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Simulacrum of Uthuluc

Location: Uthuluc Simulacrum, The Primordials, Uthuluc Simulacrum Appears!

Level: As player
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Magic
Element: ???

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

STR: 0
DEX: 0
INT: 0
CHA: 0
LUK: 0
END: Level*5/2
WIS: 0

Avoidance and Defense
Melee: 5 * Level/90
Pierce: 5 * Level/90
Magic: 5 * Level/90
Block: 15 * Level/90
Parry: 15 * Level/90
Dodge: 15 * Level/90

Crit: 0
Bonus: 5 + Level/5
Boost: 0%

Shrink: 300
Health: -100
All: 100

Attack Types
Attack Type 1 - Uthuluc drains its target for 7 hits of 50% damage, amounting to 350% damage; each successful hit heals Uthuluc for its maximum base damage.
Attack Type 2 - Uthuluc roars at its target for 8 hits of 66% damage, amounting to 462% damage; applies 'Presence' (+120 Block/Parry/Dodge Defense) to itself for 2 turns.
Attack Type 3 - Uthuluc breathes a small explosion of purple flames to its target for 4 hits of 100% damage, amounting to 400% damage. (Pop-up if player has Kathool Adept equipped: 'Devour.')
Attack Type 4 - Uthuluc fires a laser from its mouth to its target for 8 hits of 66% damage, amounting to 528% damage. (Pop-up if player has Kathool Adept equipped: 'Perish.')
Attack Type 5 - Darkness fills the arena as Uthuluc's eyes glow for 1 hit of 600% damage, with +100 Bonus; applies 'Broken' to target, stunning it for 3 turns; applies 'Focused' (+200 Bonus) to itself for 5 turns inclusive. (Pop-up if player has Kathool Adept equipped: 'Surrender.')
Attack Type 6 - Uthuluc gazes fill the arena, dealing no damage but prevents 'Sundered Chitin' from being re-applied. (Pop-up if player has Kathool Adept equipped: Uthuluc's chitin becomes unshatterable.)

Other information
  • After being struck with a critical hit (including glancing criticals) on four separate turns, the Simulacrum of Uthuluc applies 'Sundered Chitin' (-200 All Resist, +200 Health Resist) to itself for 3 turns. In addition, each application of 'Sundered Chitin' permanently increases the Simulacrum of Uthuluc's damage by 100%. If 'Sundered Chitin' was applied 4 times, the Simulacrum of Uthuluc will use Attack Type 6 on its next turn. (Pop-ups if player has Kathool Adept equipped: Uthuluc's chitinous armor cracks! / Uthuluc's chitinous armor is sundered! / Uthuluc's chitin regrows!)
  • The Simulacrum of Uthuluc does not follow a traditional rotation;
    • Attack Type 1 will always be used on the first turn, and has a cooldown of 6 turns, taking precedence over Attack Type 2.
    • Attack Type 2 will always be used on the second turn and has a cooldown of 2 turns.
    • Attack Type 5 has a charge time of 15 turns and has a cooldown of 20 turns.
    • If none of its other attacks are available, Uthuluc will randomly use Attack Types 3 or 4.
    • Attack Type 6 will pause the Simulacrum of Uthuluc's rotation and is used twice; once upon the fourth application of 'Sundered Chitin' and once after the fourth 'Sundered Chitin' effect expires; this attack will NOT reduce cooldowns.
  • If player has Icebound Revenant class equipped, the Simulacrum of Uthuluc permanently gains +2,000% damage, +400 Bonus, and +400 Crit to each hit.
  • Pop-up headlines during the battle if the player does not have Kathool Adept equipped:

  • asiu hg'uyfw lernjhx'c vbzx
  • bwg'fi ojsfl sad'fsfl'iadfhs anlflas ufhiaw'jasm dnlf au'yh
  • byfwe rjns'abg fsdatf'sa ld'samfue nf uyai'f nbyua
  • fqt w'eris fdsagb nla'eweaj gdaawd
  • gew'u rijasui tha'uig wjgs fiv
  • gfya'wefa jdrhiaj asfi a'g was'hfuya whr wrao'wufhua
  • hyq'tuu jwnfasd fmq'jwf jisaf
  • oi'yj rdk y ruvtn lajg'sh ga'vhap
  • poqiw hy'ti sdafjsadh fs
  • pwq'ui yweadby ius'tpe wagn ha'gui efi
  • q byrtwp'oej fsadnl fidfjs a'lfw jefua'i
  • qy'ewtr uqwjnf dvuyhawj fe'u rghwfs a'df
  • saf'bs aefv ctfhzxl jks'dkh fsia'ew
  • uqwo ik'f dnsdag yel'wib dgalsdfbdhl gr'aff
  • wtyquw jr'w sn uvyfhj uygs'jdu yhahs dajka'f
  • Simulacrum of Uthuluc's Attack Types 2 and 4 previously attacked all targets; as of Guests ban on February 13th, 2021, this mechanic was functionality removed.


    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image, attack type images, and corrections.
  • The ErosionSeeker for attack type information and other information.
  • Shadow X Ascendant for attack type information and corrections.
  • BluuHorseOfficial for attack type information, other information, corrections and entry reformat.
  • TFS for attack type information, other information and corrections.
  • Jay for Icebound Revenant trigger image.

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