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Yllmar, the Maw of the Deep

Location: The Depth's Maw

Level: As player
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Melee
Element: Water

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

STR: Level*5/8
DEX: Level*5/8
INT: Level*5/8
CHA: 0
LUK: 0
END: Level*5/2
WIS: 0

Melee: 20 + Level/10
Pierce: 20 + Level/10
Magic: 20 + Level/10
Block: 20
Parry: 20
Dodge: 20

Crit: 15
Bonus: Level/5
Boost: 0%

Shrink: 200

Attack Types
Attack Type 1 - Yllmar crashes down upon its target for 5 hits of 100% Melee Water damage; applies 'Drowning' to target, stunning it for 1 turn.
Attack Type 2 - Yllmar encases itself in a giant bubble, applying one of the following buffs to itself;
  • When at or above 50% max HP, Yllmar applies 'Soaked' (+100 Boost) to itself for 3 turns.
  • When below 50% max HP, Yllmar may apply 'Soggy' (+100 Block/Parry/Dodge) to itself for 3 turns and recover 25% of its max HP.
Attack Type 3 - Yllmar blasts its target with wet breath for 3 hits of 100% Melee Water damage.


Also See: Frallmar (All Versions), Frost Wyrmling

Thanks to
  • Occavatra for images.
  • Jay and TFS for updated attack type information.

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