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[image][/image]Baby Chimera
This tiny, adorable, legendary beast hatched from your mysterious egg! It deals damage that scales with your level, and provides a shield that scales with your level! Proof of your victory over the Otherworldly Creatures Challenge board.
(No DA Required)

Location: Primordial
Price: N/A
Required Items: 1 Chunk of Void Radiance & 1 Core-Strapped Egg
Sellback: 0 Dragon Coins

Level: 1
Damage: Scaled, rounded up
  • Min: [(Player's level)*2/5 - 10], bounded below 1
  • Max: [(Player's level)*2/5 + 10]
Element: Nature / Fire
Bonuses: None
Resists: None

Rarity: 1

Attack Type 1 - Crouches in place, applying 'Chimeric Defense' (+X Block/Parry/Dodge Defense) to player for 3 turns, where X is equal to [(Player's level) + (Player's CHA)/4], rounded up.
Attack Type 2 - Approaches target, claws at it, and whips it for 3 hits of 100% Melee Nature damage, amounting to 300% damage. (Rate: 80%)
Attack Type 3 - Approaches target and breathes fireballs at it for 4 hits of 100% Melee Fire damage, amounting to 400% damage; applies 'Tiny Fireworks', a 75% Magic Fire DoT effect, to target for 3 turns. (Rate: 20%)

Other information
  • Attack Type 1 will only be used on the first turn of battle, and again every 16 turns thereafter.
  • Pet is animated; its head and front paw move slightly, while its snake tail writhes and hisses continuously.


    Thanks to
  • Silver for image and rate information.
  • Shiny Underpants for additional damage information.
  • Verlyrus for updated defense buff formula information.
  • Cryoam, Firefly, and LouisCyphere for original defense buff formula information.
  • BluuHorseOfficial for information.

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