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Erics -> Naomi Missing seasonal core (lucky strike 8%) (3/3/2018 16:19:41)

I have been waiting many months to buy the seasonal core "lucky strike (8%)" to put in my beta cleaver.

This core is suppose to be for sale on Naomi seasonally for the the celtic season. The celtic gear came on march 1st, but the core is not there.

These two links confirm Naomi is suppose to sell the 8% lucky strike

The December 1st 2016 patch notes also confirm this:

"Added Cores to various merchants as seasonal/limited rares for Varium. Some area not currently in season and thus not available...

Lucky Strike"

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Naomi Missing seasonal core (lucky strike 8%) (3/6/2018 2:55:12)

Wait for massive strike instead.It's way better.

8x -> RE: Naomi Missing seasonal core (lucky strike 8%) (3/6/2018 14:10:46)

I'm guessing that only the 4% version returns (at VendBot) and the 8% version is exclusive to the Celtic Cleaver. I've updated the wiki to reflect that.

I'm very confident that this is not a bug, but it is odd that Massive Strike returns and is not exclusive to the Azrael's Bane, while the 8% version of Lucky Strike is exclusive to Celtic Cleaver.

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Naomi Missing seasonal core (lucky strike 8%) (3/6/2018 21:47:21)

Based off old information some of the cores bugged out the game if you put them on other weapons. I don't know if this was ever fixed as it was a non issue because you only had give commands if you used a **** or the test server.

So it's possible the cores that don't unlink are just the broken ones

Edit: huh forums have auto censors that's interesting. Time to bypass it with games. Two words. First one rhymes with eat and is something that gets you in trouble at school. Second word is engine because that's not censored

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