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Gingkage -> =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (12/31/2017 13:26:38)

Hiya DragonFablers!

You wanted more various threads of discussion about Classes and we listened! Starting this week and every week following, we will be introducing a thread for every class in DragonFable.

This thread: All things ShadowWalker of Time

Now for the rules of this thread:

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  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
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  • Most important: Have fun!

  • Dark Lord Urmi -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (12/31/2017 23:13:12)

    hmm what is there to say about shadow walker that hasn't already been said?

    i adore it, the spinning weapons make me a bit queasy, and the persistent right side ult cooldown is a tad annoying especially when you fail a challenge and have to re-log each time in order to try the fight again but those faults get blown away by the awesome art and fun mode change play style that i truly hope to see in the future like transformations.

    i love this class to no end.

    Melrakki018 -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/1/2018 0:36:10)

    It seems a bit weird that this has come up as a discussion thread so quickly after release. I have to agree with all of @Urmi's points, though the spinning hurts me more because it lags for me on anything higher than low graphics settings, and I'm just OCD enough that having one weapon spin in combat and the other not bothers me. Having both weapons more or less stationary would also eliminate the little hiccup when the weapon spin resets.

    That said, those are minor problems in an amazing class. Even with how much it lags on my system, it's become my main since its full release. Still waiting for it to be added to the armor closet though.

    Edit: Looked at the page for SWoT linked in the original post, and it says that consume only heals 5% health per shadow charge. I loaded up one of the challenge fights to see if this was indeed the case, but as far as I can tell it still heals 20% per charge, or at least three charges were enough to restore more than half my health. Either somebody made a typo, or something weird is going on with how much Consume heals me for. If, for whatever reason, Consume is actually only supposed to heal 15% at max, I think a 30 turn cooldown is a little excessive.

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/1/2018 1:02:23)

    ^ A single charge definitely heals for more than 5%. I have 2080 health normally, and 5% of that is 104. i purposefully let myself get damaged to around 1880 to test it, and a single charge was enough to fully heal me then. Sure, my health resistance stat is -21, but my all resistance is at 18, and I'm pretty sure that 96 is NOT 3% of 104( with my all resist countering 18 points of my health resist, i heal a multiplicative 3% more than normal. since i healed 200, and 5% of my health is 104, if one charge of consume is only a 5% heal, i'd have to have gotten an entire 96 extra health worth of healing from somewhere).

    @Dark Lord Urmi

    You don't have to re-log to be able to use the right side ult again. Just re-equip the armor.

    Hermitpriest -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/1/2018 2:27:30)

    I really have only one complaint and its a pretty petty one. I'm still bummed of how quick the class's DoT move got gutted, losing the effect for really no reason.

    Aside from that I don't have any major complaints, the animations are pretty smooth most of the time, theres only the occasion lag. I'm fine with the SWoT in its entirety with the exception of its DoT nerf.

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/1/2018 2:47:22)


    Removing the DoT was actually a buff, not a nerf. DoT's scale solely on the weapon's base damage, so they don't benefit from stats. That, and they take longer to deal the full damage, AND they can be dispelled. Making it a 10-hit 350% TOTAL damage skill(weapon damage and damage from stats) instead of dealing 350% weapon damage over time with only SOME of that getting boosted by stats was, in terms of damage and efficiency, entirely an improvement.

    For example, my weapon(the level 65 version of the necro paragon soulblade) normally does 80-88 damage. With my stats added to that, it deals 109-117. The new Impaling hands deals a total of 382-410 on an enemy that has a resistance of 0 to bacon. The DoT version would do something lower than that, but higher than 280-308, over a longer period of time, with a decent chunk of it having the possibility of being dispelled, or completely PREVENTED if the enemy got a successful block off(since B/P/D prevents debuffs, like DoT's and stuns).

    Though, thematically, I would have enjoyed a DoT better.

    Dark Lord Urmi -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/1/2018 5:16:35)

    Greyor i used the orb to save the class its faster to go to character select and back then to re-equip all my stuff again haha.

    Winters Key -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/1/2018 6:41:02)

    I've been using this 3-charge combo for most of my boss battles, is this the one that gets you the most damage?

    Penumbra -> Gear of Time -> Eternity Key -> Final -> Impaling Hands?

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/1/2018 8:18:34)

    ^Aside from Impaling Hands(I just end up using pretty much whatever that turn), yeah, that's my go-to against tough bosses once i build up 3 charges.

    asgaron -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/2/2018 10:02:26)

    I know i might seem like a pain saying this but i really wanna know when the class items are coming out also will the version of you in the inn of time have a special mission of something or feature when its all finished

    Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/2/2018 15:25:26)

    ^apparently, the SWoT items are coming out this week.....

    asgaron -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/2/2018 18:46:28)

    (Accidently breaks cyseros potions and flips lore into the edge of the 6th dimension)

    GammaCavy -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/5/2018 16:56:00)

    The items? WHOOO!

    TheLastingOne -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/9/2018 7:18:46)

    Small niggle, but the shadow that is underneath "The Hero" during the sitting position?
    A bit of a eyesore.

    BladeofAwesomeSauce -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/11/2018 9:06:42)

    I know it's been said enough, but I absolutely LOVE this class. Both design, and battle mechanics because it's so DYNAMIC. The dual wielding reminds me of Sora from Kingdom Hearts II, from his Final Form where he dual wields swords but he controls them through telekinesis. I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the inspiration for it came from. Also unlike the Avatar of Time (which is also pretty Bad*ss), they make it more personal, since you can still see your hero's face. Can't wait for the next one. They just keep getting better and better which is why I love AE. They're the right kind of progressive in this volatile Gaming industry we unfortunately live in.

    Also if anyone wants to look really cool with this without DC coins, get Celestial Betrayal from the player suggestion shop at Book 3 Falconreach's Inn. Don't worry if you're a Warrior or Mage type player, just use the "Show" feature when you want to equip another weapon as the fighting tool. You'll look like Sora (from Kingdom Hearts) mixed Shirou (from Fate/Stay Night) mixed with timeywimey sauce

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    Decrogath -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (1/19/2018 21:57:32)

    Hey Verly, SWoT in PvP is extremely bugged, tried battling myself, both of us using SWoT, and there were many times where my opponent attacked himself. When the opponent went into umbral form, my character also did so instantly even though it was his turn to attack, i had to press "un-stick" many times as such. Could you look in to it? Thanks! (Hope this wasn't already brought up by a fellow player)

    Esovanil -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (3/3/2018 12:25:04)

    Hi! I have a big short question that I've been wondering for a long time about the ShadowWalker of Time class, Where exactly is the class? I looked around and I couldn't find where to buy/acquire it, in-game or online, I absolutely loved testing it out and it's been so annoying not to be able to play it anymore, I saw the design notes that said it was officially released but it didn't say where? is it part of another game? is it even for dragonfable? I was really excited for the release but I can't find it [:(] can someone please help me understand what happened to it?

    G Man -> RE: =DF= ShadowWalker of Time (3/3/2018 12:28:16)

    You need to purchase the 2017 calendar from Heromart
    Then redeem the code you get on the Portal Site

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