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Emrys -> What to do in OS? (6/18/2018 17:40:31)

The AE launcher got me hooked a little on Oversoul, but besides battling random monsters, what is there to do? Is there a story? Where do I find goals, quests, areas?

megakyle777 -> RE: What to do in OS? (6/19/2018 1:06:00)

Areas: There's a few dungeons to explore with unique creatures and boss fights. The Minotaur dungeon is in the lobby and sometimes you can find a nightmarish dragon human thing there, the Nightmare dungeon is also in the lobby and has, well, nightmarish creatures, and there's a explorable dungeon in the overworld in one of the castles. There are also places in the overworld where you can find creatures not found anywhere else. Try looking for places where the battle has a different background, or places that stick out on the maps. (There's five maps, the one you start off in and one on each edge of that one). There is also the cellar rat problem now I think on it.

Goals and quests: this is a bit harder. There are some things that have requirements to get stuff. For example, questwise there is the Orc and Ogre areas, who have a person who asks you to capture specific characters before they will allow you to buy things/trust you. The Minotaur dungeon also has a quest for you to rescue the person inside the first time.

Story: mainly currently, the story would be quest related stuff such as the orc/ogre thing. There is a backstory/main story, but it was never made in the game. TLDR: Nulgath got kicked over to this realm and killed you, you are now a spirit looking for vengeance by possessing people.

If anyone else has something to add, let them know, because I can't think much else since it has been a while.

Emrys -> RE: What to do in OS? (6/19/2018 10:44:13)

Ok, thanks! I guess I'll check out those ogres and orcs first

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