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Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/13/2018 17:09:40)

The way to get back to the Darkness enemies in Bloodmoon is as follows.
/Join Bloodmoon, walk back through the map until you reach the screen with Constantin and the Lycan Guard, it should be fairly obvious once you reach it. Then talk to Constantin and choose the "Battle Constantin" option, then walk through the doorway on the left and you will be there.
Something to note is that if you have done the quests already, you will not have access to the very first screen of Bloodmoon, if you try to get to that specific screen of the map, it will just throw you back to the end room, where you normally end up when you join in with the quests completed.

Shadowhunt -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/13/2018 19:29:12)

Well there you go, that's the method [:D] You could probably also just made a dedicated Bloodmoon alt if you really wanted to hang out on the first screen, just park it there and goto it. Not that it's probably all that beneficial. Turns out you can't!

Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/13/2018 20:22:15)

Actually, no you can't, the first screen is completely inaccessible once all the quests are completed, not even /goto will do you any good, it will still send you to the last (which is technically the first at that point) screen with the fountain. It's the only map I can think of that sets a different spawn point once a certain requirement is met, so my guess is that it has something to do with that.

ari462 -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/14/2018 12:01:27)

Hey, so once again with VHL: Does anyone know what each of the items for the quest stacks up to? Somethings don't tell you, and I was wondering if there was anything I could just do all the farming for at once instead of doing it each round.

creepy gy -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/14/2018 12:11:24)

You can stack Emblems to 100, Bone Dust to 300, Archfiend Favor to 4.5k (But you will be wasting Approvals as they only stack to 1k), Essence to 100, Gems to 140 and Uni 13 to 3 but thats about it I think.

Shadowhunt -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/14/2018 12:25:45)

The Arcangrove potion also only stacks to 3 and you need 17 of them, so you can't do it with that either. You can stack a bunch of stuff as high as it can go or as high as you need for a certain number of turn-ins, but you can't stack everything high enough to do all the turn-ins at once. So it's up to you on which method you want to take with that. In situations like that (or AFDL, being another big one this is relevant for), I prefer to just farm the minimum number I need for a turn-in. Since there are a variety of different things to farm and different ways you get them, only getting the minimum you need means you aren't going crazy farming the same things over and over for days on end. You could break up the monotony of that by farming a different thing each hour/day, but at that point it seems like you're somewhat defeating the purpose of trying to stack everything; if you're not going for the max on that one thing and that one thing only, you might as well be getting everything you need. It also just helps me feel like I'm making more tangible progress, as I can see the number of Roents I actually have, rather than what I theoretically have.

@Metakirby: Seems you're right about that! The problem with having a bunch of accounts with different abilities and progress amounts: you forget which ones have done what and can do what [8D]

ari462 -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/14/2018 12:52:25)

Thank you all so much! IS'm so sorry for so many questions but I'm watching videos and reading guides trying to finish everything in the fastest possible way. So for tained gems I figured cubes would e fastest. However, some video suggested that dreadrock was surprisingly faster for them.

Can anyone confirm or deny this, if youve done a fair amount of testing already?

Santient -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/14/2018 13:33:43)

I do agree, by farming through the cubes way with the max stack of cubes you only obtain 20 Tainted Gems;
but with the dreadrock you could go on and on.

Also, could anyone confirm about the farmable Legion DoomKnight class that was obtainable via SDkA? I made a post about it about 2 weeks ago and got no valid replies;
Has the farming method simply gone rare without any further notice?

Post edited. Please check your PMs if you have not already. ~Shadowhunt

kaio512 -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/14/2018 18:27:59)

In response to the question of the guy wanting to evolve the class, the best method is to go in /join Chaosbrawl, on some Server Test, and kill the monsters there [;)]. "Why on server test and why in pvp?" I answer you[8|]. Because in Server Test has a bonus for killing monsters with level higher than the player, and the monsters of pvp are lv 255 so the class evolves very fast there. I evolved my VHL there, it took about 5 minutes to go from rank 9 to 10[:)]. The only problem of evolving class there is that the player misses the attacks a lot \_(ツ)_/

MacXVII -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 5:44:35)

I want to start farming the BLoD, but I'm lost where to begin with(I haven't been on in a few years). Where do I start and approximately how much inv space is this gonna take up?

Icetex -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 9:51:30)

15-20 spaces
word of advice from 2 time farmer of BLOD
To start off farm for "reinforced" until 100 on screen 4 of doomwood forest or /join doomwood
this way you skip doing entire doomwood story for the handle and have the bone grinder badge

Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 10:45:42)

I would say it's closer to 10-15 spaces, than 15-20.
If we add up the total amount of different items you can have in your inventory, in order to make progress, we have:
Bone Dust, Undead Essennce, Undead Energy, Spirit Orbs, Loyal Spirit Orbs, Bright Auras, Brilliant Auras, Blinding Auras, Blinding Light Fragments. So 9 items needed to turn in quests and merge stuff.
6 different weapons, each one representing a different metal, so I won't count metals as well, it would be pointless.
Basic, Advanced and Ultimate Weapon Kit.
All of this adds up to 18, plus 2-3 more for picking up optional items to stop them from dropping, the ones that comes to mind are the Treasure Hints from Undead Pirates, Dage's Favor from Battleunderb and Treasure chests. You can cut down to only 3 weapons (and only 1 when you don't need the others at the same time), cut all weapon Kits, because you can merge them while you have low inventory usage, and you will never be farming Blinding Fragments and Bone Dust + Essences at the same time. Already here, we have cut it down to just about 10 spaces (assuming you only farm with 1 Blinding Weapon in the inventory) and being able to comfortably farm everything at once.

In theory, you can make do with 7 spaces, which allows you to merge and turn in every different quest, but it would mean you have to go to the bank a lot more than lets say 10-15 spaces.

With all that being said, you will "only" need 10-15 (15 meaning you have a lot to spare) spaces to farm comfortably, which can be less than 10, if managed correctly. It's actually fairly generous in comparison to most higher tier Nulgath items.

As Icetex has already mentioned, the easiest way to start off is to open the "challenge shop" in Doomwood by killing 100 Undeads on that 1 specific screen of Doomwood. Once you have done that and gotten past the initial 2 quests, then the main grinds starts, which consists of farming Bone Dust and Essences in /Battleunder, or the "Soul Searching" quest from Yara in /Battleunderc until you have what amounts to 105 Loyal Spirit Orbs (or 10.5k Spirit Orbs). Then you can progress to the next step of making your first "Metal of Destiny" which is needed to merge the different weapons that will greatly increase your farming speed for Orbs and Auras.

Icetex -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 12:20:13)


i knew somehow space requirement was off
imo its waste of time to do the "soul searching"
that quest just tedious because you have to kill 3 boss's everytime(if you don't have dmg2undead or dmg2all)
sure might be quick but you just can get undead essence from /battleunderb much more easier
sure its takes longer but much more efficient to farm the monsters in /battlenderb than it is to room hop for the boss's everytime(not counting alts)

creepy gy -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 12:46:58)

Room hoping /battleunderb can give you about 100 Undead Essence per 10 min. That means about 1k per 1h and 40mins. On top of that you get about half of the turn in worth of Undead Essence with Bone Dust and you get Undead Energy that you can turn in few more Spirit Orbs. I am not really sure how much you can get through Soul Searching though.

you stop -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 18:58:14)

quick question, the wiki says that one of the eggs for the Vorpal Bunny quest is in the Librarium but with the /battleontown changes, the Librarium was changed into a map too. is there a way for me to finish this quest or am I permanently stuck at 14 eggs?

Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 19:09:22)

There is indeed none in the Librarium, but you can still pick up 15 eggs around Battleontown, I just did it. You just need to look carefully.[8D]
Btw, 3 of them is in /Battleon, 2 on the first screen and one on the second screen, which is hidden behind the game menu.

you stop -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 19:13:45)

aye i got 3 in /battleon. i just cant find all in the /battleontown >_>

Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 19:23:27)

So we can both agree there's 12 in /Battleontown.
1: In the cage on the first screen.
2: Besides the Guardian Tower.
3: In the Guild House.
4 :Besides the Alteon Statue.
5: On the cliff edge.
6: On the screen right of the Guardian Tower.
7: On the top right of the screen with Yulgar's Inn, on the right side of the Arch.
8: In the Forge.
9: Behind a crate on the screen left of the first screen.
10: To the right of the Magic Shoppe.
11: On the vase to the left of Warlic.
12: On the Shelf in the Apothecary.

you stop -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/16/2018 19:42:25)

ah i see it was in the guild house. i thought that lead to a different map so i didnt bother going in. in any case i believe this Vorpal Bunny pet would be one of the best gold farming method yes?

XeNON_54 -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/17/2018 0:17:50)

@creepy gy
Bone Dust actually stacks to 5.1k
Favor(Both Dage's and Archfiend's) also stack to 5k
Gems stack to 150

Doxus the OverLord -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/17/2018 12:54:36)

What's the best/easier/most efficient method for Golden Ticket farming? Include everything here, I'm member and have ACs.
I'm also an owner of Lucky Hat.

Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/17/2018 13:21:56)

The fastest method for getting Golden Tickets is doing the Jackpot O' Gold minigame. It's the one where you hit the red button and you need to full the meter all the way to the top. It takes 5-6 seconds to fully complete and start a new round and once you get the timing down, you should be able to get max tickets (which is 20 with the Lucky Hat) very consistently. There's nothing that even comes close to that minigame, it's fast, easy to learn and requires very few click in total, just a little bit of timing.

The correct timing seems to be just a couple frames before it actually hits the right end of the power meter, because it seems to me that by the time you react and the game registers, it will have moved into the right position.

Doxus the OverLord -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/17/2018 15:18:29)

@Metakirby Thanks, I was suspecting on it but already didn't know it was the better. Anyway, thanks.

And about the XP/Class?
What's the current best/easier/most efficient methods? I already know that lvling up a class at PTR in /chaosbrawl is one of the best ones if not the best.
About XP, I have no idea and I'm wanting to lvl up an alt to 85.

Metakirby -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/17/2018 15:46:49)

XP farming before level 61 is mostly just farming in Bloodmoon/Nightmare. Once you have reached level 61, switch to BattlegroundE (or Honorhall if you are member) and do that until you are max level. Which one is better, I am not sure, but I prefer BattlegroundE over Bloodmoon for XP farming, if possible.

CP farming in Chaosbrawl on testing servers can be annoying from time to time, firstly you will miss ~8/10 attacks and some classes are not that great on testing servers anyways, resulting in a lot of death. I have found that it's sometimes faster, but it's not really worth the effort over farming in Bloodmoon/Nightmare, with the server switching, gearing up (which assumes you have proper boosting gear) and setting everything up, only to save maybe a couple minutes in the end. You can make arguments for Bloodmoon being annoying as hell to do, if you are using a class with only melee abilities, in which case, you may be better off in BattlegroundE/BattlegroundF (depending on level) or Chaosbrawl on testing servers.

I would honestly just stick with Bloodmoon/Nightmare for all your high level class ranking purposes. If you are not too high above level 40, the Pirates might be a good choice until you gain some more levels.

you stop -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (3/17/2018 18:28:33)

I do believe that /chaosbrawl would be a lot better for class points still. This thread would be quite helpful Let's Party!. Go there and simply ask for someone with Blaze Binder or any class with a guaranteed hit and you're good to go. If you're ranking a class with heals, such as Daimon, then I would heavily suggest going /bludrutbrawl instead. They have significantly lower HP, only that they hit significantly harder than mobs in the former map.

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