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megakyle777 -> Wishlist for hypothetical update. (2/4/2018 3:59:36)

Ok, so, I got to thinking. Over in the Mechquest forums someone posted a thread asking what people would want for a hypothetical final update. I'd rather it not be a FINAL update myself, but I thought it was a interesting idea for a thread in a otherwise quiet forum.

So, if you were given the reigns to make a update for Oversoul, what would you want to add to it?

Personally, I'd want to keep it as close to Nulgath's original vision for the game as possible, but throw in some ideas of my own there. I think a game like this could benefit from some kind of eternal war with rewards and the like.

The Jop -> RE: Wishlist for hypothetical update. (2/4/2018 22:34:57)

Well, the original idea of the plot was to get revenge on Nulgath for killing us and the rest of our town, so we can try to do that. Maybe the Oversouls get the ability to control multiple characters at once so we all have little armies and we attack his Abyssal Army. Then I guess when he dies we take over him and be the new evil or something.

the warden -> RE: Wishlist for hypothetical update. (2/7/2018 21:53:57)

I would like to get the ogre war that he mentioned a while ago.
That sounded fun and most of the characters are out already for it.
I would proubaly add a bunch of the AQW armors that are in game by him and we havent gotten in OS as well

destawaits -> RE: Wishlist for hypothetical update. (3/28/2018 12:16:10)

It would be a good idea if they actually released free cards as part of a tournament/competition. Have they done this before or no?

TheLoneWolf01 -> RE: Wishlist for hypothetical update. (4/2/2018 19:52:05)

I just started doing this game and to find it no longer updated does bother me. Is there anyway Nulgath would want to ACTUALLY get back here and update this? C'mon, the game still says it's in open beta! Wouldn't reviving this game be awesome though? It's unique and pretty addicting to me. ^^

the warden -> RE: Wishlist for hypothetical update. (4/25/2018 13:21:13)

id like them to add more chaos characters,
like vath and the rest of the chaos lords since we have drakath

Vagaran -> RE: Wishlist for hypothetical update. (5/19/2018 12:45:23)

Depending on how well Akumi Wars will do, there is a chance Nulgath could try and get enough funds to revive OS in one way or another.

megakyle777 -> RE: Wishlist for hypothetical update. (6/25/2018 2:09:34)

Figured I would revive this with the new interest in oversoul.

I played some Epicduel recently and one feature that interested me in their upgrade shop was the idea of making promo codes for either gold or varium. A similar feature in oversoul costing gold or SG and allowing you to give out something cool but small with it might be a good idea.

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