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Location: The First Guardian

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???: Our meeting has been written in your stars for many years.
Caeternam: I am Caeternam.

Caeternam: I have observed your journey from the beginning. You will prove to be a valuable asset in the coming struggle.
Caeternam: Have you been told anything?

Caeternam: This, I have intended to tell you since you began this journey, but not until this time.
Caeternam: Only when you reached me would you have been prepared for what's coming.

Caeternam: To understand Isathaara and the peril it brings to this world, one must first understand its origin.
Caeternam: Long before the advent of creatures on Lore, there was, on a different plane, a great and terrible war.
Caeternam: With the aid of our elemental allies, we created many beasts of war, to do battle alongside us.
Caeternam: Isathaara was one of those war beasts.
Caeternam: Shortly after his creation however, we realized that Isathaara was too dangerous to be unleashed without a handler.
Caeternam: To see Isathaara in action was terrible, both his ability to naturally disrupt the working of magic...
Caeternam: ...and his affinity for destruction were terrible. Isathaara was only utilized a dozen times.

Caeternam: We had to discuss the future of Isathaara, given his natural instability and the danger he posed.
Caeternam: The war was not yet over, but it was evident that continued reliance on Isathaara would result in disaster.
Caeternam: The question was whether Isathaara should be destroyed, or allowed to continue to exist.
Caeternam: Also complicating matters was a prophecy regarding Isathaara. As far as I know, he was the only warbeast to be subject to a prophecy.
Caeternam: Ultimately, it was felt that to destroy him would be... unjust. Not to mention difficult and extremely dangerous in a time of war.
Caeternam: We locked him away in a distant corner of the plane. There he would remain prisoner for all time.

Caeternam: We decided that a guardian would be essential in keeping him locked away.
Caeternam: The guardian would be one of us, as we felt that only one of our brethren would have the power to enforce this... quarantine.
Caeternam: A guardian was named, and the guardian accepted the task without a word...
Caeternam: ...knowing full well it meant that he would never truly know rest.
Caeternam: It was essential to ensure that Isathaara was not released before the time of prophecy.

Caeternam: The guardian kept him calm through the long ages, both with his powers, and with discussion and engagement.
Caeternam: The guardian taught Isathaara games that they could play in hopes of reaching through the madness...
Caeternam: ...and finding a core of sanity in there somewhere.
Caeternam: Towards the end of his first imprisonment, Isathaara had learned a human game. He had been pondering the nature of the pawn.
Caeternam: However, because of the prophecy, we knew that one day Isathaara would escape. We did not know when, though.
Caeternam: The guardian was unprepared for that moment.
Caeternam: He had turned his gaze towards a gate that had been created by a mortal; a gate that was left standing open.
Caeternam: This mortal had sought to gain access to what he thought of as the Elemental Planes.
Caeternam: Of course, he was mistaken, as it merely led him to the Wastes...
Caeternam: ...into an area of the Wastes long dominated by elementals of ice, water, and wind... and unfortunately, a prison.
Caeternam: As the guardian gazed at this new gate, considering its implications, the unthinkable happened.
Caeternam: The gate, mistakenly created by a foolish mortal seeking what he termed "the plane of ice"...
Caeternam: ...led this mortal straight past the safe boundaries of Isathaara's prison. He met the creature, and wisely fled.
Caeternam: Unfortunately, he led Isathaara straight to the gate, unleashing him upon the denizens of Lore.

Caeternam: When Isathaara escaped, the guardian was sent to recapture him.
Caeternam: The foolish human who had dared to traverse places he had no business being in was also to be severely punished.
Caeternam: For his acts, he and Isathaara were tied together, and he was made to be a spirit warden... the first of such.
Caeternam: I volunteered to go after Isathaara and to help recapture him. To do otherwise would have meant to go against all I believed.
Caeternam: You see, I was that guardian, and my very nature is to do my duty to the utmost of my ability.
Caeternam: Because Isathaara escaped my own power, I knew I would have to help contain him.
Caeternam: My abilities to gaze across great distances were instrumental in selecting those who would eventually become guardians...
Caeternam: ...and members of the brotherhood.
Caeternam: I was the first guardian. The second guardian was the one who freed Isathaara from his prison to begin with.

Caeternam: He is, and he has paid the price many times over. Becoming a spirit warden nearly killed him. He is forever bound to Isathaara.
Caeternam: He carries out his duty without complaint. He was the second guardian of the brotherhood.

Caeternam: The ice gate stands in the place where Letalis created it using a portion of his energy.
Caeternam: This gate was designed to reopen the initial portal. Because Isathaara used the portal, he was attuned to it.
Caeternam: We used the gate as a portion of the key. As long as the gate remains guarded and closed to him, he cannot flee from Letalis.
Caeternam: When Nivalis destroyed the spirit orb, Isathaara was released again. All of this was foretold.

Caeternam: Prophecies are notoriously tricky to circumnavigate.
Caeternam: Difficult to void, we could only do our best and prepare for the day when he would released, and then re-released.
Caeternam: You were the last part of the puzzle. Now, you must help to recapture him. Letalis can track him, but I cannot leave my post.

Caeternam: There are a few potential results of failure, none of them good.
Caeternam: You should know that magic is tricky at best, and with a warbeast like Isathaara, well, his effect on magic is hard to predict.
Caeternam: When Letalis released Isathaara, in order to tame the more severe magical consequences of his release...
Caeternam: ...we opted to tie Letalis' life force to Isathaara. This means that it is likely that if you fail, Letalis will undoubtedly die.
Caeternam: I have turned my eye towards Nivalis. I believe his army is complete.
Caeternam: Those giants who chose to follow him are intermingled with dragons, wolves, and the poor creatures called Khy'Rhian.
Caeternam: They begin their march. Relay this information to Letalis. How you choose to use this information is up to you.
Caeternam: Welcome to the Brotherhood. Now, do your duty, Brother.

Caeternam: Very good. Now go, and may your endeavor meet with great success.

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