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Liliana's Request
The Temple of Hope

Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6. The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » 6: Liliana's Request

«Scene: The Temple of Hope (I think?).»

Genoclysm: It was nice to see someone from the old gang again, but I'm afraid I'm beginning to toe the line of procrastination. I do have some research to attend to.
???: Be sure to keep yourself out of trouble.
Genoclysm: I can try, though you and everyone else that was in The Abode knows trouble has a mind of its own. And is sometimes worth pursuing, for that matter.
???: Things were more interesting back then, though I go as the Wind blows, ever changing and ephemeral, I can only go as zie directs and follow zir will.

«You and Ryussei enter the scene.»

Ryuusei: We all got into trouble. Lady Liliana, allow me to introduce you to «you», chosen of LORE.
Ryuusei: «You», this is Liliana, the High Communicant of the Wind.
«You»: Huh. That's an interesting title.
Liliana: Greetings, Ryussei. This is the legendary «you»? It is fortunate that we should meet.
Liliana: What is it that interests you about my title?
«You»: It doesn't match. The others seem to be like "Communicant of the Lord of Element" or "Lady of Element" or some variant.
Liliana: Why is there an Ice Lord and also a Water Lord, since ice is just frozen water? Why not Cold Lord? Why is the element wind rather than air?
«You»: Uhhh.... I don't know the answer to those either?
Liliana: It is due to Lorian history. All such names are given by the peoples of Lore and are not self-identifiers chosen by the Lords themselves.
Liliana: The different peoples named their names based on the interactions they had with said Lords.
Liliana: The wind is ever changing, and it is the wind that one notices in air. Otherwise one rarely notices air at all-- save when one is deprived of it.
Liliana: Manifestations of the other Lords have been less variable. Each power has a preferred appearance and nature, though there are some others for whom Lord or Lady is a matter of debate.
Liliana: The Wind, however, seems to vary with every single encounter.
Liliana: Gendered language thus becomes incapable of clear expression.
Ryuusei: Not that genderless language is any less variable here. It is a matter of preference, not convention.
«You»: I see. That makes sense, I guess.
Genoclysm: If you'll excuse me....
Liliana: Farewell.

«Genoclysm leaves.»

Liliana: As it happens, your arrival is quite fortuitous. I left some belongings in a chest in the Immertot version of the Abode.
Liliana: Since I am currently in preparation for the dedication ceremony I cannot retrieve them myself.
«You»: That's still a problem. I can't simply go to Caelestia.
«You»: The different buildings of the Abode are all connected, but that still means I need to enter one of them. I can't go back to Darkovia now.
Liliana: That may not be as much of a problem as it would first seem. Abode?
Abode: Yes Lady? Ah, hello Ryu, «you».
Liliana: Would you be able to transfer «you» to Immertot?
Abode: Yes, though be warned: undeath is constant in Immertot, and that locality has not been ventured into by others in some time.
«You»: So I have a to fight on my hands. How are you in the temple?
Abode: The temple is another access. I am part of the temple as all of my other locations.
Abode: It was a matter of ease. Falerin does not maintain a hierarchy of communicants here, and while he may have some dedicants they do not aid temple function.
Abode: So my being here as well is an easy way that he is also also present, among the many.
«You»: Alrighty then. Ready when you are!

«Abode transports you to Immertot.»
    12 BATTLES
    Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6, #8 and #10
«You»: Your belongings, Lady. ...Er, you do prefer "Lady", right?
Liliana: Unlike the Wind I am fixed. Please do just call me Liliana, however. There is no need for you to stand on formality.
Liliana: I do hope that you did not face too much trouble?
«You»: No more than any other request made of me.
«You»: Even the powers come to me to solve their problems. Why shouldn't their servitors?
Liliana: I must admit that you do come highly recommended...

«The scene fades to black and the Liliana's Request shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Liliana's Request

  • Liliana's Crest [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

  • Liliana's Ring [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

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