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TheYakate -> TheYakate Arts and Armor Design (11/29/2017 20:57:04)

Hello thank you for visiting my Post Thread. [:)][:)][:)]

First of all, I am Angelou Paul S. Patiņo (TheYakate) that I am an artist who love to create and design armors on this game. Not only I design armors but making digital artwork.I hope you enjoy my work here that I will show:

You can follow me on this social media to see my works or update.


Armor Design

1. The Blue (Casual Style) -

2. The Plague Beast Hunter (Bloodborne Inspired) -

3. Spring Rabbit and Winter Fox (Samurai Armor) -

4. Steam Fixers (steampunk) -

Character Artworks

1. Allec_Onstone (Main) -

2. Mistress_Kitch (2nd and Beta) -

3.Allec_Onstone (BlackFriday Set) -

drakz45 -> RE: TheYakate Arts and Armor Design (11/30/2017 21:35:28)

Nice Work here Mate!

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