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sweetladyamy -> Promoted! (complete) (12/15/2017 3:07:24)

Simple game.

Similar to banned, but with the twist that you promote the previous poster instead of banning them, though you can use whatever reason you choose.

One caveat though. You must actually give the previous poster a new rank, as well as give them a previous rank they were just promoted from (and for Odinn's sake, be creative!)

Here's a couple examples.


You got promoted!
I hereby promote you from 'Dishwasher' to 'Drain Degreaser'.
Now get your butt back to work, slacker!


Here's a promotion!
This promotion hereby brings you up from 'Tease' to 'Flower Kisser'. Congrats!

(no previously approved games; let us hope that this one changes that, hmmm?)

Yes, I've read the Comprehensive Rules/FG Rules before posting, and am willing to accept all consequences that will happen if I break said rules. I'll even let the mods berate me for being a bad

Well, that should be more than enough for us to get started.


I promote myself from 'floormat' to 'three and a quarter inches up the ladder'.

Now, your turn. Quarters up, ladies!

hidan_orochimaru -> RE: Promoted! (complete) (5/18/2020 15:23:22)

You got promoted!
I promote you from "Creator of a game that went ignored for 2 years" to "Creator of a game that's actually playable now" ! Congratulations! Your patience paid off in the end! I guess...?

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: Promoted! (complete) (5/21/2020 3:17:56)

You've earned a Field Promotion!
You are promoted because you are promoting a new game on the forums.

megakyle777 -> RE: Promoted! (complete) (6/7/2020 23:53:14)

You have been promoted!

You are promoted from "Last person to post" to "Second in command of posting"!

fabri17 -> RE: Promoted! (complete) (6/12/2020 22:49:39)

I promote you for being more creative than me with your post, as I can't come up with a good promotion.
You move up from teapot with cold tea to teapot with hot tea.

megakyle777 -> RE: Promoted! (complete) (6/27/2020 2:08:56)

I promote you for trying to keep a game alive.

You are promoted from medic to doctor.

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Promoted! (complete) (11/18/2020 15:27:16)

I promote you for influencing the medial industry.

You are promoted from triangle player to tambourine player.

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