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Karika -> =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/16/2017 8:08:18)

By popular request, we're adding a discussion thread for Icebound Revenant, because one doesn't already exist (maybe the forum ate it?).

Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to Icebound Revenant.
  • Most importantly: Have fun!

  • Rukaji -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/16/2017 8:37:02)

    Just recently bought this armor.

    First thing I have to say is that this armor looks amazing. Aesthetically, this is my favorite armor in terms of looks. Saving the world doesn't matter if you don't look good. The other thing I really like about this class are the DoTs. It may not be the most offensive class, but the sustained DoTs you keep on your enemies are really nice and stack well together. I'm glad they put in an ability to make opponents weak to ice. It really helps out with damage output. Plus, you won't have to worry about the element locked abilities with any monster.

    Overall I think this is a fun and great class, even if it's more or less a "reskin" of Deathknight. I certainly prefer this over the original.

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/16/2017 9:06:37)



    I'm glad they put in an ability to make opponents weak to ice.

    it's not just any old ice resistance debuff either. it actually does it based on the opponents ORIGINAL ice resistance. the higher their ice resist, the stronger the effect:


    If Foe ice resist is 40 or lower - 60% damage and inflicts -30 to Ice resist for 99 turns.
    If Foe ice resist is 50 to 90 - 60% damage and inflicts -60 to Ice for 99 turns.
    If Foe ice resist is 91 or above - 60% damage and inflicts -200 to Ice for 99 turns.

    yeah. it even makes ICE elementals weak-ish to ice.

    while it's not my absolute favorite class, conceptually it's a pretty dang cool class. pun sort of intended.

    Commander_In_Red -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/16/2017 11:01:28)

    IBR is basically the go-to class for enemies with absurd All resistance.

    LouisCyphere -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/16/2017 11:39:42)

    Out of the DC classes so far, this might be the most visually appealing personally. Animation-wise it could still have improvements.
    Kinda wish it could have the original idle animation where it was breathing and its sword was pointed to the ground. In hindsight, it might not work with other weapons and the original animation might have been for an enemy IBR.

    Skill-wise, I like how its focused in long-term battle and DoTs. Although, it sometimes have problems with multi mobs due to its skillset.
    Then again, the class is design for prolonged boss battles.

    Luks -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/16/2017 21:06:04)

    IBR DMG-wise is the #1 DC class in-game(I don't know about Adept because I don't have it) in my opnion. BUT, the class is too damage focused and it becomes difficult to clear long quests while using it.
    I know that putting healing abilities on IBR will make it look like DK and that is not the point of having the class... but it just doesn't feel right to me.

    133spider -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/16/2017 22:24:52)

    Yep, the only issue with IBR is its lack of endurance.

    It's weird because IBR has one skill that takes a quite amount of turns before it can start doing bigger damage (Long Winter).
    That one skill contradicts with the rest of IBR's skills 'cause as far as I know, it seems to be that IBR is a class in which it tries to end a fight as soon as it possibly can.

    DragonLordRyan -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/17/2017 14:58:43)

    Great Class for those monster that have absurd resistances, pair it with the Ice scythe replica and Bk2 Agesis and it can pump out fairly high consistent damage as well. Imo it's biggest weakness is the lack of ability to get back health and mana, you can lower the amount of damage you are taking quite well but death by one thousand cuts is a big threat.

    mahasamatman -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/17/2017 16:45:29)

    @DLRyan: Reduced damage or bonus work just as well against 'one thousand cuts' attacks (when referring to average damage).

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/17/2017 18:38:25)


    he means that the reduced damage/bonus is what CAUSES the "death of a thousand cuts".

    Steel_King -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (11/17/2017 21:44:23)

    Look, I know no-one cares... but I asked about an Icebound Revenant Thread, and now there is one.

    I would feel warm and fuzzy were not for the frozen death consuming my soul.

    This really is a great community. Thanks.

    The thing about IBR is that, even though incoming damage can be reduced, even the smallest wounds add up over time without some sort of consistent heal. It is not necessarily a bad thing, as thematically it makes sense for an animated frozen corpse to take damage slowly, but then have that damage linger once inflicted. Potions, END, and a healing pet/guest are some ways to partially circumvent the "thousand cut death" though.

    I find Howling Talons a little weak though. I know that Ice-resistance is less of a concern with IBR, but having it ele-locked to ice with only 145% damage seems low regardless. I would think it the ele-lock could be removed without breaking the skill, but that's just idle thinking.

    Sun Wukong -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/14/2018 0:07:29)

    Nice skill effects and stats, but will this class' animation be updated in the future? I really like this class but the animation is a disappointment. Almost 95% of the skill animations are just plain "Attack!" weapon hit style. :(

    Arcturus96 -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/17/2018 16:37:54)

    So it almost looks like a possible head cannon for this class is the Hero tried to synchronize with Aegis while wearing Death Knight armor...

    Luckyjazzt -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/17/2018 16:54:34)

    I thought I read somewhere that this is a polished early development version of the DeathKnight armor, and if you compare the skills of the 2 classes side by side, it definitely makes sense.

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/17/2018 17:00:38)


    Or you could use a headcanon similar to mine, and that the hero was a deathknight when they were frozen by Jaania, and their power adapted to that. Or something.

    tthorn4 -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/18/2018 1:26:54)

    As I recall from Ash, don't quote me on this, the armor is basically a lich's phylactary. Anyone who wears the armor is posessed by the lich. But, Hero, so it works out for us.

    dragon_master -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/18/2018 5:14:38)

    IBR huh?

    It's cool and stays frosty,and chills you.

    Anyway,high damage output,similar to DeathKnight,Curse skill that actually works proper,great buff skill, many DoTS,2 good nukes,and is the only armor that doesn't suffer from element lock,and has a sick boost debuff.

    This armor plus Icebound Hood, Icebound Wings and either Isandel or Frostreaver looks amazing.

    And IMHO,it's very balanced,and shouldn't be touched right now. What it does,is pretty much higher average damage than DeathKnight,but at the cost of no healing yourself.
    One of my favorites,on par with enTropy.

    Rorshach -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/18/2018 11:48:04)

    But it seems to be a very niche armour, only excelling against enemies very weak to Ice, or very strong against it.

    dragon_master -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/18/2018 12:22:35)

    ^Ehh,not really true. Play it the way you would play DeathKnight ,just imagine that you don't have the ''Weaken Foe'' skill,and that's pretty much it. The boost debuff skill has saved me countless times against the most brutal enemies and bosses,one of these include Merged Akriloth (not meltface,mind you).

    Roc -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/26/2018 23:22:36)

    I was about to buy the armor since it has amazing debuff skills and good for the inn challenges but what stops me from buying it is its plain skills animation and the ban of the inn challenges. Almost everything is just basic attack. Also, why ban this armor in some of the inn challenges? How can I enjoy its strategy in challenges if I'm gonna buy it, when it's only available to lesser/unchallenging fights which IBR can easily handle. I understand the banning of DmK V1 (which some players didn't agree of) and I remember a word that the inn challenges is not meant to be beaten by a certain class so basically it's for every class.

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/26/2018 23:44:36)


    The Revenant's curse skill effectively breaks the Uthuluc fight(the only on in which it's banned), since it stacks with Sundered Chitin, meaning there will be several turns in a row where he has -400 resistance to Ice(takes 5X damage), and he'll have -100 resistance to Ice the rest of the time. Meaning that with the Long Winter DoT maxed out, you'll be dealing either 200% or 500% weapon damage every turn on top of its already quite powerful skills.

    Also, people keep saying that IBR re-uses its basic attack animation for most of its skills, and... that's not true at all. Only like, 3 or 4 of its skills, including the basic attack, have that animation. Now, the weird thing is, I never see this (highly exaggerated)complaint for DeathKnight, which uses the exact same animations as IBR on its equivalent of the skills.

    BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/26/2018 23:55:47)

    Exactly. Look closely, IBR uses the weapon to stab, slice and slash in different ways. Itís not just a single animation re-used and stuff. It also has more brightness and particle effects than DK does, which means that there are more of those famous spiral swirls coming out from IBRís attacks (see Howling Talons of Ice).

    Also, IBR isnít banned from Elemental Chaos, a fight which it is just amazing for (itís far better and more fun and less tedious than Necromancer/Paragon, Baltael SoulWeaver or Patience DragonLord, two of which have hard to find/buy (with Gold) artifacts)

    Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/27/2018 0:05:39)

    IBR is banned only for the Primordials, @Greyor_42 explained why

    Roc -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/27/2018 0:12:45)

    No one complains about DeathKnight's animation since it's a free/DA armor unlike IBR which cost 1800 DragonCoins. Also, DK is the first armor to have those animation which doesn't deserve a "lame" and re-skin complaint since that what makes it originally a DK. I appreciate the animations of the Ice Talons and the minion thing. I know that the slash skill animation has variety but honestly it's kinda plain and unsatisfying for me for a DC class.

    I understand IBR to be banned in Uthuluc's solo fight since it takes the "challenge" but not on the Trio of Uthuluc, Squirrel, and the Deer since it doesn't take away the "challenge" of the Squirrel and Deer.

    I'm not trying to destroy or bad-mouth this class but to help it improve to prevent people from complaining but for them to enjoy.

    Luckyjazzt -> RE: =DF= Icebound Revenant Armor Discussion Thread (4/27/2018 0:21:06)

    IIRC It isn't banned on the Primordials Challenge

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