens her eyes and realized that she is being tied up onto a tree. Declan lies on the ground, unconscious.*

???: That's the last of them. What should we do now?
???: Destroy the inn.
???: If those adventurers get wind of this, it'll be trouble for all of us.
???: Right.

*Lydia appears anxious. A soldier stands behind Declan, readying for his next move.*

???: Now...
Lydia: Declan! Declan!
???: Quiet.

*The soldier raises his long axe.*

Lydia: NO!

*Lydia screams. All of a sudden, when the soldier was about to chop his axe down, a hand quickly grabs his arm from behind and stops him.*

???: What...!?
Faust (thinking): So... the tournament was a bust.
Faust (thinking): I thought that musclebound oaf would know where to find it, but...
Faust (thinking): Where could it be...?
??? (thinking): What's...with this guy...?!
??? (thinking): His grip...it's like iron!

*Three soldiers arrive to aid.*

???: Who-?
???: I don't care who he is-GET HIM!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *Faust battles the three hooded knights and defeats them. Lydia stands hugging her son, relieved that he is in good condition.*

    Faust: Are you alright?
    Declan: Y... Yeah.
    Lydia: You saved us. I can't thank you enough...

    *A sudden explosion can be felt from the nearby village that caught the attention of Faust, Lydia, and Declan.*

    Declan: Wha-?
    Lydia: The inn!

    *The three of them arrived outside the inn, only to know that it has been destroyed and engulfed in fire.*

    Lydia: No...
    Lydia: NO!
    Faust: You need to get out of here.
    Declan: But we can't just-!
    Faust: There are more of those soldiers, right?
    Lydia: ...
    Lydia: Yes...
    Faust: I'll worry about them. Go.
    Faust: Find help.
    Lydia: You have our thanks.
    Lydia: Declan, come!

    *Faust fights several monsters on the way into the woods.*

    ???: YOU!
    ???: DON'T MOVE!

    *A trio of mage, rogue and warrior stand at their battle formation to confront Faust.*

    Wendell: We came running as soon as we saw the smoke.
    Ursula: An entire village, gone...
    Gareth: Well? Was this your work?
    Faust: ...
    Ursula: Look at those eyes! It has to be him!
    Gareth: Don't even try to move. We've caught you red-handed.

    *FIGHT the trio.*

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *After defeating the trio, Faust holds Gareth on his neck. The rest of Gareth's comrades lie unconscious on the ground.*

    Gareth: Grk...!
    Gareth: You think you're tough...but you won't escape!

    *Several guardians are standing behind Gareth as he speaks.*

    Gareth: GET HIM!

    *Faust throws Gareth onto the ground.*

    Gareth: Oouuph...

    *Faust runs away into the woods.*

    Days later

    Servant: Welcome back, my Lord.
    Servant: How was the Gala?
    ???: Uneventful.
    ???: Give me a status report.
    Servant: At once.
    Servant: The trials are proceeding as requested.
    Servant: Six villages have been destroyed, including Marillion and Entwhistle.
    ???: Is that right?
    Servant: Yes. Although, it appears <Character> is now aware of our activities.
    ???: Anything else?
    Servant: We've also received reports of a red-eyed man inquiring about our troops.
    ???: Does anyone else suspect?
    Servant: No, sire. They are none the wiser.
    Servant: Not the Rose...nor the Shears.
    ???: Good.
    Lysander: Continue as planned.

    *Fades to black. Only the light from the lantern is briefly seen before it, too, disappears into the shadows.*

  • Complete Quest

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • None alive left inside.
  • No one home.

  • Thanks to Occavatra for dialogue updates, pop-up headlines, and additions.

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